I Would Like To Get Pregnant: I Want A Baby What Should I Do

When you become the pregnant, this is the most important joy and happiness in your life. Becoming parent of a baby is a wonderful feeling. This is also helpful in your relationship with your partner and helps when you survive to find ways to reconcile. When a child comes in your life, your relationship with your partner becomes stronger.

What do I really need to do to get pregnant? Is it possible to reverse and eliminate infertility?

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This is possible to get pregnant and reverse female infertility problems without the use of drugs, costly and complicated IVF or IUI procedure. In this new generation a good percentage of women are suffering from the infertility all over the world. They have been told that they are not able to conceive their own child. The biggest dream of every woman is to give birth to a child, they want to be mother and they dream to start their own family, but they are not able to do so because they are infertile. They feel their life like hell. They go in deep sorrow, frustration, and negativity. With a lot of negative atmosphere they become short temper.

There are several reasons of infertility but the general reason is health of a woman and reproductive system. Recurrent miscarriage, premature ovarian failure, and endometriosis problems may be the main reason of infertility. Contraceptive pills and other birth control method make you not getting pregnant. They spoil your natural PH balance which does not let you get pregnant easily and naturally.

Before wasting your expensive time on trying to get pregnant, you need to go through physical examination. When your physician says that you are good enough with your health, then you need to know your ovulation period. When you are struggling to get pregnant, the best time to make love and romance with your partner is around the ovulation period. Chances to conceive are 3 to 5 day around the ovulation period is much higher.

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How to get pregnant fast? - It is quite a reasonable question. Conceiving and giving birth to a lovable dream baby is really a thrilling experience for any woman. Many couples know the trick on conceiving fast while some others do not. There are specific factors like healthy body, healthy food, and proper method of handling sex. Some women wishing to getting pregnancy faster fail to watch their weight and other things related to quick conception. They have less fertility chances for becoming a mother. For women, Fecundity is the most significant infertility problem that plays a dominant role.

The infertility problem mostly depends on the body condition for conceiving a baby. Concentrating on advanced medical procedures should not be your first choice. However, a natural and holistic approach is best suggested to get pregnant soon. Our interest here is not on deciding the sex of the baby but getting a miraculous pregnancy positively as anticipated. We shall discuss here three important tips that contribute to get faster pregnancy.

1. The first secret lies in eating healthier and nutritious diet with essential vitamins and minerals. As healthy foods can build a healthy body, you are sure to enhance the chances to get pregnancy in a natural way without any risk or pain. In specific terms, it is claimed that taking food high in vitamin C may help the male partner for mobility of sperm. The plus is the increase of sperm count and testosterone levels. Taking vitamins in pills form is not suggestive. It is always good that you eat natural foods like bean varieties, whole grain breads, and nutritious dairy products to enhance chances to get pregnant fast.

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2. The second thing to emphasize is to do away with treatments and home remedies that are risky. Some people think of going for surgery which is also not suggestive for getting positive result. There are some dangerous options followed in medical procedures like IUI and IVF. These options may sometimes end in another problem instead of a permanent solution helping for infertility problem.

3. The third secret of fast conception is to avoid harmful drugs and pills. They are not dependable to boost pregnancy chances as they usually have side effect properties. Some pills mostly increase the weight of the woman which is not good for conceiving sooner. Developing a fatty body with pills will rather be deteriorating chances to get pregnancy fast despite proper method of handling sex role.

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I sometimes have people contact me who have been researching various methods of trying to choose their baby's gender or sex at home. Some of them realize that if they want a girl baby, they need to try to eliminate of as many Y chromosomes as they can. Likewise if they want a boy, then they will need to kill off or diminish the X sperm. Sometimes people ask me if it's possible for the man or father-to-be to do this on his end with his diet.

I recently heard from someone who asked "we really want to conceive a boy baby. I know that in order to do this, we need to get rid of as many X's as possible. Is there any way that my husband can do this by watching his diet or by controlling the foods that he eats?"

The Ratio Of A Man's Sperm Isn't Affected By His Diet: These folks had the right idea, but they misunderstood whose diet they needed to be most concerned with. I'll explain. The ratio of a man's sperm doesn't seem to be changed or altered by his diet, his genetic make up, his age, his health, or any other factors. This has been studied and the findings are usually that the vast majority of men have equal ratios of X and Y sperm ( 50 / 50.) Of course, you want to make sure any man who is trying to conceive eats a healthy and balanced diet, but the acidity or alkalinity of his diet (and the foods he eats or doesn't eat) will not affect his sperm or his ratio of the Y to X chromosomes.

A Woman's Diet Is Thought To Affect Whether More X Or Y Sperm Chromosomes Make It To The Egg: However, this couple wasn't totally off base when they were asking about trying to kill off the X chromosomes for a boy. This is the goal of many women who are trying to control their baby's gender. See, even though there isn't much that you can do about the ratio of a man's sperm, there is something that you can do about which of those sperm makes it to (and eventually fertilizes) the egg by tweaking the woman or mother- to- be's diet instead of the man's.

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Because her diet can affect the PH of her vaginal secretions and her vaginal and reproductive tract. If it is more alkaline, this is favorable to boy babies because the Y sperm are not killed off since this is friendly environment. But if it is more acidic, then this kills off those Y's because they don't like these surroundings and frankly many can not handle them. A woman who is very acidic can hope to have many less living and viable Y's present at conception because her high acidity has discouraged or killed them off. So the recap, when you want a boy, the woman or mother should strive to be more alkaline. When you want a girl, then the goal is to be more acidic.

But notice that we are talking about the woman's diet and not the man's. While the man can and should eat a balanced and healthy diet, what he eats isn't thought to influence his baby's gender in the way that the woman's or mother's diet can. If you're looking to "kill off" or discourage sperm because you prefer one gender over another, then the mother's diet is the one that you should be looking at.

In addition to diet and specific foods, the woman can also use specialty douches which can sometimes bring about faster results than the food method. And either of these methods can be helped greatly by using the right tools, like PH testers that allow you to track your progress as you make changes to the woman's diet or douches.

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I sometimes hear from couples who have been trying to become pregnant for long enough that they have had the man's sperm count tested to make sure that there are no problems. Some then contact me and wonder whether, if that this testing indicated a high sperm count, does this make them more likely to conceive a girl or a boy baby?

The answer to this isn't all that clear and discussions on this can get heated and controversial. There have been some studies that have tested the ratio of X (girl producing) to Y (boy producing) sperm in a variety of men (including those who have both girls and boys running in their families and including those with high sperm counts) and most of these studies have continued to find a ratio of around 50 / 50. Of course, this is pretty close to what we find is hospitals all over the world. Mother nature has a way of balancing out males to female birth rates.

However, there are old wives tales as well as stray studies which indicate that a high sperm count makes you more likely to conceive a boy baby. Many people continue to believe this. I would take this with a grain of salt though and I will tell you why. If you break natural gender selection down to its most simple form, away from all the controversy and disagreement, every one can agree that if a Y sperm chromosome fertilizes the egg, the resulting birth is a boy. If it is an X instead, then that results in a girl.

There's also no disagreement on the fact that literally millions of sperm - both X and Y - are taking part in a battle to fertilize the egg. But usually, only one sperm chromosome makes it, (unless you are those rare folks who end up with twins or multiples.) There is very little if anything that you can do to control this. But while you can not really control the ratio of Y to X sperm as it leaves the man and enters the woman's reproductive tract, what you can try to control is the X to Y ratio once these get closer to the egg. You do this by tweaking the woman's PH and using the timing of your conception to your best advantage.

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If you want a girl baby, then you want to destroy or discourage as many Y's as possible. And if you want a boy, then the X's are in your cross hairs. There are adjustments that you can make to your diet or to your vaginal environment (via douching) that can help you to accomplish this. You can also test to see when ovulation is most likely to happen and plan to conceive accordingly (earlier for a girl and later for a boy is most effective.)

But what does this mean if you think you already have more Y's or a better chance for a boy if your partner or man's sperm count is high? Well, without continuing to argue the validity of this point, that depends upon whether you want a girl or boy baby. If you want a boy or son, then this arguably makes your job easier. However, you have to know that there will still be some X's to contend with even if you believe the theory that they are in lesser numbers. To discourage those, you can make your PH alkaline to help out the Y sperm.

Now if you believe this theory and you want a girl, all is not lost. There are still going to be X's racing for the egg. Your goal would be to make the most of what you have by making your vaginal PH acidic to destroy or discourage those Y's that you believe or in greater numbers. I really don't buy the theory that a high sperm count favors boys. However, even if this is true, there is more to gender selection than those ratios. There are always both Y's and X's racing for the egg. The real question is which is going to make it first and how you can make life impossible or more difficult for those that you don't want to win.

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