I Left My Ex For Someone Else Now I Miss Him: I Left My Boyfriend For Another Guy And Now I Miss Him

When my boyfriend left me for someone else I felt completely rejected and confused. I thought, up to that point, that things were good between us. Realizing that he had been spending time with another woman, while seeing me, was devastating. Everyone around me told me to do the same thing. They thought I should simply forget him and move on. The problem with that plan was that I still really loved him. I knew that I could forgive him. I just needed to find a way to steal him back from her.

I knew that I had to stay calm after my boyfriend left me for someone else. Yelling, screaming or crying wasn't going to get me anything at all. If I wanted to steal him back I had to help him see that I was the right woman for him, not her. I could tell him, but he would simply disagree. Since I knew him so well it was all a matter of appealing to him on a very deep level. The way I had back when we first met.

Men seek out new relationships while still in a relationship because they aren't fulfilled. Men find fulfillment with women who make them feel better about themselves. When my boyfriend left me for someone else it was because she was making him feel that way and I wasn't. I needed to become the woman he initially fell in love with. The first step to doing that was to become his friend.

You may think it's counterproductive to strike up a friendship with a man you still love and want back. However, consider the fact that if you can reestablish yourself as someone he needs, he'll start to feel those feelings of love coming back to life. Let him confide in you. Let him vent about his new love and be there to pick up the pieces when that relationship falls apart. It will. Rebound relationships very rarely last.

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So, your ex screamed at you that enough is enough, grabbed all his/her things, and walked out on you, slamming the door on your relationship. This is a really hopeless situation and you'll never get your ex back - or so you think.

Okay, so your ex walked out on you in a huff, but I promise you, given time, your ex will cool off, think things over, and you'll get your ex back. How could this possibly be, do you ask? Well, your ex walked out on you and said that enough was enough, so respect your ex's feelings, and give your ex all the time he/she needs to stop feeling this way.

Obviously there was something specific that was really getting your ex down, and only you know what that something is. This is the key to whether you will be successful or not in getting back together again.

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You have to think about that specific problem that you have that is annoying your ex so much, and fix it as soon as possible. It could be something that you say to your ex all the time, or it could be a bad habit that you have, but whatever it is, it needs to be got rid of and quickly if you want to get your ex back.

Make contact with your ex after a few days, and apologize to him/her. Say that you know full well what your problem is, and that you are working on it. Tell your ex that your relationship with him/her means too much to you, and you are more than willing to stop doing that specific thing, so that you and your ex can be happy again.

Then, give your ex some more time to think about what you've said, and to make a decision as to what he/she wants to do. If you were sincere when you were talking to your ex, he/she would have known this right away, and will think favourably about what you have offered to do. My guess is that your ex still loves you and is willing to give the relationship another go - you'll get your ex back.

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It is no secret that texting an ex boyfriend post-breakup can be really tough. But when done the right way, texting your ex might just be the springboard you need to getting him back for good. Here are some do's and don'ts to get you started.

1. DO NOT send your ex boyfriend useless text messages.


"What's up?"

These are the types of messages you can send to break the ice when you are trying to flirt with someone over text. However, these are not the text messages that will make your ex respond to you the way you would want him to.

2. DO NOT send your ex boyfriend bitter text messages.

Let go of all your grievances after the breakup and do not make your ex feel like he still has an obligation towards you. He may have made some mistakes throughout the relationship, but you owe it to yourself to release the bitterness you feel by forgiving him and by forgiving yourself.

3. DO keep the texts to your ex boyfriend positive.

Quarreling and bickering while texting an ex boyfriend will make him want to stay as far away from you as possible. Negative text messages from you accomplishes the same thing.

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4. DO NOT send your ex boyfriend needy text messages.

Save yourself some dignity and self-respect.

5. DO keep in mind an objective for every message you send.

Before texting an ex boyfriend, you have to know how you want him to respond. Whether your goal is to make him smile, make him laugh, or remember the good old times, you have to have a goal in mind. If your messages are not aligned with a specific goal, do not text him.

6. DO NOT make it obvious to your ex boyfriend that you want him back.

When texting an ex boyfriend for the first time post-breakup, the idea is to let him know that you are still thinking about him. However, you should avoid making him feel like you want him back. What you should do is to come across as the one who kept it together after the breakup, even if you're still dying inside.

A good example of messages like this would be, "I saw an adorable dog today and he made me smile because he reminded me of that dog that we saw at the shelter. Hope you're doing well." Try it!

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There is really no point in sitting around moping about the break up. It's been and gone - a thing of the past. Now it is time to look forward and do something to make your ex fall for you once again. Take a few days to heal yourself, and when you are better, then you do something that will get your ex attracted to you again.

Don't even try to make contact with your ex right now - the bad feelings between the two of you will only cause more arguments. You want to make your ex fall for you once again, so concentrate on doing this for the next few days or weeks if needs be. Put your ex and the break up right out of your mind for now.

Okay so to make your ex fall for you once again, you need to make yourself as appealing to your ex as possible. This doesn't only mean that you must concentrate on your outward appearance only, but you must improve yourself inside as well. It's no good if you look fabulous but are still miserable and depressed!

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So, get yourself some new clothes - those that your ex really likes you to wear, have your hair styled, and if needs be, hit the gym to shed those few extra kilos you might have accumulated during your relationship. To get over your misery and depression, the best thing you can do is hang out with your friends. They will be like an instant tonic for you - plenty of laughs and even more entertainment!

With your new look and a good dose of fun with your friends, you will definitely begin to feel better. Of course, the longer you're having fun, the happier and more confident you will become. Surely a totally new you will make your ex fall for you once again?

There is every chance that your efforts will make your ex fall for you once again, but the trick is to keep on doing this. If your ex is eager to be with you because of the way you have improved yourself, then if you stay the person you are, then you have a much better chance to enjoy a long relationship second time round.

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