I Want To Give Up On My Marriage: Why Is It Taking So Long To Save My Marriage? Tips For When You're Losing Patience

If your marriage is on the rocks, then you need to find a solution today to save your marriage from divorce and end the crisis you are in. In this article we will discuss some effective steps you can take immediately to help restore your marriage.

The three main pillars in a strong marriage are communication, appreciation, and kindness. By bringing your focus back to the basic foundation of a strong and healthy relationship, you will have the tools to create a marriage that makes you happy.

Often the most vital ingredient that deteriorates over time in a troubled marriage - is effective communication. Couples get busy with life, family and jobs and they often forget about their needs as individuals and as a couple.

Over time, frustration and stress build up. This breeds resentment in the marriage. It is often easier to start an argument or just lash out at your spouse rather than taking the time to figure out what is making you so mad. If you look at the reason behind your anger, it is often an unfulfilled need. If you can take a moment to really ask yourself, what is it that you really need right now - is it help with the children?

Is it some time off? Is it respect from your spouse? Whatever it is you need, voice it to your spouse and ask kindly. You can say, "I need some help in the kitchen, would you mind helping me?" Or "This was a very stressful day at work, do you mind if I have some alone time? - about 20 minutes is all I need".

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Most spouses really are clueless and do not necessarily know what you need from them. Next time you are ready to direct anger towards your spouse, just stop and take a moment to figure out what you need from your spouse and gently ask for it. Allow your spouse the same courtesy. Asking for what you need in a gentle manner diffuses any hostility or antagonism you might otherwise experience.

Once you get in the habit of asking for what you want from your spouse, you also need to start listening to your spouse. Practice actively listening to what your spouse is saying - don't tune them out. Really hear how your husband or wife feels, try to understand his or her perspective before rushing into an argument or getting defensive.

Listening to your spouse and taking time to evaluate your own feelings, opens up the door to emotional intimacy in your marriage. As you begin to pay attention to your feelings and that of your spouse's, you should also begin to notice what makes each of you special to each other. Begin to appreciate what your spouse brings into the marriage and say "thank you". For example, you can say to your spouse "I really appreciate how hard you work to take care of our family"

In most troubled marriages, couples take each other for granted. After a while, each partner begins to feel unappreciated. Bring back that feeling of appreciation into your marriage.

Last but not least, choose to be kind over being right. As you begin to re-establish an emotional bond with your partner, it should to be easier to choose kindness over ego.

Hopefully this gives you the parameters to work with towards saving your marriage from divorce. The secret to a happy marriage is a healthy dose of communication, kindness and appreciation.

Remember - little steps everyday make a big difference, so take the little steps today and get your marriage back on track.

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You can stop your divorce. If you want to preserve your relationship, honor your vows, and make good on your commitment, you can do it. It happens every day. People save marriages that seem destined for divorce. They make a decision to work things out and that decision results in a happier, more fulfilling relationship.

Do you want a divorce? If you're reading this article, the answer is probably "no". Obviously, there's something holding you back. It might be any number of factors. You may have strong religious beliefs that are incompatible with divorce. You might feel an obligation in honoring the commitment spelled out in your wedding vows. Maybe, like so many people, you still feel that special connection and that deep love for your spouse and you can't bear the idea of throwing it all away.

Regardless of the motivation, it is possible to stop your divorce. There's proof of that powerful statement all around you. Countless couples who are involved in stable, fulfilling and empowering marriages once faced the same situation you're experiencing today. They found a way to rescue their relationships from the brink of divorce and have gone on to build something stronger and beautiful than they had before.

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How can it be done, though? You know it's possible to stop your divorce, but that doesn't necessarily mean that you know how to do it. There isn't one simple trick. It's more about taking the right overall approach. Professionals who carefully study the nature of marriages in trouble and human relationship have found that taking the right overall perspective can save almost any marriage--even when only one spouse is actively involved in taking action. I strongly advise that you find a sane, reasoned and proven methodology for preserving your marriage and then following it carefully. The stakes are too high to leave this to chance.

You can stop your divorce. That's important to understand. Even if things seem bleak and hopeless, you can preserve your relationship and avoid watching it die in divorce court.

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Marriage is one of the most rewarding, but also one of the most challenging things you will ever do in your life. It takes commitment and patience to be happy. This article will explore 5 things that will destroy a marriage. It is good to keep these in mind so you don't find yourself doing them!

1. Lying to your significant other

It doesn't get much worse then this. Communication is the foundation of a strong marriage, and if you are lying, it creates a barrier.

2. Adultery

Marriage is a commitment, and seeking an affair is in my opinion the worst thing you could do to your spouse. Be faithful, your spouse deserves it. This is something that most people cannot fix.

3. Being abusive

Your spouse deserves your utmost respect, and regardless of how angry you may feel, you should never ever raise your hand to hit or hurt them. This also includes verbal abuse. Treating someone like that destroys trust and relationships.

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4. Stealing money/hiding money

Openness is extremely important in a healthy marriage, and finances can sometimes get sticky. You will want to make sure that you do not hide anything, and of course you don't want to steal anything from your spouse. This would destroy your level of trust!

5. Forcing/controlling your spouse

Being married means working as a team, and under no circumstance should you overpower your spouse and make their decisions for them. You need to remember that he or she is an adult with legitimate feelings that deserve to be voiced.

If you keep these things in mind, you will be able to enjoy a healthy marriage, where the two of you can work together as a team throughout the coming years.

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