I Love You! Do you say these words enough? Do you say them too much? Do you say them at all?

According to marriage expert, Alisa Bowman, a sincere verbal expression of love at key times of the day can really have a positive impact on your "love connection."

Couples who say "I Love You" on a regular basis report feeling closer than those who don’t. For maximum impact, she recommends saying it three times a day.

* In the morning before you go your separate ways
* In the evening when you reunite
* At night before you go to sleep (& never go to sleep mad at each other)

Those moments set a tone of sincerity that will cover your time apart, Saying, “I love you,” too much can lessen the impact. Not enough can weaken your bond.


43/7 is the “true friend” number. It has an affectionate and tolerant vibration and represents perfection. It is tolerant of the whims, divinities and foibles of others. This number pledges friendship and can endure many tests. The power of this number extends to a type of healing in situations where the energy it possesses can be transferred to the energy fields of others. Fulfillment and abundance are the fruits of this number vibration. However, excesses can lead to physical and emotional pain – just as saying “I Love You” too much can diminish the strength and bond. This number truly has all the influences of abundance, rejoicing and healing. 43/7 is the number of “congratulations” which is exactly what people say to couples when they get married or celebrate some wonderful milestone in their relationship.

The number 43/7 is related directly to the 3 of Cups in Tarot symbolism. This card depicts the celebration of bounty and good fortune – 3 maidens jubilantly toast the happy outcome of the fruits of their labor. 3 is the number of growth.

P.S. I love you!

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