I Pushed Him Away and He Broke Up With Me: I Pushed Him Away Because I Was Scared

It was your fault you broke up, now how do you get him back? It's a question that has been running around in your mind since you dumped him. You had no idea then how much you really did love him. You thought your life would be better without him and it's only become increasingly worse. You miss him, you adore him and all you want is to be back with him. But the break up was your doing so how can you possibly correct that now? You can do it but you do need to go about it a very specific way. Unless you approach your ex boyfriend with the right attitude, he'll never even consider getting back together with you.

Since you were the one who initiated the break up in the first place, you have to be the one to make the first move towards reconciliation. Call your boyfriend up and apologize in the most sincere way you can. You have to be direct about this without being overly emotional. It's a delicate, but crucial balance.

The best way to approach it is to do it on a day when you're feeling emotionally strong and balanced. You're not going to go into a long explanation for your actions. Instead, you're simply going to tell him that you regret the way your relationship ended and the pain you caused him. Most men's egos will kick into high gear during a call like this and they'll tell you that they're over you or that they haven't given the break up a thought in months. Truth be told, hearing you say you're genuinely sorry will mean the world to him.

Becoming his girlfriend again is obviously your end goal but this journey is all about baby steps. You can't expect a simple apology to result in him begging you to come back to him. That just isn't going to happen. You have to reintroduce yourself into his life in a way that he is very comfortable with. You can do that by fist talking on the phone with him from time-to-time and then suggesting, non-threatening in person meetings. Examples of those include things like going out for lunch or meeting for a quick coffee. You want him to view you as a person who wants to reconnect with him but not in a romantic sense right away. He'll need to let his guard down for that to happen and that will take time.

Just continue to stay on course with showing him that you have changed and that you genuinely care for him. Many men are more than willing to forgive a mistake like a break up if they see their ex partner has matured and grown emotionally.

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The longing to hear your ex's voice again is almost unbearable. You would even be prepared to go through that terrible argument again just to be with him/her again. You just cannot shake this feeling of utter hopelessness. You have the feeling that it is impossible to get back together after a break up.

These are all normal feelings when you have experience a failed relationship. However, to get back together after a break up, it is very important that you keep your emotions in check. They are in absolute turmoil at the moment, and trying to talk to your ex right now will be utterly pointless.

As soon as you start talking to your ex you're bound to start crying. This will make you feel even more desperate, and you will start begging and pleading with your ex to take you back. This is definitely not the way to try to get back together after a break up.

The only impression your ex will have of you is that of a weak-kneed, pathetic person, who is incapable of handling a crisis. This is definitely not the way you want your ex to think of you, right? So what do you do then to get back together after a break up?

You stay away from your ex for a while - as simple as that. Time apart will allow you both to get over the feelings you have for each other right now - anger and resentment. It will also help you to get over the trauma of the actual break up.

Once you're feeling up to it, then start getting back into the social world again - without your ex. Hang out with your friends like you used to. Do all the fun things that you stopped doing during your relationship. This is all part of the plan to get back together after a break up.

Some time in the future you and your ex WILL bump into each other. Now you will be able to greet and chat to your ex without your emotions running rampant. The misery of the break up is long gone, and you will be able to talk quite comfortably with your ex. This is the perfect time to get back together after a break up.

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The basic idea behind reverse psychology is to exact in the exact opposite manner than what your ex expects of you. Chances are they are going to expect you to beg, plead, call incessantly, and do everything possible to beg your way back into their hearts - but you aren't going to. You are going to do the exact opposite, you are going to act as if the breakup doesn't even phase you, and this will certainly send your ex reeling.

This is why reverse psychology is so effective and has such amazing and impressive results. Without him or her ever knowing it, you are actually playing tricks on their mind and using their own assumptions as to your expected behavior against them. He or she has become accustomed to your reacting in a particular manner, when you don't respond in the manner they expect, they will be thrown for a loop and left scratching their heads in wonder. It is difficult not to act without thinking, but it is important to be strong, if you are, you will see how successful reverse psychology really is.

Make no contact with your ex. You have to play things off as though you are not bothered by the breakup and that you have no problems moving on with your life. Even if you don't feel this way, this is the impression you want to give your ex. You need to really play this up by going out with your friends and having a blast - taking care in your appearance so you always look your best. You might even mention to your friends that you need to take care in your appearance if you want to snag a new partner.

When words gets back to your ex about how much fun you are having, how good you look, and the fact that you seem to be moving on, they are going to be shocked speechless. Chances are, they'll make every effort they can to get in contact with you to see what is going on in your life. This is when you will know that reverse psychology has been successful and you'll be well on your way to getting your ex back!

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If you are feeling a disconnect from your partner, you are probably longing for the man he was when you first met. We all do this I believe. The man that wowed us in the beginning when he was trying to win us seems to have disappeared. No flowers, romantic dinners or weekends. No afternoon phone calls saying he is thinking of you. The romance is gone. So how can you rekindle your relationship?

Men want to feel like the hero. Men need to feel like men. They also need to feel they are making us happy. You of course could go into therapy but that takes time and puts on pressure. You want to take the pressure off and allow him to feel like a man again.

What I am going to suggest is an different romance idea. You cell phone is your quickest easiest way to rekindle your relationship fast. A text message. Before you click off of this article, I hope you will hear me out. A text message can act as a huge trigger. You have heard of Pavlov's dog and triggers right? That is what I am going to suggest you do with text messages. Create positive triggers for your partner that inspire him to naturally rekindle the romance.

I know this works. I am queen of the text message. I learned it from a few very skilled partners over the last few years. I had a long term relationship with a man who never texted me boring mundane things. He was always pushing my emotional buttons in text messages and had a way to get me going. I had a ring tone assigned to him. Anytime I heard that ring tone, eventually my heart skipped a beat. The ring tone was a trigger. I would feel euphoric when I heard it. It only makes sense that texting is a huge romance idea or way to get romance back.

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This trigger changed when we broke up. Then if and when he texted of called, the trigger changed to deep sadness. Triggers are powerful and can bring about some deep emotions. If you want to know how to rekindle your relationship fast, start creating positive triggers with your text messages.

No more texting him mundane details. No more asking him to stop for milk or bread or asking him when is he coming home. Use texts messages for positive things. Make him feel like a man with your text messages. The first text that I suggest you send is this. "I can't stop thinking about you today". Wait and see where he takes this message. You can gently lead him in the right direction and have him thinking some pretty good thoughts about you with this message. Send it out of the blue, maybe the middle of the day.

I never asked my significant other when is he getting off work. I have him trained now. I would text "When are you getting off?". After much practice and now that his triggers are set, he always comes back with something spicy and often very romantic or sexy. He has learned to read into my texts because I have set the triggers.

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