I Want To Leave My Husband But I Have No Money: How To Get Out Of A Bad Marriage With No Money

Are you in a marriage that is smothering you? Do you feel there is no way out? Do you feel trapped? You are not alone. There are millions of married people who feel stuck in their situation and that there is no way they can leave the marriage or find happiness.

While the best marriages are partnerships that involve friendship, love, respect, even freedom, the bad marriage often lacks one or more of these ingredients and that is why it isn't working. To further complicate the matter, there may be financial reasons why you can't leave. Women and men also often stay in a bad marriage for the sake of their children.

The amazing thing is that when I have asked my clients who felt they were in a bad marriage what they wanted, they would reply that they didn't want to be married or with that person, but failed to tell me what they really wanted. One of the prime ingredients for a bad marriage and feeling trapped is that one or both parties don't really know what they want, they just know what they don't want.

If you don't think that is true, just look at how many people finally get out of a bad marriage and are still unhappy or enter into another bad relationship. The problems in these troubled unions often run deeper than just a personality conflict. While the problem you have with your spouse is real, there may also be another underlying cause that is making you unhappy.

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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You may be so focused on the marriage that another big problem is going unnoticed. I am talking about knowing your self and your true feelings. Getting out of a marriage or changing the dynamics of a marriage is a big life change. Are you really ready for a life changing event? Here is how to prepare to change your life. I like to call it the Life Changes Starter Kit, something we all need because sooner or later we all want to change our lives.

First of all, you must know what you really want. Therefore, your starter kit must include a way to question yourself at all levels to find the key answer, what you really want to know. While you may consciously and rationally think you know what is best for you, there is another part of you that cannot be denied and must be understood in order for you to find happiness. It is your emotional self, your subconscious mind. The subconscious is where all our urges and desires come from and is very powerful.

Many times, the problems we have in life are caused by a conflict between what we want subconsciously and what we think is best consciously. Rational thought and emotional desire can be completely at odds with one another. Therefore, you must question yourself at the deepest level to find out what you want and why you want it. There is also a part of you, deep within, known as the super conscious, that can guide you in any situation.

When you know what you want and why, at the deepest and most powerful level, you will be ready to make a change, even to find some way out of an impossible situation.

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There is nothing like being very unhappy in your marriage and at the same time feeling completely powerless to change things. Feeling powerless over a long period of time will usually lead to feelings of depression, which is a very unhealthy state for the sufferer and everyone else.

If you are a woman whose marriage has dipped to such a low degree of unhappiness, you may have already hinted to your husband - or even told him outright - that you may leave him. And, even still, he may not have changed any of his behaviors that have been causing the marriage so many problems. What should you do?

If you are saying, "I think my husband believes that I won't leave him," here are 5 tips for getting his attention:

1. Set up a special time and place to start a dialogue with him:

Obviously, you would have already left your husband by now if you had lost total love and respect for him. You must have some remaining feelings for him. Still, if he does not help you improve the quality of your lives together, you are out of the relationship. You need to find a way to start a civil dialogue with him about this.

Start by setting up a special time and place to start that dialogue with your husband. This will give the conversation the air of being very important to the success of your relationship.

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2. Affirm to your husband all of the ways that you care about him:

Once you start your dialogue with him, be sure to start by letting him know that you do still care about and love him, but that your current situation is not working. Tell him that you have been trying to communicate to him how bad things have gotten, but tell him your impression that he does not seem to want to listen. Your message is: you care, but you need some changes to be made.

3. Let him know which things in your relationship are not okay with you:

Now, get more specific. Tell your husband what needs to happen if you are going to stay together. Important: do NOT make this sound like a threat. Rather, you are just stating how you feel.

4. Communicate your intent about making things right or ending the relationship:

Let him know that your feelings on the matter are so serious that, if together you cannot make things right, you are ready to leave the relationship if needed.

5. Ask him to commit to a plan to making things better:

Once you have gotten your husband's attention, it is time to ask him to commit to you that the two of you will work to make things better.

Follow these 5 tips if you believe that your husband does not take seriously your claim that you may leave him if things don't change for the better.

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If you're thinking to yourself, "I am falling perhaps out of love and believe I need some relationship advice," then you most likely do.

When things begin to go south in a relationship, it seems that the last person you wish to go to for aid is also the one you should be talking to the most, your partner.

As you consider this article keep in mind that the Course in Miracles states, "The holy relationship, a major step toward perception of the real world, is learned."

When it breaks down it and you feel you might be falling out of love, can in some cases be tough to get back, but it's not difficult, and interaction is important in any relationship.

- Start by making a list of the things in your relationship that are bothering you.

- Relationships take two to work or not work, and if you are feeling bad about your relationship, so is your partner.

- Start your sentences with, 'I FEEL' this and 'I FEEL' that.

The only thing laying blame will achieve is making your partner feel they have to safeguard themselves, and will probably begin a battle and defeat the entire purpose of attempting to enhance your relationship.

It's best to ask your partner how they feel about the path or journey your relationship is heading.

Find out exactly what they think they need and/or desire from you to make your relationship successful then voice your own concerns, desires and needs.

If talking things through doesn't appear to go very far, then it might be time to speak with a, 'Best relationship advice' expert.

Keep things between you private, the less input you get from biased sources especially about the feelings of, 'falling out of love,' the much easier it will be to resolve the aspects of your relationship that should be resolved.

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When you've talked about things like feeling you're not in love in anymore, and feel you both are ready to begin seeing a relationship counselor, if you do, make a list (or take the one you've already made) of things to talk about.

The relationship counselor or marital therapist will help you both sort things out and keep them in point of view.

They understand the right questions to ask and what buttons to press to get you thinking and can keep the conversation heading in the ideal direction.

A relationship therapist will provide you exercises, or homework, to teach yourselves the art of communication outside his or her office.

It's all understanding and if you're seeing changes for the better and you are seeing things from both sides instead of simply your own, then perhaps you could stop thinking, 'I need the best relationship advice'.

You most likely do need to consult with a professional in marriage or relationship counseling if you are feeling deeply that you're not in love anymore.

It might be time to seek advice and discuss the relationship issues with an expert if talking things through does not seem to assist.

That's a good sign that the relationship may be saved when you've talked about things and feel you both are ready to start finding relationship tips.

It's all understanding what's going on within you, but you also need to look at both sides of the relationship issues.

Perhaps you are not really falling out of love if your understanding changes and you are seeing things from both sides and being open-minded.

(Please note I always suggest seeking the web for further helpful material that may be helpful for your situation, when signs of an affair might be taking place with your partner.)

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Think of your marriage as a beautiful and dazzling flower garden. In an acre of astounding floral beauty, you and your husband have planted azaleas, roses, chrysanthemums, daisies, carnations, violets, geraniums, and several more varieties of your favorite flowers.

Since this flower garden is very valuable to both of you, you nurture your flowers with the greatest of love, and you both toil with the duties and responsibilities given to you from when you first started the garden. You both work so very hard to make sure each flower is tended with the utmost care. This flowerbed is the most picturesque site to behold. Your friends and family all wish they had your flower garden.

People from all over town peak into your backyard to enjoy the beauty and aroma of your garden. One day while you are out shopping, a jealous stranger trespasses onto your property and digs up several plots of roses and azaleas, roots and all, and plants them in his own backyard.

This wicked act completely devastates the both of you and each blames the other for the attack to the flower garden. You began to scream and call each other names. You tell your husband to replant more flowers since it was his fault. He tells you to do the replanting because it is your fault. Weeks go by and neither you nor your husband have talked to each other since the flower garden attack.

One day, you cannot stand the dreadful silence around the house any longer, and you tell your husband that it really wasn't his fault. You kiss and make up, and decide to replant the flowers together. So the next day, you and your husband replant more flower seeds in the barren spots where the flowers were taken.

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Everyday the two of you work with the soil so the flowers will come up just as beautiful as before. You water and feed the sprouts and even talk to them because you love them so much. But now you're both worried that more flowers will be taken or destroyed. The problem is you just don't feel like taking the time to protect your flowerbed - its just too much trouble out of your daily schedule to do anything about it, besides you really don't think it will happen again.

Days pass, and you forget the tragic episode.

Again, everyday without fail you and your husband give your flowers the tender loving care they so much need. You water, feed, and even talk to your breathtaking vegetation. You highly prize each and every flower and it shows in the intricate beauty and delicate care of each different variety.

After planting, caring, and tending your garden for several years, the same stranger becomes even more envious and trespasses again, this time bringing his three dogs with him. The dogs run wildly through your backyard and right into your flower garden, trampling all the dazzling plants to the ground.

Both of you are overcome with sadness and despair; your flower garden was your life! You built it up to be the most stunning specimen of a flower garden of its kind. You thought you had it well protected, after all, it was in your own backyard.

Your flower garden is what brought you peace and tranquility. You planted it with superior seeds, and cared for it every single day with great tenderness and love, and now it is destroyed! All destroyed! Your life is destroyed!

What did this husband and wife forget to do for their flower garden? What was the most important thing they could have done to protect their garden?
What about a fence? They didn't have a fence around it.

What would you do? Would you replant the beautiful flower garden that you built up and nurtured? What would be a wise thing to do for your flower garden? Build a tall fence around it so the enemies cannot trample in and take what they want?

It is the same way with marriage. What would you do? Would you let satan enter in and destroy the love and trust that you and your spouse worked so hard at building up through the years? Would you let strangers trespass and take what doesn't belong to them? What is the most important thing you can do for your marriage? Protect it! Build your marriage upon the rock so the enemies cannot come in and destroy it?

"Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock. The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat up against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock." Matthew 7:24-25

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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