I Need To Get A Bigger Penis: How To Get Up To A 9 Inch Size Penis - Side Effects Of Penis Enlargement Pills

Are you worried about the size of your penis? If you are then you are not alone! The fact is there are millions of men around the world who are insecure of there size. The good news is that there is hope. There is hope of increasing your penis size and boosting your self confidence to approach any woman and be sure that you can satisfy her in bed.

But how do you go about increasing your penis size?

There are many things you can do to increase your size and get up to a 9" size penis. On the other hand there are a lot of methods that you can get trapped into which can harm you in the process. Therefore I feel obligated to inform you of some of the methods that you should avoid.

What can you do to make your penis bigger? Is it possible to increase the size of your penis?

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What not to do if you want to increase your penis size:

Avoid Pumps Pills And Surgery - If you have been tuning to your TV or browsing the internet lately you may have been across several commercials advertising these stuff with the hope of luring you into spending your hard earn money. These products are not only expensive but they are a waste of time. Not only that but there risk of side effects are very high.

Pills can make you feel nauseous and the pumps can cause bruises and swelling on your penis. Surgery as well can be very dangerous. While is can work, when things go wrong you can suffer a great loss. Just imagine you not being able to get an erection or even your penis going deformed! Scary isn't it?

What to do if you want a bigger penis size

The only method I recommend is for you to do natural penis exercises. if you are looking to get up to a 9" size penis then this will only be possible through exercises.

What the exercises do is to force more blood into your penis chambers. Blood is needed to get longer and harder erections. The more blood it can hold the longer your penis will be. So to get a 9" size you will have to be consistent in performing the exercises every day for a few weeks.

What exercises can get you a 9" size penis?

The most common exercises that you can perform are the jelging, stretching and kegels exercises. These can be done in as little as 10 minutes per day using your bare hands. You can always search the internet for a guide on how to perform them accurately. Just remember you have to be consistent in order to achieve desired results.

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If you want to really make your penis bigger using specific-strategies, then you have come to the right place. Specific-strategies are what we are all about and have an optimistic, open-mind and a regimented disciplined attitude for the penis exercises. A positively-charged lifestyle that is required to have a larger penis and a wider penis is really the only way to go.

It all starts from the head and goes to the heart and then finally ends up at the penis. These are the three sections that you should be concerned with when the goal is to have a larger penis. Start in the mind; this is where you thought about having a larger penis in the first place, right? Right. Then travel to your beating heart, as your heart pumps the blood which is required to excite and enlarge the bladders of the penis. Finally, the penis is the actual goal for the blood, which will be delivered, for a larger, harder penis! All three of these make perfect sense and work as one systematic pattern in which a larger penis can be achieved and relatively quickly.

Obligation to Work Hard for Penis Becoming Larger

Gone are the days when we no longer think that we can change anything on our bodies. We now believe, and really, truly, honestly believe that we can change almost any part of our bodies that we wish to. Thus is acceptable and realistically apparent if we just gave it a little bit of hard work and have the proper attitude. The penis is no exception to this and is actually one of the few places on our entire male body that we can physically alter.

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Now this is not to say there aren't other areas of the body that we can alter as men, as with cosmetic surgery, the possibilities are almost endless these days! This is to say that we can alter the length and girth of our penis, all alone. Doesn't that just make you happy as all get out? It makes me think that an enlarged penis is a wonderful absolutely fantastic method for improving our overall self image and our action in bed.

Sky's the Limit with Penis Growth and Girth

In order to have a specific-strategy for the acceleration of accenting your penis, it is important to get things cleared in your head, first and foremost. Before you start to massage and massage all night to get a bigger penis, think about exactly how many inches do you want to gain or is it just 1 inch and that's it? Many men find out that once they gained their first full-inch that the sky's the limit and nobody blames them for this. Just think about being saddled with a smaller unit your whole life and suddenly finding a method that you completed entirely yourself with just a little nudging, and then be asked to stop because an inch was enough?

We really do not know the actual limitations and maximum growth realities' of our own bodies. What we do know is that you can grow your penis if you just have a great physical exercise strategy and mental, optimistic, mindset.

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Do you find yourself thinking about three common ways to increase the size of your penis naturally? Then you've come to the right location and right review as that is exactly what we're in the middle of right now. To create a list of three common ways to increase your penis is to first think about how much size you want to increase by and whether or not increasing girth is a requirement as well. If it is, then any of the all-natural hand exercises, that include the systematic up-and-down movement on the penis, will be great for this endeavor.

Sexy Beast Cometh

Let's take a look at some of the best ways to increase the size of your penis and the most common ways throughout the world to do such a feat. The very first most common way to increase the size of the penis naturally is to work it out. Just as you work out your body with weights and running and good nutrition, so too can you work out the penis area and make it both stronger, bigger, and have a higher capacity for blood content, all those great things that make a penis bigger and make you a sexy beast in bed!

Timing is Critical for Girth Increase

A new and improved penis exercise that has just hit the market and is running strong throughout America and Canada is referred to as the RS Natural exercise. Just what is the RS Natural? That's a good question and we are so glad you asked my friend. The second most common way to increase the size your penis is the RS Natural exercise.

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This groundbreaking exercise combines everything from head to toe that is required to further extend your penis to remarkable lengths and it will add a good quarter to ½ inch of diameter to any penis within the first month, hopefully! This is no guarantee or warranty or something somebody said on a website, this is an actual proven medical fact of life that exists when test subjects had the little bladders and their penises filled with fluid.

Purdue University Leading the Way in Gaining Inches on Penis Research

What happened with those test subjects at Purdue University back in 1999? Their penises increased by 1 to 4 inches, and had diameter girths increased from three quarters of an inch all the way to 1 ½ inches! That is incredible and to think that we have the ability and the capability to do this without the assistance of a single pharmaceutical pill or expensive penis-vacuum type machine attached to our most sensitive and precious 'little man' is truly remarkable. A breakdown of the RS natural exercise is listed below and should come in very handy for those guys that need to know the three most common ways to increase the size of their penises.

1. Keep a journal of everything, from head to toe, which is good and bad about your life.

2. Choose an exercise that combines both lubrication and a massaging action, it matters not what the exercises are as long as it is done once a day for 30 minutes a day, nonstop for five days, then rest for two.

3. Educate your mind on positive affirmations of yourself and that you have already gained the inches that you desire, and you are just going through the motions to meet that goal.

The beauty of the RS method is that it is so wide open for any type of hand exercise that becomes almost a nonfactor. By adding in the Kegel exercise portion of a great penis enrichment program, you will be that much closer to attaining your goal of 1 to 3 inch growth to your penis. Your wife or your girlfriend better watch out because there's a 'tiger in the tank' and this tiger is about to get loose!

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There is no denying the fact that a man's small penis size can seriously affect his sex life. But does that mean he is doomed to stay deprived that way for good? Absolutely not! There are still certain ways in which you can cause your male organ to start growing in size once again. And one amazingly simple yet highly effective method which you can start doing from today onwards is to start exercising your penis!

Of course exercising is not the only method to help you enhance your manhood today. The Internet is a treasure trove of male enhancement products of various types, ranging from enlargement pumps, extension tools, and growth supplements. But they cost hundreds of dollars each.

"Penis exercising only uses your two hands..."

Doing exercises on your penis also requires a kind of tool, but one which does not cost anything - your hands! Simply by making use of your hands, you can easily perform the exercise routines on your male organ for just about 20 to 30 minutes each morning.

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What these exercise routines do is to naturally increase the amount of blood accumulated inside your organ. With more blood inside, your penile tissues get expanded in size, thus creating a physical increase to the size of your penis!

"Only a few weeks of exercise to get permanent results!"

The good thing about this particular technique is that every extra inch you gain to your manhood will stay with you for good. You only need to practice the exercises regularly for a few weeks until you get to the size you desire, and your penis will remain that much larger even after you stop exercising it.

Not only does exercising help to increase the size of your manhood, but also enhances its sexual strength and virility by several notches. This ensures you a better experience in bed, and a healthier sexual relationship for the rest of your life!

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