I Was Never

I was never a great student…C or C+ average at best. My best or favorite classes were music, art, science, and gym. I went throughout my entire school experience including high school and college unsure and following what others have done.

There was one independent decision made while attending college and that was to simply change my major from accounting to business administration. I knew that I had a need for diversity, but I didn’t ever want to bite off more than I could chew. Business admin was diverse but it didn’t seem to require and in depth effort. I preferred the easy route, and in many ways today I still do.

If it weren’t for the fact that I’ve found something I am good at today, I don’t know where I may have ended up. Speaking and training just seem so natural for me. When I add writing the blogs or the fact that I’m an author of 2 books, I feel reasonably accomplished although far from my adulthood goal.

I was never a great athlete either. I will always remember playing on a team an averaging 1.5 points a game and maybe 0.5 rebounds for the season. That doesn’t event top the fact that we lost every single game in the season (0-12). The best takeaway from that experience is that I participated in an an activity that thousands upon thousand of boys and men never get an opportunity to experience.

That experience adds so much value to one’s self esteem and one’s life experience as it relates to communication, team work, and formal structure. We all had team jerseys, we all played an organize sport and traveled locally as a unit with one goal in mind. Win or lose we wanted to execute a plan to win at a sport we all loved.

I spent most of my time in the creative arts and I was never the best at that either. I was never a great artist…although I wanted to be and I’ve had plenty of opportunity to hone and refine all of my artistic skills. As I look back over my life I know I could have been a better creative artist.

I relied too much on ego and I relied on my previous accomplishments to make me feel as if I was at a level that I really was not. When it comes to singing that type of mindset is totally taboo. Your ability to breathe fluctuate between high and low notes, and all of the vocal manipulation that should be part of your arsenal will be non existent if you don’t practice. Now if you know some of the tricks of the trade that will pull you through but only to a certain degree.

Drawing is another part of the arts that I loved, but I never took it too serious because of my involvement with music. I transitioned into choir and eventually instrumentation. However when it comes to graphic arts on a basic level, I put together some very interesting ideas with promotional items. In fact many people consider my work polished.

So, I’m finding that it took me half a century to learn so many lessons that I can now apply to this portion of my life with a full heart because the lesson has been learned and it’s up to me to simply prove it.

Starting a sentence with the words “I was never”, is a thing of the past, and will only be a reference for teaching because through it all, I’ve been molded for a more rewarding time and a more rewarding opportunity. As a motivational speaker or business trainer I can take all of my failures with a penniless value and turn them into golden resources.

Author's Bio: 

Charles is a certified counselor, a Toastmaster's Past President (Competent Leader, ATM-Bronze). and a member of the National Speakers Association. In addition, he's been certified by Homeland Security as a Law Enforcement Instructor and a Certified Customer Service Instructor by (SQI) Service Quality Institute.

Charles believes in his heart that we all have a level of greatness that is waiting to be released. His mentor Willie Jolley has said it best in the opinion of Sir Charles. Mr. Jolley says, "you've got to keep kicking".

What we need to do today is prepare ourselves mentally, prepare our families, and most importantly our children for a healthy and fruitful life. We need to be prepared to let our families and our children know what they are truly capable of and more importantly how to achieve it.

Today he facilitates professional service training (customer service, professionalism, & public speaking) and speaks (inspiration / motivation) locally, as well as around the country (government and private industry).