I Shouldn't Have Broken Up With Him: I Made A Mistake Breaking Up With My Boyfriend

That's a sad statement, isn't it? It's also a very common one. Emotions can be overwhelming and in the heat of an argument we can make the sudden decision to split up with the man we love. If that's happened to you and you are now wishing you could turn back time, there's help. You don't have to live with the desperation of knowing you've jeopardized your future with him. There are some steps you should be taking, starting now, that will smooth the way for a second chance with him.

Regret is a very difficult emotion to live with. It can drive you to do things that you normally wouldn't. Many women who break up with their man and then rethink the decision, resort to doing things like calling him while crying or begging with him to take them back. Doing any of these things will only hurt your chances of a future with him. The first thing you must do if you regret breaking up is to apologize to him. You have to do this while you're calm and it must be genuine. It shouldn't be long and drawn out. Just tell him that you realize you made a mistake. Leave it at that. It will help him to see that you are honestly remorseful.

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The next thing you must do to get him back is to give him some space. Whenever a person is dumped they feel a strong sense of rejection that they have to work through. Even if their former partner comes to them and says they want them back, the sting of the rejection is still there. Give him some time to himself. Don't jump to the conclusion that he'll run out and meet a new woman. He likely won't. He'll use the time apart to think about the better times you two shared and it will help him to see how much he loves you too.

You need to be patient if you want to rebuild the relationship that's been damaged. He's not going to forgive you for breaking up with him overnight. It will take time for him to realize that it was simply a mistake. Granted it was a huge mistake, but he'll come around and see that you do still love and need him. Don't push him for a reunion during this time as that may backfire. Instead, continue to be supportive, be his friend and make it clear that you still care deeply for him.

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You can't get your ex out of your heart or mind! All you can think of is finding out ways to make him miss you and want you back. You don't have to look far - here are some great ways to make him think of you day and night and long to have you in his arms.

Show him that you are no longer bitter!

No matter how attractive you look and how interested in gets in you, he might hesitate to take a step towards you because of the past. You have to let him know through your behavior that you are not holding any grudges and are not longer bitter about the past. This will make him more at ease with you and will even allow himself to get more interested in you.

Reconnect and communicate

It is important to rebuild the bridges that existed at one time between you. Take away the walls and barriers that could stop him from coming closer to you. Reconnect and keep the doors of communication wide open so that you can start with becoming good friends and take it from there!

Attract him all over again

You must make sure that you look superb in every way! He has to be stunned at the new look and style you have adopted. If you can impress him by being not only physically but intellectually stimulating in every way, you will easily get him to fall for you all over again - hook, line and sinker!

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Adopt a style that turns him on!

Use the information and knowledge you already have regarding him. Adopt a style that you know turns him on! It will be easy to trap him and make him wildly attracted to you if you look like his dream woman. Pretend that you don't know he is staring at you and show off your new look!

Become mysterious about your activities

Don't be too open and transparent. Make him wonder about you. His curiosity will be his undoing. If you are mysterious about your activities, he will wonder what they are especially as you seem to be more confident, busy and attractive than you ever were! This mysterious air about you will make him crazy about you all over again.

Pretend you have found some one else

No matter that you have been apart for some time now - the fact that you seem to have found happiness with some one else will make your ex envious and even jealous! If you are seen coyly talking to a mysterious admirer on the phone for hours, his imagination is going to run riot!

Be seen in the company of a cute guy

It would be better still if you are seen in the company of a cute guy - someone who looks out of his league! Not only will this make him crazy about you and he will want you back but he will do his best to impress you and try to make you come as attracted to him as he is to you.

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How many people do you know that are attached to their mobile phones? Probably most of them, huh? This is because mobile phones are so convenient and useful. In fact, they are so convenient and useful that you can even use them to text your ex boyfriend back if you want.

Now, if you want to text your ex boyfriend back, but have no idea where to start, you may feel like throwing your mobile phone away in frustration, but don't fret. There is still hope. Here are some text messages that you can use to win your ex boyfriend back. The best part is that they are guaranteed to get his attention.

1. "How does a catch-up session sound to you?"

Without a doubt, this text sounds very casual. However, you shouldn't underestimate the power of casualness when trying to text your ex boyfriend back. In fact, the main reason why it works so well to begin with is because it is so casual. Since it is so casual, your ex boyfriend won't feel on edge when he receives it, thus making it the ideal conversation starter to open up your communication lines after your breakup.

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2. "I'm just a little lost, that's all."

By admitting that you are the one with a problem, you can avoid playing the blame game and avoid accusing him of things. Some women just can't help being bitter and end up phrasing their texts wrong. So, if you casually admit that you don't know what happened through text, then you can avoid a fight with your ex entirely.

3. "I miss your face."

Of course, you can't send a familiar text message like this too soon after the breakup. However, once the situation calls for it, you can send this text message and show your ex boyfriend that you are ready to be friends with him again. If he replies to it, you might even be able to sneak in a request to see him afterwards. Naturally, you will have to show him that you are mature about the breakup, too; otherwise, you can forget about winning him back altogether.

As you can see, it is totally possible to text your ex boyfriend back. You just need to time your texts perfectly and make sure you study the aforementioned examples, so you can use the right words along with your perfect timing at the same time.

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Follow this advice very carefully, and you'll end up making your ex fall in love with you again, I promise! I know this will make you really excited, but please don't go rushing off to try and contact your ex to say that you have a magic solution to your problems.

Your ex is really not interested in talking to you just yet, so just leave him/her alone and get on with it all by yourself - you don't need your ex's help, or anyone else's for that matter, to make this work. Also, there is really no magic involved in the solution to your problem at all - you can be successful at making your ex fall in love with you again just by leaving your ex alone - for now.

You see, by giving your ex some space, you are actually allowing your ex to think about what has happened, and decide what the next step should be. If you are constantly calling your ex, he/she will not be able to concentrate on what needs to be done, and this will make your goal take that much longer to achieve.

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Keep yourself busy with things that will uplift you and make you feel really good. If it's at all possible, get a friend of yours to join you, and go away for a weekend of fun somewhere. This will prevent you from giving into the urge to contact your ex, as well as let you have some really good fun!

After a week or so, your ex will be feeling a whole lot differently towards you. The hurt and anger are gone, and those really deep loving feelings are starting to take over again. Without doing anything really, you are beginning the process of making your ex fall in love with you again!

More importantly, because you left your ex alone for all this time, your ex is starting to miss you, just as you are starting to miss your ex as well, I'm sure. This is the time when any contact from you will be making your ex fall in love with you again, so make that call to your ex, and you WILL succeed!

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