I Want To Be Friends With My Ex But I Still Love Her: How To Be Friends With An Ex Girlfriend You Still Love

"We can still be friends". This line, after a break up, is as classic as they come. If you are still in love with your ex, and you are wondering how to stay friends with the ex when you want them back, then I have great news for you. It is possible to get your ex back while staying friends with them and I am going to tell you how through my own personal experience.

Many of those so called experts on getting an ex back will tell you that you have to eliminate all contact with an ex. You have to disappear from their lives and make them miss you. This is true, but only when it is done properly, and I am here to tell you how to do it properly.

In the course of a break up, the conversation will always lead to remaining friends. This, as many of you hoped, provides the opportunity for you to get your ex back. I had once dated a girl for a while, and after some serious thought, I decided that the relationship was not what I wanted. I told her that we should break up and pursue other interests. I also told her that I wanted to remain friends with her and I meant it. I really did, as I liked her a lot as a person, and did not want to lose her from my life completely.

At first, she was so upset that she gave me back every gift I had ever given her, called me names, and was really nasty to me. She then refused to speak to me. After a couple of days, she called me and apologized for her behavior, and agreed that we would remain friends. I was relieved to know she would remain in my life in some capacity.

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We met occasionally for coffee, go see a movie, and just to catch up in general in the next few months. But then, ever so slowly, she began becoming less and less available to me. I would call her and get no answer. She would usually not return my calls for a day or two. When we did talk, she would be very evasive about what she was up to, and seemed generally aloof in our interactions. I would ask her to meet up, and she was always busy, but would always suggest another time. This change in her behavior towards me was very unsettling.

Because I expected her to still be in my life, and available to me whenever I wanted and also because she seemed to be moving on easier than I expected, I began to feel like I was on emotionally shaky ground. In the end, I was very insecure, and outright asked her if she was seeing someone else. She was still being evasive in admitting she had been on a few dates.

My security completely dissolved. I was all of a sudden single and the ex, that I thought was my 'back-up', was dating before I was. It was a total role reversal. Making matters worse, because she was giving me what I wanted (friendship), I did not have a leg to stand on as far as complaining about it.

I ended up crying, begging, and pleading to her to give us another chance even though the break up was originally my idea. Eventually she did and we stayed together another few years.

You can see by how my ex did it, it is possible to get your ex back, while still remaining friends with them.

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Breakups are hard for both parties and if you just broke up with your girl, then you're probably thinking of ways on how to get your girlfriend back. Things will be hard at first, especially with the no contact rule, but it's necessary. It's true that there's no guarantee a relationship can last forever and there are situations which will compel us to make certain decisions.

Sometimes, breaking up or cooling off seem like the best idea, for now. But it doesn't really mean that it's the end. When you're thinking about trying to get your girlfriend back, you need to be positive and think that it can really happen.

Do you think all the good times you've had count for something?

If your answer is yes, then you can still talk to each other provided you've given each other enough time to heal. When you've got your emotions under control and you're pretty sure that enough time has passed, then talk to your girl. But before you do, there are some things you need to consider.

* Things are going to be different now because she is no longer your companion.

* If you've hurt her and if the break up is recent, then you need to be able to handle the fact that she's going to be vulnerable. Take some time and really think if it's the right time to talk to her again.

* Don't have high hopes that she'll welcome you with open arms. It's better to call her or send her messages first telling her you want to see her again. To avoid looking desperate, don't call her just to tell her that you want to see her immediately.

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* If she agreed to meet with you, stay away from places that would remind why the relationship ended.

* She's not your girlfriend now, so there are things that you can't talk about with her. Try to avoid saying things that would remind her of the past or make both of you feel sad and awkward.

Remember that we all make mistakes. It may seem difficult now, with all the things you need to consider, but you shouldn't lose hope. If you want to let her know how you feel and how much you regret losing her, then the correct words are what you need. Saying the right things can really make all the difference.

I'm sorry

If she left because of something you did, then apologize. Accept what you've done and tell her you don't blame her for leaving you.

It won't happen again

When you've accepted what you've done and apologized for it, tell her that it won't happen again. You've learned your lesson and that losing her was the hardest thing that's ever happened to you. You need to assure her that this time would be different.

It's so hard without you

Tell her just how you felt when she left. You've told her that this is the hardest thing you've been through. Let her know that without her, you were miserable and you felt helpless because you just want her back in your life.

If you want to get your girlfriend back, then remember that words are essential. Saying the right things can mean getting your ex back or losing her forever. As long as you choose your words correctly, then you can say a lot. Just remember to remain true and honest.

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Getting your ex back is sometimes hard, especially if they were the one to end the relationship. They may have left because they were not ready for a relationship, or maybe they just wanted to not be with you. Here are some tips to make them want you back fast.

Move On

It may be a hard thing to swallow, but you have to move on, and not necessarily by finding someone else, but just accept the breakup and don't wait around for your ex. If they see you are over it all, they may be more apt to want to try things again.

Allow Some Time

Letting go of your ex can be hard, but they say in time all things change. Time may be your best friend and in this case it can allow the both of you to cool down if the breakup was bad, and then you can talk about picking up and starting over with each other.

Find a Hobby

The best thing to do to cope with the time until your ex comes back to you is to take up a hobby. Find something that interests you and something that can and will consume a good amount of your time. This makes it easy to not think about them and talk to them which will drive them nuts.

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Don't Beg

The worst thing you can do is beg for your ex to get back together with you. Even if the breakup was your idea, rather than begging and making yourself look desperate be honest and simply explain your feelings.

Ignore Them

While ignoring them when you see them can be hard, it's another great tactic to getting them to want you back like now. The next time they text you, ignore it. Ignore it a few times and see if they continue to text. After a few days, text and say you have been busy.


If you have family in a different state or country, take a mini vacation. This will keep your mind occupied as well and not seeing you for a while may make your ex knock at your door when you get back home.

Get Up and Get out

Instead of moping around your house all day waiting for their call, get up and get out of the house. It can be something as simple as going for a walk or taking a stroll through the park. The less you think about them, the more they are going to be coming after you as they are going to see you are not missing them. This is going to have them asking why.

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What happens when your ex girlfriend moves on after a breakup and starts to date another man? Is it still possible to get her back from a new boyfriend? Even if your ex has started to date someone else, it's still possible to get her back, but you must approach this situation in the right way. Many men panic and do the wrong things that push their ex further away.

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How To Get My Ex Girlfriend Back From A New Boyfriend By Playing The Waiting Game and Being Patient

The first key to get your ex girlfriend back from a new boyfriend is to avoid panic and remain patient.

Chances are your ex is in a rebound relationship. She will soon realize the man she is dating isn't what she is looking for. In fact, he's probably nothing like you and completely opposite of what she really wants. It's just her way of dealing with the feelings and confusion she still has over her relationship with you.

If you play it cool and let her new relationship play out without doing things to shoot yourself in the foot, then you'll come out looking like the better man. Don't let jealousy or panic cause you to interfere. Don't talk negatively about the new man. Don't tell your ex that she's making a big mistake. Instead, simply be patient and keep living your own life as a happy, confident man and she'll realize on her own what she's missing.

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