I Pushed Him Away Now He Won't Talk To Me: I Pushed Him Away By Being Too Needy

Are you wondering how on earth you can get your ex boyfriend to talk to you? You are not alone; it is one of the most asked questions by those who have suffered a break up. There are words and actions that can get you what you want.

Don't panic. Get a grip on yourself. Don't get into text message terrorism or drunk dialling. Make up your mind you are not going to argue with the break up. Do not contact their friends or mutual friends to tell them your side of the story.

Whatever you do, do not contact their family or arrange accidental meetings. Take it from me that will serve to hurt you even more if they reject you publicly. Cry if you must, shout if you must but do it privately.

Now that's out of the way, make up your mind you are going to act opposite to your feelings. You can do this - it is just a choice! Agree with the break up for now and act calm and cool even if you see them with someone else.

Write them a short handwritten note. In it tell them you are okay with the break up now. Tell him that you agree with his decision. If you did something bad briefly apologize. Nothing over the top.

Let them know something really exciting happened in your life and you need to tell them about it sometime. Make sure you have thought of what exciting thing you would like to talk about. Finally close by saying "maybe at some point we can be friends". Write this in your own style and make it as natural as possible.

Go ahead and get a life, do not put your life on hold. All this should be part of an overall strategy that you will commit to executing one step at a time. This is how to get your ex boyfriend to talk to you. This works because human nature wants what we cannot get.

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When you have determined that your ex boyfriend is the guy you want to hang out with and there is no one quite like him then you have to get him back without you looking miserable. There are ways you can do it but most important will be the words you use to get him back. You don't want to sound desperate and needy. Here are 7 steps that will show you the way.

Do you have a convincing reason
You will have to first determine the reason you want him back in your life. If the reason is love and feelings then you sure can go ahead and try to win him back. Any other reason will sound phony and frivolous and he may not pay heed to your efforts. You have to show a genuine interest in him for what he is.

Are you ready to change a few things
You can't expect him to come back to you if you and the dynamics of the relationship remain the same as before. You very well know what he did not approve of in the first place and if you are ready to change them then only think of approaching him.

How do you approach him
To approach him you will first have to look good and not like a bus just hit you head on. Get a handle on your emotions and look cheerful and happy. Even though you are hurting on the inside you will have to show that you are in good spirits.

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Renew the contact
Get back to being his friend. This should not be difficult if you two parted ways in a friendly manner. If not then wait for a few weeks before you begin making overtures to him. If you have to tell him that you want him back then you do need to be his friend. Once that is done you are ready to tell him that you want to be a couple once again.

Where do you approach him
You will have to time your approach and select your venue very carefully. A bar that is full of sorry men and needy women will be a bad idea. Approach him when he is in a sober mood and when he is alone. Greet him pleasantly and talk of issues of mutual interest.

Get to the point
Once the discussion has been initiated broach the topic of your breakup and tell him that you feel sorry that it happened. Tell him that you realize you drove him to a point where he had to call it quits. Tell him that in spite of all that you still want him back in your life and that you are ready to make the sacrifices he expects from you. A tear or two in your eyes will most certainly help.

Apologize without sounding desperate
Once he gets thinking about it tell him that you sincerely regret the breakup and would like to give the relationship another try. Don't wait for an answer and make an exit after having said this much. If you hang around you will look needy and desperate.

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The whole point of trying to make your ex regret breaking up with you, is to be able to offer your ex someone who really appeals to him/her. If getting your ex back is so important to you, then you have quite a lot of work ahead of you. Put your misery behind you and do something about it right away.

The first thing you can do to impress your ex is to leave him/her alone right now. The break up has also left your ex feeling really bad with plenty of things to think about and big decisions to make. Leaving your ex alone to do this is a step closer to getting your ex back.

The next thing you need to do is to get your own emotions back on track again. You cannot do this if you are sitting alone with your miserable thoughts - you will only sink deeper into depression this way. Your goal is getting your ex back - keep this though on your mind - it will help you to carry on when you don't feel up to it.

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Now you need to do things in such a way that your ex only gets to hear great things about you. How do you do this effectively? It's easy - just hang out with your friends. Apart from having a really good time with them, they will also be playing a part in getting your ex back.

You see the break up that you and your ex have just been through is big news to your friends. Now if you can really convince them that you are having a great time and that you are really enjoying your freedom, this is huge news to them. So big in fact, that they won't waste any time in telling your ex about you. This is precisely what you want to happen.

Your ex is definitely going to regret breaking up with you when he/she hears what a fun-loving, carefree person you are. Added to that, you have also suddenly become the catch of the moment - everyone wants to get to know you. This will give your ex the feeling that he/she is really missing out big time and you could be getting your ex back.

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First there are no guarantees that you can get your ex back, but if there is a chance in hell, this plan I am about to share with you will do it. Many women react out of emotions and end up pushing their ex boyfriends even further away. They cry, beg, plead, bargain, try to talk him into it. They keep asking him why. They push for a closure talk. They text, call, drive by, you name it. These things do not work. I repeat they don't work.

What these things do is show you in a very unattractive light. He starts to see you as the lovesick school girl. If you are thinking of sending him a letter or email baring your feelings, don't do it. Sit on your fingers. This is what makes you feel better. It is not what makes him find you desirable again. Quite the opposite.

If you want to know how to get your ex boyfriend back the best way to get your ex back is to disappear, vanish on him. Just cut him from your life. Why does this work? Because this sparks his imagination. His imagination is your best weapon to get him back. He starts to wonder about you. He no longer knows what you are doing so he wonders what you are doing. He may start to imagine you going out with other men. He wonders if you got over him that fast. He wonders wonders wonders.

If you stay in no contact from the beginning or as soon as possible that wondering will get the best of him. He will more times than not reach out to you. This is your chance. Don't blow it. You can't bring up the past, you can't ask to see him, you can't show any emotion. Be cool, be happy and smile. Yes smile. Get him to wondering even more. Oh and end the call or encounter first. Be busy. This is one of the main steps in getting your ex boyfriend back

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