There are many Americans who have bought a timeshare in the past who have later found out that they don't take advantage of their timeshare or simply cannot afford it any longer. Due to the huge amount of Americans in need of selling their timeshares, a great deal of scam corporations have formed to play on the weakness of people in time of need. This all begins with a telephone call!

A rep from some scam company gives Americans a phone call and gets them very excited with the thought that they will be able to sell timeshares for these consumers. More often than not, these fraudulent telemarketers use absurd claims to capture the interest of consumers who face a time of need. These claims range from telling people that the company already has a buyer for the timeshare they know nothing about. Another absurd claim often made by these companies is that they will provide people with a huge profit even if they currently have a mortgage.

At this point, the rep from the fraudulent company has the people eating out of his hand. Anything that telemarketer asks of that consumer in time of need will be granted. This is when these scam artists strike. The next thing these Americans hear is “OK so, just pull out your credit card and read me those numbers on the front from left to right, this will only cost....”! Many people decide to hang up the telephone at this point however, a bunch of elderly people fall victim to the scam! Months after paying thousands of dollars these Americans find that the timeshare has not been sold, none of the ridiculous claims were true and on top of it all, the company is not picking up the phone!

So what does a consumer do if this has happened to them? Fight back of course! There is a company called American Consumer Advocates that can help you get your money back. The best part about it is American Consumer Advocates noticed a growing trend in fraudulent calls associated with timeshares so, they opened a department called American Resort Resolutions.

American Resort Resolutions specializes in a process called timeshare cancellation. Timeshare cancellation is the process of deeding a property back to the resort based on discrepancies in the sales process and contract associated with the timeshare. Often times, American Resort Resolutions can help people even to recover a portion or all of their losses associated with the timeshare.

If you have been victimized by a timeshare resale company, give American Consumer Advocates and American Resort Resolutions a call today (866) 444 – 4330!

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