I Saw My Ex Boyfriend With His New Girlfriend: My Ex Has A New Girlfriend After 2 Months

You lost the love of your life. Before you could pull yourself together and go after her to win her back, she became involved with someone else. When a relationship develops quickly on the heels of a failure, we call it a rebound relationship. Can that rebound relationship work in your favor?

You are confident that your ex is dating someone else so she does not have to think about you and the relationship the two of you shared. You believe this new boyfriend means nothing to her, really, and you want her back.

What is the key to getting her to look beyond the current relationship and remember the one she had with you? You know she still cares about you, and you care about her. What can you do to win her back?

If your relationship was based on friendship, good communication, and love, it can be rekindled. You are willing to work to change the things that brought the relationship down and you are hopeful.

Usually a rebound boyfriend is almost opposite in personality and character and habits of the last boyfriend. With that thought in mind, you become more hopeful that you can win her back. You realize that she will not be comfortable for very long with a man like that.

What can you do to get your ex back? Is it possible to make your ex miss you like crazy?

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She has caught the attention of a man so different than you that she will be constantly comparing him to you. That is a good thing. Not only does the new relationship give her opportunities to compare what she had with the new love, it gives you the opportunity to get a better understanding of what she thought the relationship with you was missing.

While you are waiting for the rebound relationship to run it's course, you might begin working on those things that you know she did not like about your relationship, or simply work on improving yourself. As your paths cross, be pleasant and kind and give her a chance to remember what she had.

She might wonder why you did not rush right out and try to win her back. She will think about the relationship she left behind. As she has reason to be round you during this rebound experience, no doubt she will notice how much you have to offer her.

More than likely, she will give you a call in a month or so. When she does, be the gentleman. Be gracious and kind. If she wants to rekindle the romance, welcome her back to a new relationship that can be rebuilt from the ground up.

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Are you wondering how to get your ex boyfriend back if he has a girlfriend already? Well, in order to answer this question, you really need to take a hard look at the situation.

First, you have to look at the timing of the break up. When was the last time you break up with him?

Is it a few days to a few weeks ago?

If so, then there is 2 possibility.

1)He was already dating her when he was still with you. So, it appears that he is cheating on you. So, do you really want to get him back? Do you think he still loves you. If he cheats on you, it is probably much better for you to let go of this relationship.

2)He is involved in a rebound relationship. So, what is a rebound? Well, this type of relationship usually refer to someone getting involved in a new relationship just after a break up. If it is a rebound, then there is a good chance that you can still get your boyfriend back.

Let us explore this type of relationship in more details.

Why did your boyfriend get himself involved in a rebound?

Well, here is a possible explanation.

He probably can't cope with losing you. Or maybe he just can't stand the loneliness. He still misses you. But he knows he cannot get you back, at least not for the time being. So, he is trying to find 'you' in another relationship.

Most likely, after a while, he will feel disappointed. Because there is no way he can find 'you' in a rebound relationship. A rebound relationship seldom last. In fact, a rebound relationship can help you win a boyfriend back because he will realized that the person he loves most in still you.

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After a break up, most people are told to give themselves time to get over the failed relationship first before attempting to get back with their exes again. This is an excellent piece of advice, and one that you should follow if you want to get your ex back. All it will take from you is some patience and determination.

As each individual is different and has ways of dealing with hurt and anger in their own way, no one can really say just how long it will take before you are over the trauma of your break up. This is where patience and determination come in. You will need the patience to wait until your ex is over the hurt and anger that he/she feels, and determination to push through till you have achieved what you set out to do - and that is to get your ex back.

To help you through this difficult time, simply do all you can to keep yourself busy and as happy as possible. Do anything that will keep your mind off the break up and your ex as well, because it is these things that are making you feel so despondent. If your hobby is something that you really love doing, then throw yourself into it with a vengeance - not only will it keep you busy, but it will make you feel happy as well.

At the same time, think about any mistakes that you might have made in your relationship, and how you plan to fix them. This way, when you and your ex do get together to talk things over, you are well prepared, and this will show your ex that you are more than willing to do your bit to get back together again.

Sooner or later your ex will be ready to talk - he or she will be over the break up, and a lot more approachable. This is then the perfect time to try to get your ex back.

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Breakups are hard, but most people actually make things harder for themselves, by doing things which are detrimental to their situation. You may think now that things are as bad as they can get, because your ex has left you, or maybe your ex broke up with you and is not even talking to you; but trust me, if you keep doing these major blunders, you will never see your ex again! And that, my friend, is why it is absolutely critical that you take action now to do the RIGHT things to get your ex back. Read on to find out what you must STOP doing now in order to win your ex back...

Emotions CAN get the best of us - Almost 99% of people out there will freak out the instant they lose something they deeply love... and if that is your EX, then of course you are likely freaking out right now over the breakup. But, remember that emotions can get the best of us, in the sense that they often create our actions.

What if he has moved on? Here's how to get him back.

A couple of prime examples of this are:

---> You miss your ex, and suddenly you are calling him/her 1000 times per day.

---> You are mad that your ex is ignoring you, so you try to force them to talk to you by begging and pleading with him/her to take you back.

---> You regret your mistakes, and want your ex back NOW, so you apologize 1000 times to your ex for EVERYTHING.

So, as you can see, once your emotions step in, you start to appear to be desperate, needy and you can even come across as really disrespectful, depending on how far you let your emotions take you. That is why you must spend some time to actually calm down, so that you do not diminish your chances of getting your ex back.

Take this time to reflect on where you can change Spend some time thinking about what you can actually do right now, such as in change your bad habits etc.., and also seriously consider your approach (to pull your ex back)... because if you do not, you will likely end up back on this emotional roller coaster again, and will ruin everything. Consider that your ex does NOT want to be around someone who is emotionally unstable, and your ex wants some space from you as it is, so do not push yourself into the losing zone, simply because you feel hurt, lonely etc...

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