As a mom of two teenage daughters, I had grown tired of the fights about laundry on the floor, who it belonged to, and why I had to keep asking for it to be picked up. I felt more like a nag than a mother, and my kids didn’t see that all I wanted was to help them become successful members of society. They couldn’t see that taking responsibility for themselves is an important life skill. One day they will.

It’s been said thousands of times: being a mom is a full-time job, and being a working mother is double duty. Getting my girls to doctor and dentist appointments, managing their school schedules and activities, and still taking time to care for myself is a balancing act I succeeded with most days, but not all of them.

When my kids were younger, my dentist recommended I see a Denver orthodontist for my oldest daughter, and the recommendation for my youngest came shortly after that. I never did it. I was swamped at work and was going through a divorce, and honestly, that’s just the way life works sometimes. Seven years later, and in a more stable place, I revisited this recommendation, once again encouraged by my dentist at their most recent visit.

My youngest was thrilled with the idea of braces, looking forward to joining her peers who already had them. My oldest, on the other hand, hated the idea of having braces that may not be off in time for her senior picture, and resulting yearbook photo permanency.

We met with the orthodontist, and I was surprised by how much had changed from when I was a teenager when it came to our treatment options. Invisalign® was a game changer for my oldest daughter, and we decided on clear braces for my youngest. Since it was new to me, I thought I’d share some of what I learned with you as well.

Clear Braces In Denver, Colorado -

Clear braces are also called ceramic braces as they are made of strong but clear ceramic, rather than traditional metal. They aren’t as strong as metal, so are better suited for shorter term use, such as an 18-month alignment rather than several years. My youngest was a perfect candidate for them because of this.

We learned that clear braces are easier to remove once the treatment has been completed, and they don’t damage tooth enamel like some metal braces can. Metal braces have been known to demineralize tooth enamel, which can also lead to discoloring. Also, because they are smaller than metal brackets, they were less likely to irritate the inside of mouth- one of the most common reasons for pain.

I also liked that she couldn’t remove the braces, unlike Invisalign®. My youngest can be a bit scattered and is the kid who would remove the aligner for lunch and forget to put it back in, or throw it away with her lunch bag because she was busy talking.

She liked that she could still choose colors for bands if she wanted that or could have them be practically invisible for selfies or smiling at boys across the room. They were a perfect fit for our needs. I was surprised at how her confidence increased with her braces. In fact, they became a source of pride for her. She was doing something proactive for her self-care and was nearly giddy about the “reveal” that would come as a result of the treatment ending.

Denver Invisalign® Treatments -

My oldest daughter tends to be more opinionated, and also more responsible. She loved the idea of Invisalign® because they are removable to allow her to keep up on her dental hygiene and not have to change her diet due to the impact on traditional braces. (Sticky and hard foods that you bite into are off limits with both traditional and clear braces).

She liked that she didn’t have to carry around wads of wax to protect her cheeks from metal brace scratches like she had seen her friends do. Her expected treatment time would put her dangerously close to her senior photo shoot but starting with Invisalign® right away meant her teeth could look their best for the pictures. She also wouldn’t run the risk of having brackets on even if she needed treatment beyond that date.

As it was, she was very diligent with wearing her Invisalign® as often as possible. She also set a goal to get a tooth whitening at the end of her orthodontic treatment so she would have a beaming, beautiful smile as she confidently went to college. That dream is what drove her commitment and she felt like a new person at graduation- she was absolutely beaming.

What Surprised Me About Denver Orthodontics -

I always thought orthodontics were simply cosmetic in their application- a better smile meant a better appearance, etc. I had read studies that revealed despite our best efforts, we still judge appearances, and that, frankly, was enough of a reason to help my daughters have straight teeth.

It was practical- it seemed straight teeth meant better future success.

But what I didn’t know, is that straight teeth are also easier to clean- front, back, and sides are easier to reach and cleaned when they are properly aligned. There are no hidden surfaces for bacteria to grow unnoticed leading to cavities, gingivitis and eventually periodontal disease. So, if I didn’t feel good enough already about giving my kids a straight smile, I could now add the benefit of a healthier mouth. It was a bit like sneaking extra veggies into a dinner without detection.

I was also surprised by the leap in confidence orthodontics gave my daughters, both in the mere application as well as the end results. Investing in my kids with orthodontics wasn’t just cosmetic, even though it improved their smile, it also did something deeper- it showed them they were worth it, that I wanted them to be successful and confident, and that they should be proud to flash those healthy pearly whites.

I wish I had done it sooner, but am so thankful I did it nonetheless. Parenting is always full of surprises, and I’m so glad I stumbled upon this one, and found 1st IMPRESSIONS Orthodontics, where you get $1500 OFF your first purchase of Denver Braces and Invisalign® treatments, with a special insurance benefit that only costs $99!

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