I Slapped My Husband And He Hit Me Back: He Hit Me For The First Time

If you do not show respect to your spouse, then better expect for argument. If you want to veer away from an unhappy marriage and you want to save your marriage alone, you can do so by giving proper respect to your better half. Make your husband or wife feel like he or she is the person you care about, love and respect above any person in the world. If you do this, you can see problems disappear and arguments become a thing of the past.

It should not be hard for you to show respect to your husband or to your wife. You love your spouse that is why you married him or her. It should be second nature for you to care and respect your better half. The problem lies in waiting and not taking the initiative. If you are waiting for your spouse to respect you before you respect him or her, chances are you are fighting a losing battle. What if your spouse is doing the same thing? The best thing to do is to show respect to your husband or wife even if you feel you are lacking the respect you deserve. This can even encourage your spouse to return the act and respect you more also. If you exert an effort to show positive action towards your spouse, it will lead to positive reaction from him or her as well instead of negative ones such as irritability, anger and withdrawal. You are in effect encouraging a better atmosphere for you and your spouse. If you want to help save your marriage, respecting your spouse is the key solution.

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Here are some of the ways you can show respect to your better half. To start things off, you can learn to compliment your spouse every once in a while. Tell your wife how beautiful she is even without make up, how great her cooking skill is or how loving she is towards your kids. Tell your husband how handsome he is even just after waking up, how hardworking he is and how great a provider he has become for you and your family. If you have an argument with your spouse, speak in a low tone and remember not to raise your voice. Never lash out, make face or pout in front of him or even behind his back. If your spouse has a point of view that is different from yours, hear it out and respect it.

If you want your spouse to do something, do not demand it or order it. You should rather ask him or her if he or she could please help around the house, go home early and take care of the kids or spend less on shopping and save more.

Make your marriage a priority. This is another way you can show respect to your husband or wife. Go on a date without your kids and talk about yourselves aside from your kids. Talk about how the day or the week went, what are your plans in the future and what activities you want to do together.

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You want to save your marriage but do not know how or where to start. For as long as the issues in your marriage are not as grave as domestic violence or adultery, every marriage deserves to be saved. There are many things that can be done, and the last one should be marriage counseling.

If you can try to save your marriage without the help of experts, then there is no sense in spending a fortune to have strangers examine your relationship and save it for you. You might as well use the money to go on a cruise with your spouse. So here are three simple steps on how to save your marriage.

The first step is to focus on yourself. By this, I do not mean being selfish. What I mean is to look into yourself and find the qualities that made your spouse fall in love with you. Reflect on those qualities and see where you measure up to them. Try to be the best person you could be for yourself and your spouse. Remember, you will not be able to truly love your spouse if you do not love yourself, first.

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Next is to show your spouse your love. Surprise him or her by leaving love notes around the house or when your spouse is at work. In addition, get some quality time together. Spend half a minute in your spouse's arms when he or she arrives from work. Put your kids to sleep early everyday so that you and your spouse have time for each other daily. If that is not possible, then schedule a day when you will have some "alone" time with your spouse.

And finally, accept that no one is perfect. Although in step one you are striving to be the best person, always accept that neither you nor your spouse is faultless. So, compromise. Learn to adjust for each other. Remember, that not everyone can live up to our expectations. So instead of focusing on the negative, look at your partner's best qualities, the ones that made you fall in love with him or her in the first place.

So, try following these three simple steps on how to save your marriage and see if they help. Although these may seem like trivial solutions, it may dramatically improve your relationship. Remember, a delightfully scented bare room is more comfortable than a 5-star hotel room that smells of wet paint.

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"Divorce" is a word that no child wants to hear. And yet, each year thousands of children around the world hear their parents speaking this word.

In some cases, the parents come right out and tell the kids they are considering a divorce.

But, just as often, the children hear the word spoken in hushed whispers around the house. They may overhear parents' phone calls to friends, catch a glimpse of an accidentally-left-open e-mail, or hear their parents hurling the word around like a weapon during a fight.

The word divorce strikes fear and dread into the hearts of most children. Unless one of the parents is abusive or otherwise represents an intolerable presence in the household, the idea of divorce will usually be very upsetting to the children of the married couple.

If you are wondering, "How are children affected by divorce?," here are 3 ways it can affect them:

1. Children will always carry a memory of the divorce with them: Regardless of whether your divorce goes relatively smoothly or whether it becomes a knock-down, drag-out fight, it will become a large feature of your children's personal histories for the rest of their lives.

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2. Children of divorce carry different models in their heads for how marriage works: We all carry around mental models of how life should be. When divorce happens to the family of a child, that model changes. No longer does a child feel that marriage is an unbreakable, secure thing. That can affect the children's own, future relationships.

3. Intense feelings of anger and resentment can come to the surface: Most children will feel angry or resentful towards their parents or themselves during and after a divorce.

Some marriages seem just destined to break up. And if there is abuse, drug or alcohol addiction, or chronic infidelity in your marriage, it may very well be the case that - sad as it seems - you will all be better off if you get a divorce.

Still, the situation for most married couples is not that bad. For most couples, putting in the effort, resources and energy into saving the marriage now can pay off in the couple staying together.

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I recently heard from a wife who wasn't sure if she had made the right move when she left her home because of her husband's need for "space." For the past several months, her husband had been acting distract, cold, and annoyed. Every time she would ask him what was wrong, he would tell her either than nothing was wrong, that she was just imagining things, or that he was under a great deal of stress at work.

So, she hoped as best as she could that this would just pass, but it didn't. In fact, it only got worse. Until one day he sat her down and told her that he just wasn't happy with his life, with their marriage, or with anything at all. He kept repeating that he "needed space" and that he just felt so confused and trapped. The wife wasn't sure what to do. It was clear that her husband was going through some type of personal crises that wasn't likely to just work itself out.

So, the next day while the husband was at work, the wife abruptly packed her bags, left their home, and stayed with a coworker. Now, that she had made this drastic move, however, she was doubting herself. She asked me: "Was that the right thing to do? I thought it would be better for me to leave because at least I can control him NOT leaving right now. But, I'm worried that I acted abruptly. And, I'm not even sure how to approach him. I don't even know what to say. But, I do know that I only want for this to be temporary. I want to come home and I want to save the marriage, but I'm afraid I've made a very big mistake. In the following article, I'll tell you why I think she made the best move that she could in a difficult situation, which she could possibly turn around.

Why it'sIt's Sometimes A Good Idea To Be The One To Leave When Your Husband Wants Space: It was pretty clear that the husband wasn't going to abruptly wake up the next morning and decide that he was suddenly was happy and content in the marriage. This had been building for a while and if the wife didn't willingly offer up the space, the husband was likely going to take it by force or by being the one to leave. And when the disgruntled spouse is the one who leaves, you usually have a more difficult situation. Because not only do you have to deal with the issue at hand, you now have to work on convincing him to retrace his step and to come back home.

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When you are the one to leave, you do have a greater sense of control. Yes, you do have the awkward situation of being the one to take the initiative. But, at least you don't have the obstacle or luring him back. And, if you play your cards right, you can paint yourself as someone who is supportive and accommodating rather than someone who is arguing with him, (and at least in his perception,) making his problems worse.

I have seen countless wives make every attempt to keep their husband from taking his "space" and, sure, some of them are initially successful. But, in the long term, the success rate looks very low. A husband who has been begged or forced to stay will eventually become resentful and will eventually feel sure that he will never really know what might have happened if he'd been able to take some time on his own to clear his head. Yes, he may be present, but you will both know that he is not there willingly and he is not fully invested. And, usually the next time he tries to break away, it will not be so easy to get him to stay. He will likely have much more resolve and your chances for success lessen each time you have to reign him back in.

But, if you are agreeable and play it as though his happiness is vitally important to you and that you want to support him when he is struggling, then you've likely put yourself in a much better position. Yes, it may be scary and you likely will feel vulnerable and afraid. But, this is why it's so important that you position yourself so that when he ponders this situation, he realizes that he misses you rather than wanting to stay away.

Playing The Game So That You Play To Your Advantages While He Is Taking His Space: I know that many wives in this situation don't believe it, but there are parts of this situation that you can use to your advantage. You do know the things and behaviors to which he responds well. And, you know the things that cause stress or turmoil. In general, this is a very volatile situation and you will often fare much better if you will try to keep things from becoming too heavy.

If you want to be able to come back home and save the marriage, then you want to set it up so that he's not avoiding you because he worries that every time you interact, it's going to turn out badly. Instead, you want for him to welcome the two of you staying in touch because he knows that you support him and that you're hoping that the space means that the two of you will be happier because of it.

You don't want to come on too strong and you don't want to push to come home. Ultimately, you want him to ask you to come home and you want to be sure that he means it. This usually happens quite gradually. You have to accept small strides and you have to keep things as light hearted as you can. You don't want for either of you to feel unnecessary pressure or stress. You want for him to think that you're quite capable and although you miss him, your are coping.

You want for him to see the dynamic, fun loving, understanding, and sweet woman that he feel in love with. Whatever you do, don't show him the doubtful, scared, and teetering person that you may feel like right now. And, you want for him to begin to gravitate toward you. So, you might say something like: "You know that I don't want to end our marriage. If allowing you some time and space will make things clearer for you, I'm willing to do that. I might even benefit from some time myself. Let's discuss how this is going to work."

Once the ground rules have been laid, you want to move slowly and give him time to be sure of what he wants. And, you want to end each encounter on a positive note that he wants more and more of them. The idea is that when he does ask you to come back home, you both know that you're sure and won't be repeating this process in the future.

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