I Told My Boyfriend I Cheated On Him: What Should I Do Now After I Told My Boyfriend I Cheated On Him

Cheating on your boyfriend might have seemed like the way to go at the time but in the cold harsh light of day it might feel like a huge mistake. In fact, it might feel as though it was the biggest mistake of your life.

Once you've crossed that line there is no going back. But there are things you can do to make amends even if you never tell your boyfriend about your cheating.

So, what can you do to make things right between the two of you despite the fact that you've cheated on him?

1) Spend a little time trying to make up with him. You don't have to tell him what you did in order to start doing nice things for him. You might even find that by doing nice things for him you feel better about yourself as a result. Doing nice things for the man you love can be its own reward. More importantly, it allows you to feel a little bit better about what has happened whether you told your boyfriend or not.

2) Flatter him. In fact, make it your daily mission in life to find at least one new thing, each and every day to compliment him on. You'll be amazed at how many wonderful things you can discover about your boyfriend and at how much more you grow to love him when you start looking for his best features instead of picking apart or shining light on his worst.

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3) Come clean about the whole thing. This one is optional for one reason and one reason alone. Sometimes coming clean is all about the cheater. It's all about relieving the guilt you feel over cheating. If, however, the big reveal is honestly about doing the right thing by removing secrets and barriers between the two of you then by all means come clean and reveal your presence.

4) End things with the other guy. You can't make things right at home if your stringing another guy along while you make up your mind. You need to go all in with your boyfriend or cut your losses and move on over to the other guy.

5) Become a better person because of the experience. The best thing you can do to make things right is to use this as a growing experience. This is your opportunity to become a better person and leave a lot of the petty games of give and take that plague other couples behind.

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If you just went through a breakup, then you might be wondering if you can text your ex boyfriend back and get him back in your arms soon. While thinking about doing this, you might wonder whether it would be best to get your girl friends together and work as a team to text your ex boyfriend back or to try and do things on your own. Which way would really be best? Read on.

The Team Plan

If you want to text your ex boyfriend back, you might want to get your girl friends together and talk about your breakup. You might ask them for advice that can help you get your ex back in the future, as well. Naturally, being such good friends, they will probably offer up a slew of advice for you, some of which will just be downright crazy, while others may sound sensible.

See, although running to your girl friends for help might seem like a good idea in your head, it really isn't if you think about it - most of all if your girl friends are also friends with your ex. For starters, they might feel like they are caught in the middle because they want to help you out, but don't want to get on your ex's bad side at the same time.

Aside from that, if some of them are better friends with your ex, there are chances that he will know exactly what you are doing and thus avoid you altogether, too. He might end up resenting and losing respect for you, as well.

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The Solo Plan

So, if you really want to text your ex boyfriend back as quickly as possible, it would be best to just work on your own. If you want to succeed, all you really have to do is learn how to text full advantage of texts. Here are some tips to help you out.:

• Only send your ex positive text messages, so that he doesn't get annoyed whenever he receives a text from you.

• Always be happy and cheerful in your texts, so that you can pass positive vibes back onto him.

• Keep your text messages light, so he doesn't feel pressured to reply to you.

• Do not mention the past or your old relationship in any way to keep the positive vibes going.

• Do not text him too much; otherwise, you will look clingy and desperate.

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Before we even begin, I want you to take a look at yourself; go on, the mirror only shows back what you are showing to it. It never lies. What do you see? Wrinkles, red eyes, messy hair, a long face? Yes, it's understandable: you are depressed and don't feel like taking care of yourself any more. You have lost your reason to do that.

Well, you are wrong! You wish to see your ex so badly, but, what if your ex were at your doorstep right now? We can be both sure of one thing: with all those sleepless nights and tears run dry on your face, the way you look is definitely NOT a pretty sight.

People are first attracted to people by the way they look... especially men. Non verbal communication is three times more powerful that the articulated communication. Everything about you from the way that you look, to the way that you move, how fluent your gestures and vocal tone are, to the way you've matched your dress to your shoes screams out who you really are. That's what has made your ex boyfriend interested in you and later fall in love with you.

So take your time to find the person you were before and reinvent yourself. Don't fall prey to temptation; by any means, do not contact him. It's bad news anyway. Use this time to make yourself desirable again. Become that beautiful, full of life person your ex boyfriend has fallen in love with some time ago and give him more reasons to fall in love with you again.

Let's call it a self upgrade.

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You and your ex have just gone through a horribly nasty breakup and even with all that was said and done, you still want to get them back. You've tried every method of contact you know of - texting, calling, emailing, maybe even stopping by their house or favorite hangout - and you've been greeted with nothing but silence. So how get your ex talking to you again, even in a situation like this, where all hope seems lost? The answer is simple, disappear from their radar and give them some space for awhile.

Breakups are hard on both parties, no matter what the reason for the breakup. Your ex is not refusing contact because they do not love you, but rather, they have a lot of conflicting and negative emotions over the breakup and need some time alone to get process their emotions. You both need to regroup and settle down before talking to each other again. And there IS hurtful things that have to be dealt with. Awful things are often said during a breakup in the heat of passion, but these words are very hurtful nonetheless.

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Besides, all you do by continuing to try to contact your ex before they've had a chance to get over their bad feelings, is prolong your misery or even ruin your chance to get your ex talking to you again. Don't risk making a bad situation worse and don't put yourself through unnecessary hardship.

After awhile, you will have both had an opportunity to process and move on from the breakup. This gives the both of you the chance to remember the good times and how much fun you had when you were together. The time apart will give your ex ample space to evaluate the reason for the breakup and begin to try to think of ways that they might be able to patch things up and make things right again.

If you want to stop the silent treatment, start some of your own. You and your ex need time to get over the breakup and move on from bad feelings. If you want to make your ex start talking to you again, they need to have the space to move on and then start to miss you. When your ex realizes what they've done and what they stand to lose permanently if they don't do something, they will be doing whatever they can to get you back - and quick!

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