In the middle of October 2010, a friend and I had decided to go out for the night in a city nearby. There were a number of places where we had gone in the past, and tonight we were likely to go to the same places.

The first place that we went to wasn’t very busy, and so we soon left and looked for somewhere else to go. If I remember rightly, the next place that we went to wasn’t any better.

Back Again

So, before long we headed back to the same venue as before and it was just as empty as it had been. And just like before, we walk out and looked for somewhere that would have more going on.

At this point, we could have said that it’s not worth staying out and called it a night, but we were happy to wait a little longer. I think we may have gone somewhere else for a little while, yet this wasn’t busy either.

The Last Throw of the Dice

What made a difference here is that we were not spending a lot of money each time we went somewhere, as we were not drinking alcohol. Also, we didn’t need to pay to get into any of these places.

After a little while, we thought that we would go back to this place one more time and, if it wasn’t very busy, we wouldn’t go there again. This time it was different, though, as one of the doorman asked to see my wallet.

What’s going on?

I wasn’t sure what was going on, but I gave him my wallet and he started to rub the cards over his jacket. I said to him that the wallet was fairly old, so there was bound to be some dust on it.

As we had been in out and out a number of times, he believed that we were doing drugs in there. In reality, the reason why we had left so many times was because it wasn’t busy.

Something to Talk About

After this had taken place, my friend and I spoke about what had happened, and I started to think about how it wasn’t possible for this guy to see what was actually taking place. Instead, he was projecting his reality onto what we were doing.

And this was probably a reality where he was used to dealing with people who were going in there to do drugs. It was either that night or a little while after that I felt the need to write about what had just happened.

My Writing Journey Began

This experience is what inspired me to write my first article, which was titled Defence Mechanism: Projection. Up until this point, I had been writing in a journal, so it wasn’t as if I just happened to write an article.

I enjoyed writing it and it wasn’t long before I had something else that I wanted to write about. In the beginning I only wrote a few articles a month and this changed as the years went by.

A Big Surprise

If someone had said to me when I was younger that I would be writing articles and books when I was older, I would have found it very hard to believe. This was a time when I wasn’t even interested in reading books, let alone writing them.

If I was asked what I would been doing when I was older, I probably would have said that I would be doing something outside. I wasn’t interested in being in a class room or doing anything intellectual.

Final Thoughts

What this makes me think about is how important it is for us to receive the right nutrients, so to speak. If we are given the right support and guidance, we will be able to grow and develop.

Without this, we can be like a seed without water or sunlight; it won’t be possible for us to realise our potential. And, through being this way, it can be normal for us to believe that we are not capable of much.

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