I Want To Fall Pregnant What Can I Do: Trying To Become Pregnant

The best home remedies for getting pregnant typically involve taking care of your body first. This means that any conventional method for getting pregnant, such as IVF or Clomid, will not work if you have not corrected the internal issues that are preventing you from conceiving in the first place.

If you are living your life as you always had, with your same habits, diet and lifestyle while undergoing treatments from a fertility specialist; you are wasting your money. Conventional medicine currently has an 8% success rate when it comes to successfully treating infertile women.

8% is not very high at all, and you have to wonder why that is. Getting pregnant is actually a simple process of a sperm fertilizing an egg. However, in this process there are many things that can go wrong.

What do I really need to do to get pregnant? Is it possible to reverse and eliminate infertility?

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For example, cervical mucus might be too acidic for sperm to travel through. An issue as small as that can prevent pregnancy for years if not addressed.

What you must stop doing in order to get pregnant is investing in fertility specialists and not enough in yourself. Depending on your genetic makeup and hormone levels, there are things you might have to do differently than the next woman. But here are just 5 small changes that can have huge benefits.

Stop drinking alcohol, caffeine and smoking cigarettes. All of these habits inhibit, disrupt and pollute the body, and therefore, cannot prepare an environment for pregnancy.

Stop running around all day. Taking on a heavy workload, being on your feet most of the day and general unneeded stress creates toxicity in the body and ultimately contributes to disrupting hormone levels and pregnancy. A solution to a hectic lifestyle is a balance. Acupuncture, massages, weekend vacations, warm baths with aroma therapy and meditation or prayer have profound physiological effects on the body.

Stop sitting around all day. Although too hectic of a lifestyle is damaging to the body's ability to prepare itself for pregnancy, so is a sloth-like lifestyle. Eating packaged foods riddled with chemicals and being sedentary are not just recipes for obesity, but for infertility as well. Try taking a walk with your partner around the neighborhood, and doing more home cooking rather than take out or processed meals. This will not only help the waistline but will definitely increase your chances of getting pregnant up to 30%.

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Stop obsessing about having a child. Have you ever heard of couples getting pregnant on vacation or on honeymoons? Well, that is because the only focus they had was on pleasure. The more you obsess about having a child, the more it will not only effect your psyche, but your health and marriage as well. Having sex for the mission of pregnancy usually doesn't result in pregnancy because your body during sex is not relaxed. In order to get more cervical mucus flowing through you, try evening primrose. This is a vitamin that allows the body to create natural lubrication, which is a necessity for sperm to travel.

Stop listening to your fertility specialists blindly. This is a hugely important one. Put more trust in yourself and your intelligence. Just because they wear white coats does not make them infallible. Go online and research home remedies for getting pregnant, and trust in your smarts to figure out what is useful and useless to your body.

After all, if you are smart enough to actively try to have children, you are definitely smart enough to figure out what is going wrong with your body that is preventing it. It's not that hard, all it takes is a little effort.

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I know you probably feel as though finding a cure for infertility is slipping away faster and faster with all of the different injections and fertility drugs and treatments you have tried. Well, most people who overcome infertility do it through natural methods, which is a good thing and a bad thing.

The good thing about finding a cure for infertility naturally is that it is perfectly safe, very effective, and even leads to a healthier pregnancy and fetal development. It also detoxifies your body from any harm the fertility drugs have done in the process of trying to get pregnant.

The bad side of natural remedies is that it is very time consuming and very expensive because most insurance companies do not cover natural remedies. Just a quick search will give you hundreds of products, methods, plans, powders, shakes, and pills that are all perfectly organic and natural, but a lot of time are completely useless.

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How do you weed through the mountains of information on natural remedies for infertility?

The best way is to find a professional and try to find a program or plan that makes sense to you, is proven, has a way for you to contact the people running the plan, and has all the natural health advice and products in one place. By having it all in one place you can save countless hours sifting through most of the inaccurate junk out there, thereby reducing stress.

Although there is a bad side to natural remedies, the benefit of finding a cure for infertility through natural methods not only is more effective than prescriptions but much safer for you and your future baby as well. Remember, the bad side of natural remedies can easily be overcome by finding a reputable and proven program and sticking to it.

Unfortunately, options are limited when it comes to natural remedies. You can either find a consolidated program or be a do it yourselfer and mix and match from the thousands of bits of information out there on the subject.

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I sometimes hear from people who want help in gauging their chances or odds of conceiving the gender of their choice. Sometimes, they think they have special circumstances which might make their odds better or worse for what they are trying to achieve. One example of these special circumstances is the age of the father-to-be.

I heard from a woman who said "I just married a man who is middle aged. He already has grown children from a previous marriage. We would like to conceive and we are hoping for a girl. His previous children are boys. This is discouraging, but I have heard that the older a man is, the more likely he is to have a girl. Is this true, why or why not?"

This is not the first time I've been asked this question. This seems to be one of those old wives tales that has just enough scientific merit to make it seem believable. The thinking behind this goes something like this: since a man's sperm count declines as he ages and there is another old wives tale which theorizes that a higher sperm count favors boy babies, then the lowered sperm count due to age must make a girl baby more likely by default.

So let's break all these theories and old wives tales down. First, let's look at the theory that a man's sperm count declines with age. This one is considered true. However, such declines are usually very slight. In fact, I'm sure we all know older men that father children without any problems at all. It's not at all rare. In fact, while there comes a point in a women's older life when she can no longer have children due to her age, the same is not true of men.

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But, accepting the fact that some men have a declining sperm counts with age, there is no definitive scientific basis to say for sure that a high sperm count favors boy babies. The thinking behind this is that because boy sperm don't live for very long but are faster moving than girl sperm, you are going to have a better chance of conceiving a boy with a man who has a higher sperm count because the faster moving boy sperm will make it to the egg more quickly. But here's what this theory doesn't take into account. If a higher sperm count exists, there will be just as many girl sperm fighting for the egg. Sure, they are slower than the boys, but the ratio of X to Y or boy to girl is the same for men with high or low sperm. And the end result is usually a 50 / 50 chance of either gender. And, even if the high sperm count theory was true (which I've just argued that it isn't,) this is not guarantee that the opposite would also be true.

Because according to this thinking, a lower sperm count means less X and Y sperm available. But as with the above example, the ratio would remain the same the same. And so the result (50 / 50 odds) should also remain the same. So my opinion is that no, an older man would still have roughly the same 50 / 50 chance of conceiving a girl or a boy as a younger man. This is true whether he has a high or low sperm count. Because nothing has changed with the ratio of those sperm. As long as he has roughly the same ratio of girl to boy producing sperm (which studies have shown is the norm in men of all ages) then (unless you make other changes) you still have roughly equal odds.

So what do I mean when I say "other changes?" Believe it or not, I mean changes to the woman or mother. The woman who wrote me would likely have more success trying to change her own PH than worrying about her husband, who could not change his ratios. Whether you get a girl or boy depends on whether an Y (boy producing) or X (girl producing) sperm chromosome fertilizes the egg. You can make an X or girl more likely by the woman having an acidic PH, the couple conceiving earlier in her cycle, and using shallow intercourse positions. These things would have more impact on conceiving a girl than the father's age. If they wanted a boy, then the opposite would be true, (late intercourse, an alkaline PH, etc.) but the man already had boys and wanted a girl this time.

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If you're considering having a baby chances are that your thoughts have wandered to what it would be like to have either a son or a daughter. Although most parents simply want a healthy baby, you may secretly pine for a little girl or boy to add to your family. There are methods that claim to help you choose your baby's gender. Although nature has the last say it certainly doesn't hurt to try and sway the decision one way or another.

Timing is one of the many methods you can use to help choose your baby's gender. Making love at different times of the month can help you conceive either a girl or a boy. If you have your heart set on a daughter you should make love right after your menstrual cycle ends up until a couple of days before you ovulate. The reason this is supposed to work is that female sperm can live longer and take longer to reach the egg.

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For a boy you need to know exactly when you are set to ovulate so you can make love then. Male sperm are much quicker and as such they'll reach the egg a lot faster than their female counterparts. You should also try and make love in a position that ensures the sperm are deposited closer to the cervix. This is said to help when it comes to having a little boy.

Finding out when you ovulate isn't difficult at all and will help a lot if you do want to choose your baby's gender. You can purchase kits that help you determine ovulation or you can even chart it yourself by using a thermometer and checking your body temperature each day before rising.

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