I Pushed Him Away and Now He Has A Girlfriend: I Pushed Him Away and He Moved On

How to get him back from the other woman? Are you wondering this question?

If someone tells you that it's really crazy to go for a man who is in another relationship, then that person don't know how much love you have for your ex boyfriend. There is no use criticizing the woman who wants her boyfriend back from the other woman.

You would feel good when you know that most rebound relationships don't have a long life. However, if you don't take right actions and do the mistakes you have been doing for years, then there is no hope for you to get your ex boyfriend back from his new girlfriend.

Now you must assume that you have a good chance to get him back from the other woman, because you know that most rebound relationship can be easily broken.

The first thing you need to do is to make yourself assertive and an independent woman. Do not appear yourself as a low self-esteem woman. Be assertive, take decisions and take the control of your own life. You can become his friend, but do not feel jealous about his current girlfriend. Try to win his trust again by being a supportive friend.

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Once you become his friend then it will be far easier for you to gain his affection for you again. But here is a huge problem while you trying to be his supportive friend. You may feel jealous about the woman his is dating with. If you badmouth about that woman, then you are just ruining your chance of getting him back.

Be careful while you interact with that woman. However, it would be good to avoid all types of situations in which you have to talk to her.

When interaction with her is a necessary, then never let her talk about your ex boyfriend. And do not appear jealous in front of her.

Make your ex boyfriend realize that you are comfortable with his new relationship. And when he faces troubles, offer him your shoulders to lean on. For this reason, you have to be an assertive, strong and independent woman.

When your ex sees that you are comfortable with his new relationship and you still care him, he will miss the kind of relationship he had with you. And that is what you want. This is just a single step to amend the MISTAKES you made in your relationship. Do not lose your hope to get him back, because it is really possible.

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It can be quite a challenge trying to figure out how to get your ex boyfriend back when he has a new girlfriend. It's bad enough that you had to deal with the breakup but now you found out that he's with someone else.

But don't lose hope because there's still a chance for you to learn how to get your ex boyfriend back when he's seeing someone else. Here are a few tips that you can try.

1. Be nice to him and to the girl

It's tempting to march up there and give them a piece of your mind. But then again, making a scene is not the best way to get back on your ex's good graces. Also, he's going to feel smug or pity you because you're obviously so affected by all this. No, if you want him back then you're going to have to be a good girl and be nice and mature even if it's killing you inside.

2. Don't nag him or bully him

Nagging or bullying your ex into getting back with you can be very tempting but then again, he wouldn't want to get back to a nagging girlfriend. The only thing that this will accomplish is him being more certain that breaking up with you was the right choice. It would also make him think that he made the right decision moving on and finding someone else.

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3. Don't jump to conclusions

You never know, this new "girlfriend" of his could be a product of a rebound relationship. If it is a rebound relationship then it means he's still coping with the breakup and this "girlfriend" is his way of dealing. There's hope for you yet.

4. Try not to bad-mouth his new girl

He introduced you to his new girlfriend so what do you do? Do you tell him in private that you think she's a slut? Or do you act interested and happy for him? You need to be nice and pleasant because honestly, he won't appreciate it if you bad-mouth his new girlfriend. The only thing you can do right now is hope that he'll realize he made a mistake for leaving you and that this new girl is not the one for him.

5. Avoid retaliation

Another temptation you need to avoid is playing games such as making him jealous. Hey, he found someone else so maybe you should also find someone else. Two can play this game after all. No, you shouldn't do that because it could backfire on you. Besides, he's not doing this to hurt you so you can't be the immature one and think of ways to hurt him.

Bottom line is, if you want to know how to get your ex boyfriend back when he's with another woman, you're going to have to play nice. It's hard and it's probably killing you inside. But if you want to get his attention without embarrassing yourself and looking desperate then this is the way to do it. If you start acting nice and being the same woman you were when he first fell in love, then it's likely he'll be reminded of what he's lost.

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The last thing you probably want to hear right now is that one of the best tricks to get your ex back is to NOT make any contact with your ex at all. There are a few reasons why this is such an effective method to get your ex back into your life again.

There is no doubt that your ex is really mad with you right now, and doesn't want to talk to you. Now, having no contact with your ex means that you both have time to get over all the hurt and anger you are feeling towards each other, so you can heal after the trauma at your own pace. Then, the other great thing about staying away from your ex is the fact that after a while, your ex is going to start missing having you around, and will WANT to talk to you again.

Another of the tricks to get your ex back that is really effective, is to show your ex just how mature you are right now. Yes, you are terribly hurt and depressed, but if you can hold your head up high, and show your ex and everyone else that you are coping well, your ex has no option but to admire you for this.

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Giving the impression that you are not bothered by the break up is another of the tricks to get your ex back. If your ex hears that you are living your life as if you don't have a care in the world, he/she WILL want to know how and why you are doing this. Of course the only way for your ex to get answers to these questions, is to ask you - right?

So go out with your family and friends instead of sitting at home moping. Apart from giving your ex the impression that you don't care about the break up, it will also help you to heal quicker and become happy and confident again - you will start to think positively about life once more.

Using a combination of these tricks to get your ex back will not only confuse your ex, but will also make your ex realize just what a great person you are. This is going to make your ex start missing you and will also get him/her thinking about possibly getting back together again.

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You may have heard of people saying, 'leave your ex alone, don't talk to them'. But how does this help you get your ex back? If you look at the whole situation, not talking makes someone crave more attention. There are a great deal of mutual hatred between you and your ex right now but these resentful feelings are blown out of proportion.

This can be quite hard to get to grips with to begin, but if you have tried calling your ex over the first couple of days after breaking up, I'm sure you will tell me that your call wasn't answered or they picked up and hung up straight away. I'm sure this belittles you; shocked that they have the cheek to hang up on you or not answer the phone.

What is the point of going through this misery just to get your ex back? Well it's simple; stop making contact with your ex NOW- give yourself a break from them, enjoy yourself, you will get your ex back in due time. Be patient.

It's not the end of the world that you have broken up, think positive. You have both broken up for a reason so accept that you will be apart for a while. The cause of depression is psychological so think of ways to keep your mind focused; do new things, enjoy yourself, be spontaneous. With a little bit of time, you will both approach each other and more willing to make up rather than break up.

You need to make your ex miss you in order to get them back. If you constantly contact them; whether it be via email, text messaging or phone, their opinions of you will change- you'll no longer be missed, you'll create a huge burden on them.

You'll get your ex back once they have realized that they miss you. Stay out of the picture for a while and they will more than likely want to see you again and make amends. It worked for me so I can't see why it won't work for you!

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