I am often told to be tenacious, courageous, persistent, pushing, and dedicated to a direction. This post is about being aware of the signs when a change is needed and yet be dedicated to the right direction.

Here is my main thought around this subject.

Do not fight your journey when life moves you on, if your heart is on a target, even the unfamiliar will lead you to your goal. Saying a Day Keeps the Blues Away

Be Patient or Move On?
This reminds me of a caterpillar that knows when it is time to spin a cocoon and transform as opposed to continue moving forward as a caterpillar. The journey takes faith, listening to yourself, and being aware of consistent confirmation that the time for change is present. Many times this confirmation speaks from different sources unrelated to one another. It may come from a book, a person, prayer, meditation, or just a slight, persistent off center feeling.

I can tell you this urge is not born out of laziness, excuses, or irresponsibility. It is like losing the taste for what you have been doing. Nothing else has changed. Realizing it is not a lack of appreciation, love, or passion for the essence of what you do and where you are going. It is the persistent nag of dissatisfaction you receive. It is really important during this time to not trust mood swings or make decisions out of an extreme emotion. You may even be wondering why you feel this way. Yet it comes with a peace.

This intuition, feeling, or hunch is not normally planned and not seem to be logical reasoning for a move at this time. This is why it is dangerous to move without taking time to test this feeling. Be sure to stay true to your hearts expression of your ultimate goal. This is where practicality and logic are often of no benefit. Sometimes you will fight the urge to move because you have nothing tangible to convince others or yourself that you are not losing a portion of your sanity.

I do believe this is God’s way of nudging you in a direction you would never have considered otherwise. Yet this change actually is the needed piece to get you to where you need to be next.

How Do I Test this Feeling?

Evaluate the variables that impact you

– Make sure you are not just depleted emotionally, physically, or mentally. When you are deficient in one of these your judgment can be impacted to make a wrong decision.
Are you bored – Repetition is one of the ways we mature in a discipline. Do not make a change just because you are not feeling entertained at the time.

Is this a succession of many changes

– Be careful that you are really attempting to seek some satisfaction. While this may play a part, the urge I speak of seems to be dissatisfaction while at the same time it seems you should be satisfied. It is not a search.
Is someone heavily influencing you – Are you attempting to please someone. While a person can be a confirmer of this urge you have to cease what you are doing and move on, they should not be the originators. This should come from within you.


– Am I changing because I want a different image to others? Again this is not an externally driven change. Others may actually feel you are just fine; especially if it benefits them for you to be so.

Finally don’t be rash

By this I mean begin to prepare for the change. At some point the pitch of the urge will be so loud that you cannot avoid the change. You have to be ready to take full advantage of the change. Remember Noah had never seen rain before he built the ark, yet he was ready when the floods came.
It takes faith.

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Vonzel Sawyer is a life coach, minister, husband and philosopher (father of five and grandfather of eight) who believes that combining wisdom with practical application allows a person to be both maxamized and magnified. When combined this becomes the power of what I call a Maxafication-ized life. See more thoughts like these at http://www.maxafication.net