I Pushed Him Away and Now I Regret It: I Pushed Him Away and Now I Want Him Back

You must have the courage to get your boy back after you dumped him in the first place. The reason you decided to dump your boyfriend might be that you just found a small fault from him which however made you so upset. Do you really realize from your heart and mind why you want to push him away?

Maybe you can justify what you did to your ex-boy is much like the way he treats the thing he dose not like. Whatever it was that caused you to quit the relationship, you feel very regretful now and you want to get him back. Although you can have your choice, the reality about him now might be that your ex boy dose not want to have anything to do with you. It could all fail for whatever you have tried; he is determine not to come back to you anyway.

If you have tried to contact him and yet no answer comes from your ex boyfriend, then would that be smarter now not to disturb him? It is most likely that he got hurt severely and he might feel very humiliated. The best way for now is to just leave him alone for a while, and you should pray that he can be healed and feels better as time goes by. So instead of letting him feel your any influence, allow him to have some free time and there might be an opportunity for him to look at the real reasons why you have dumped him. What you need is his understanding and forgiveness, right?

Are you like one of the girls that use this dumping strategy to test if your boyfriend really cares about you? I hope you are not one of them, because this is absolutely not doing anything good to your relationship. Can you imagine how you would feel if you boyfriend have done the same thing to you, pushing you through the nightmare and sadness of an unexpected breakup?

After you have realized what you should not have done, ask for a chance to meet with your ex-boyfriend and have a sincere conversation with him. Let him understand what you are afraid of and why you do not feel secure? Nobody wants to be around with any girl who just dose not know her own mind. Promise him that in the future, you will try to be sure about what and why you are doing it.

If you have a sincere communication with an open mind about whatever he say, then he will naturally think more from your point of views. That would be the best and very first progress to get your boy back to you after you dumped him.

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The emptiness you feel after your relationship ended is absolutely unbearable. The very person that you planned on spending the rest of your life with has walked out on you, leaving you devastated. You simply cannot believe what has happened, and your one aim is to regain lost love and have your ex back in your life again.

It is very important that you accept what has happened, and that you need to take things slowly in order to succeed and regain lost love. You need to stop beating yourself up over the break up - it's over, history, and nothing can change that. However, there is plenty you can do that will make your ex eventually regret breaking up with you, and possibly come back to you.

The first thing that you must do is stop trying to contact your ex. No matter what the reasons are, your ex did end the relationship, and is not interested in talking to you right now, or seeing you. So, if you persist in calling your ex, you are in fact only making your ex very glad that the relationship is over.

What you need to do right now is concentrate on your own life and leave your ex to carry on with his/hers. This is not the time to try to regain lost love - emotions are running amok and there is just no way that you will succeed. Begin the healing process in yourself by getting back into the social world or doing other things that will help to improve the way you are feeling.

There will come a time when you and your ex see each other, and this is when you grab the opportunity and begin to regain lost love. Show your ex that you are a strong, mature person, by greeting him/her in a friendly way. Chat for a while, but steer clear of talking about the break up - this could trigger bad feelings between the two of you again.

Carry on being friendly towards your ex whenever you meet. You will eventually be comfortable talking to each other again. Once this happens, then you can begin to start the process to regain lost love - almost as if you are dating again. Do it gradually, and you have a good chance of getting your ex back.

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Breaking up with your ex is a stressful and emotionally painful time. One of the best ways to get your ex back is to break all contact immediately. This includes cutting out phone contact, text contact, and emails and so on. This will be extremely hard to begin with due to the fact that they will constantly be on your mind but using this technique will help you get your ex back. To put it simply - IT WORKS!

Try to keep your emotions to yourself, DO NOT give them attention by saying you miss them constantly, you want them back and so on. Keeping your distance early is one of the best ways to get your ex back again. Drop her a little message via email or text thanking them for a great time; this will make them think about you subtly.

Do not sit back and think that something positive will happen. Show your self motivation and enjoy yourself. Go out drinking, meet your friends, enjoy yourself; do new things and be spontaneous. This will keep your mind occupied preventing you from thinking your on your own.

Getting friends to help is the next best thing in getting your ex back. Enjoy yourself with them, spend quality time with them. You know the classic saying, mates before dates;). Enjoying yourself with friends will make your ex jealous by them thinking 'oh he's/she's having fun without me'.

Your ex will hate this! You aren't making any contact with them but yet you seem happier than before, your not moping about doing nothing, you're having a great time. Your ex will then more than likely contact you finding out the gossip; what you been getting up to and so on.

All of the things highlighted earlier are the best ways to get your ex back. They will make your ex jealous and regret breaking up with you. Breaking contact will make you forget about them but they will miss you and inevitably contact you.

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A breakup triggers some of the most terrible feelings one has to endure when it comes to emotional pain.

There are 4 quick steps you can take immediately to start getting your ex back.

The first step is to figure out what is the reason behind the break up. Once you understand the reason behind the breakup, it will be easier for you to rescue the relationship. Therefore, it's absolutely essential to determine why the relationship didn't work out the first time. One thing to think about is whether things were too boring for your ex. Or, was there someone else in the mix?

After you discovered the real cause of the breakup, you're ready for the next step. This one is a bit counter-intuitive: Don't Initiate Any Contact with Your Ex. You may wonder why. Let me tell you: when you just went through a break up, you are not at your best both physically and mentally. Normally, you're likely to be a person everyone wants to be around, but it's difficult to make yourself friendly and agreeable, right after the breakup. Therefore, you don't want to contact your ex immediately after the breakup.

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All right, once you've done with the first 2 things, it's time to carry out the 3rd tactic - making your ex experience the feeling of loss. What your ex hopes you'll do is to beg him or her to come back to you. This is what your ex expects. To start the process of getting your ex back, you want to get your ex to think about you more and more. By not doing what your ex expects you to do (chasing after him or her), you will generate enough surprise to make your ex start thinking about you. That's your goal - make your ex incapable to forget about you.

And the last thing you want to do is to take great care of yourself. A long time ago, when my ex decided to break up with me, I stopped paying attention to my health. I was devastated by the breakup. I lost sleep. I stopped exercising. Worse, I started snacking on junk food. Bad idea! Little did I know at the time that by not treating my body right, it only made it harder to recover from the breakup. Consequently, I couldn't move on for a long time. So, don't make the mistake I made.

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