I Want To Make Friends but I'm Shy: How To Outgrow Shyness

Many people don't have as many quality friendships as they wish they did, and this is more common for shy people. Do you find yourself wondering how to overcome shyness and make friends at the same time? It's possible!

There are lots of reasons to want new friends, including:

- Growing apart from old friends
- Moving and being a new person in town
- Never really knowing how to make friends in the first place
- Other reasons

Whatever your case may be, there are some steps to take to be more social and start making solid, enriching friendships.

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Be Confident

You either are, or you're not. You need to feel good about yourself if you want to create and maintain friendships. If you don't like who you are, it will be difficult for others to like you. When you feel down on yourself, you may be insecure and especially needy for others' attention and companionship.

Keep in mind that no matter what reason you have for not having a busy social life, you are fully capable of creating one! You are an interesting, unique person, and I guarantee you can have friends if you have your heart set on it.

Be Assertive

If you have strong self esteem, then you shouldn't have much trouble with being assertive. It takes assertiveness to make new friends, because you need to "put yourself out there" in order to make them. It's unlikely for a random person to walk up to you on the street and say, "Hi, be my friend!" Wouldn't it be great if it were that easy? Unfortunately it's not, but that's okay. You can get out there and take initiative.

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If you see someone as a potential friend, you have to begin the dialogue and introduce yourself to them. If this is new for you, consider one fact on your side - people are social by nature. Most people will be open to you making situational comments in public, like while riding the bus or train and standing in line at the grocery store. Even more reassuring is that people engaged in social activities are more likely to be open to conversations with new people. So give it a try sometime - just say "hi" to a person you don't know, or make a friendly comment about your surroundings, and see how it feels. You can be more social than you think!

Be Socially Active

Meaning, go out and do things. One thing remains constant - people are everywhere! All you need to do is be more social, and they can be your friends. Some places are more likely to encourage new friendships than others, for example:

- Sports teams and clubs
- Religious and spiritual groups
- Local entertainment venues
- Volunteer in the community
- Meetup.com groups

Did you notice how these suggestions are focused on specific interests? You will share similar interests or concerns based on the social opportunity you choose. Similar interests leads to conversation starters.

Be Friendly

In other words, show interest in them and invite them to hang out. Depending on where and how you met them, it may be best to hang onto their contact info and keep seeing them regularly at group activities. Then after you are more familiar with each other, consider making plans to see them outside of the group activities. There isn't a foolproof timeline for building friendships - some take longer to establish than others, and that's okay. Be patient with the process!

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Panic attack agoraphobia is the fear of leaving a place that you think is safe. People who suffer from agoraphobia are generally scared of open places and scared of going out in public. People with this affliction fear going to supermarkets, shopping malls, and generally anywhere a lot of people gather.

Most people who experience panic disorders suffer from agoraphobia to some degree. People who experience panic episodes are always scared of when the next one will hit, this causes fear. Sometimes this fear consumes people so much that they refuse to even leave their house.

Panic attack agoraphobia affects people because they are concerned that they may have a panic episode in a public place. The fears of what would happen in public really get to the people that have the panic disorders. They feel vulnerable and out of their safety zone. Their main concern is what will happen if they suffer from an attack outside of the safety of their own home.

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If panic attack agoraphobia is an issue that you are facing one of the first things you have to figure out is why your mind is considering certain places to be "safe." Usually home is where the heart is so that is where you feel the safest. You are near a phone, in a comfortable situation. It's familiar to you so it feels safe.

The next step is to realize that there are no true safe zones that protect you from anxiety. You have to realize that a panic attack will not kill you EVER. It does not matter if you are at the mall, in a supermarket, or if you are at home. Your mind may feel safer at home but the reality you must realize is that you are just as safe anywhere. Ask yourself thee questions... Have you ever been injured from a panic attack? Did it matter that you were at home? Have you died yet? The answer is an obvious, resounding "NO!"

The only person that can cure panic attack agoraphobia is you. You have to change the way you think and the patterns that get you going into panic attacks. Dealing with panic attack agoraphobia is hard at first but it something that you need to work on. Eventually it gets easier. Once you really get rolling you will not believe how much easier it gets. One day you will be completely free of your panic disorder.

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The benefits of treating panic attacks before they get bad greatly outweigh any embarrassment you may feel from getting help. It is recommended that you get some help before your problem with panic gets out of control. Many people do not actively seek help because they feel embarrassed and foolish that they are having these attacks in the first place.

You have many options when it comes to treating panic attacks. Here are four of the most prevalent panic therapy options that are used to successfully treat anxiety and panic disorders:

1) Behavioral Therapy. This therapy is useful in treating panic attacks because it work s on exposing your fears and makes you face them. This therapy relies on you confronting your fears and then using relaxation techniques to help you top your fear. Once you are comfortable with being exposed to your fear you start to get desensitized to it. After a while it no longer triggers fear, anxiety, or panic. This therapy is helpful in teaching your to deal with new stressors that may be introduced in your life.

2) Cognitive Therapy. This therapy is helpful in overcoming your panic by understanding the underlying causes of it. This therapy helps you understand your thinking process. Once you understand your thinking process you can effectively start treating panic attacks. Having knowledge about your condition helps you understand why things are happening so you have a chance to cope with your anxiety before it overwhelms you

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3) Psychodynamic Therapy. This therapy concentrates on the internal conflicts you may be having that induce fear and anxiety. This therapy concentrates on unmasking these conflicts within you. After you uncover the conflicts that are causing your panic you can work on them. After a while you can stop your anxiety and panic by resolving your conflicts.

4) Meditation Therapy. Meditation is used often for treating panic attacks. Meditation helps you concentrate on your breathing and helps you relax in general. Meditation is valuable because you can do it wherever you happen to be. If you feel stressed and on the verge of a panic attack meditation may help you.

All of these therapies are effective in treating panic attacks. Its up to you to decide which way works for you the best. Some people respond to various treatments better than others. These treatments really boil down to you leaning to face your fears, embracing them and learning to deal with them. The key is to search for help, once you get past that step, fighting panic attacks is a process that just gets easier with time.

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When having an anxiety or panic attack, you have undoubtedly had a fear that the symptoms accompanying the attack will cause harm in some way. After all, the feelings that go along with an attack usually involve intense sensations of fear and dread. In seeking an anxiety attack remedy, you may have wondered "can symptoms from an anxiety or panic attack hurt me?"

The answer to that question is that while the attacks can not physically cause you harm while they are happening, there is evidence that anxiety in general and panic attacks can impair the immune system, and your body will be more vulnerable to physical illness or disease.

As the anxiety or panic attack is happening, you may feel:

- terrible
- emotionally spent
- afraid
- fearful that something awful is happening
- worried that your heart will be damaged
- scared you are dying or going crazy
- dizzy
- out of control

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While experiencing these symptoms, it may be helpful to remember they can not hurt you and are just exaggerations of normal emotions and responses. The heart is a strong muscle and is actually getting a workout, much as you would get during vigorous exercise. The attacks are nothing more than a surge of adrenalin going through your body, and the adrenalin causes the above symptoms.

Many people feel tired, and have aches and pains after an attack. Again, these will not hurt you - these symptoms are similar to those you would feel after a good exercise workout.

In searching for an anxiety attack remedy, it is good to keep in mind that having an anxiety or panic attack will not hurt you. Knowing this will help you better manage an attack. By acknowledging that the symptoms in and of themselves will not cause harm, you are in effect starting to create your own mini-remedy!

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