I Miss My First Love So Much It Hurts: Do You Always Have Feelings For Your First Love

Don't you miss them? It was years ago when you first met, and it's been years since you've seen each other. But you still feel that same love for them just like always. Every time you think of them, your heart pounds and you grin from ear to ear. What if you could see them again and get the chance to rekindle that old flame? Surely if you still feel it, they do too.

First loves are usually very long lasting loves, and often times they end up becoming life long companions. Sadly, though, there are circumstances in life which we sometimes can't control, and because of these we are separated from our first love. It's not your fault nor theirs, but a combination of all the external factors going on around you and you're torn apart. Many have experienced this very thing, but you don't have to go on wondering anymore. You can be reunited with your first love.

You may have heard of something called a people finder search; it's a locater service that is provided by private investigators. You can actually hire a PI to do this for you, and if your first love is anywhere to be found, they'll find them. The only thing that you'll need to provide to start the investigation is their name, age, and an address from a previous residence. For the most basic people finder search, results will be returned to you within 24 hours. At most, it will contain a current phone number and address, and in some cases this is all you need to be reunited. Should it be needed, a private investigator is also able to perform a skip trace. This type of search requires a more footwork, and therefore, it can take up to two weeks to be completed. A skip trace is usually only needed though when all other options turn up no results.

Regardless of the type of investigation that is performed, a private investigator is your best bet and should be your first choice if you really want to find your first love. They won't waste your time, and they certainly have all the tools and resources available to them that you otherwise wouldn't be able to access. A private investigator can and will find them, and will bring you back together again.

Seriously, just think about it. Doesn't it excite you even the least bit to know that you could be talking with your first love after all these years in as little as a day from now? No doubt that it does. You probably can't think about anything other than the fact that you'll be together again.

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Are you missing someone you love? Don't you miss the good times with your ex? Do you wish to have her back? With your breakup, you are now probably thinking of ways on how to get her back. Your ex-girlfriend has finally decided that she has had enough and wants out of the relationship. It may have hurt you so much that you are willing to do anything to win her back. Getting back your ex-girlfriend back is not going to be like a walk in the park. Here are some few tips to win her back that way you don't have to be missing someone you love.

Tip # 1 You first need to know the mistakes of getting her back.
Every single guy seems to be making the same mistakes over and over again. Regardless of the age, stature and intelligence they have. First would be the mistake of sending her flowers that flood her entire flat. This may imply as a serious act of desperation though you may think that it is sweet. It will not work because your ex will feel intoxicated as she is overwhelmed with the flowers around. Those flowers are from you and she sees you in every single rose and flower that is lying all over her place. It's just too much for her.

Tip # 2 Do not beg on your knees and tell her that you will change.
Stop right then and now if you are thinking of doing it. Saying that you will change is like saying a promise that is surely meant to be broken. She won't believe that because she knows you are just saying it because you want her back. You are trying to be annoying and it is a behavior that is not attractive to women.

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Tip # 3 Always doing things that she wants you to do and following her lead is a major no-no.
It is a big turn off because your ex-girlfriend would want you to be decisive and determined. Women are attracted to men who can lead. It gives them a sense that you are capable of taking hold of things. Your ex would surely not want a puppy dog for a boyfriend.

Tip # 4 Being depressed on the turn out of events will definitely not help win her back. She does not want to see you getting drunk and eating your heart out as a means of taking the pain away. She does not want to see you sorry for yourself. You might think that she will feel guilty for breaking up with you and seeing you so shattered. She will not get back with you but will do the opposite and will get away from you.

Tip # 5 Do not be too nice towards her.
She will think that your being nice comes with a motive. It will be at the back of her mind that you are just being too nice because you are trying to win her back. You can do it but try not to be too obvious like paying for the shopping spree she just had or treating her to a spa. These are some ideas on how to get your ex-girlfriend back that you need to avoid. Instead, honest and true motives are some points on how to get your ex-girlfriend back effectively.

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When everything went from bad to worse and you find yourself alone and loveless because your partner has broken up with you, take a minute to pause a while and never fall into anguish or desperation because everything can go right when the world turns itself around. There are steps that could help save your relationship and get your ex to contact you again so take note and follow the tips mentioned below:

First you need to fight the desperate and sad feelings so you can keep your personal integrity - Although these tough times may call for heavy drinking and extreme isolation from friends and family, you must fight this extremely unattractive urge of getting yourself wasted. You need to have the strong will and great hope that things will turn out right so you can plan and make your move on getting your ex back.

Keep yourself attractive and desirable so your ex will likely get attracted to you again -Go out, get some exercise, do a makeover, and basically revive that lost charm of yours so when you see your ex again he/she will definitely take a good look at what you have become.

Allow your ex some time and space by themselves so he/she can review and examine their feelings - Giving your ex some space alone without you hassling or forcing them to come back to you will make them feel that you have respected their choice. This gesture will make your ex like you for understanding the situation and for giving them time to be by themselves.

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Think of a reason for your ex to call you and make sure you arouse his/her curiosity - When you do this, think of something that your ex may be curious about such as any events coming up that are related to their interest and make it known to them by way of SMS or email. Think of something exciting and leave a note to your ex so he/she will be intrigued and call you to follow up on the "secret" you are cooking up.

Do something that your ex can be proud of and make sure you let them know about it - You don't have to personally tell them about your excellence or achievement, just let it be known to their close friends or acquaintances so the news can reach your ex. This way, your ex will surely be proud of you and which also brings in feelings of attraction and love that has once been in their heart in the past.

Be a good friend to your ex's friends so everything about you can still reach the attention of your ex - Keep in touch with the close friends of your ex so that any good news and positive changes about you can still reach your ex. When your ex hears about how good and happy you have become, he/she will surely be curious and will have the urge to contact you to know what's up with you. Just make sure that your ex also knows that he/she is the inspiration for all the positive changes in your life.

Use your Ex's interests and desires to get her to contact you again - Another tactic to get your ex to communicate with you is to ask them in a friendly manner about something that they really are passionate about. Your ex will more likely return your call and contact you especially if you ask them about something that is really close to their heart.

Getting your ex to talk to you again will take some time, patience and effort. What is important is to never lose hope and to always be honest to your ex so you'll increase the chance of getting them back for good.

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Despite the fact that both you and your ex love each other, your relationship is passing through a tough test as an unofficial break up has parted your ways in opposite directions. You feel left out in the cold all alone with no one holding your hand in this time of need. But deep down you also acknowledged the fact that you got what you deserved.

If you are the one who is mostly responsible for the break up then you have no choice but to get in the act and save your relationship with your ex. Although, this path will be tumultuous but if you keep a hold on your nerves and follow these few steps you will likely get your ex back.

There is a never-ending debate over the issue of communication between ex partners. Is it right to call your ex to have a candid chat about the problems you two experienced? The fact is that lack of communication can always cause trouble whether it is before or after the break up. By talking with your ex partner about previous mistakes the two of you can come to an agreement to get on with a new beginning and resolving not to repeat those mistakes.

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Don't ever try to push your ex for a quick reconciliation because it will never last long enough. A break up is a big event and it can't be undone by simply brushing all the issues under the carpet. Even if you convince your ex to forget issues that arose in the past, you can count on it that your ex will mention them again in your next argument. So deal with issues rather than avoiding them.

Your ex has broken up with you and his/her heart is also broken, so you need to raise your hand and be there for your ex whenever he/she needs support. You need to make this fact clear to your ex that whether they ever reunite again as partners you'll be available to help him/her out. This will ease out the decision making process for your ex partner.

Having said all, your ex has chosen to part ways with you at least temporarily, so no matter how supportive you may want to be, you need to respect his/her decision. If your ex is to come back, then you'll have to settle with his/her terms and let your ex decide the right time to start a relationship from nothing.

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