I Keep Running Into My Ex: Running Into An Ex You Still Love

So you have gone through splitsville and are still unsure and shaky about your own single status. But then having no clue about what to do when your ex is around is not a desirable position to be in. Try these tips to feel confident and in control.

Cool and easy
The last thing you want to appear as is nervous and edgy. This is easier said than done, but if your ex senses that you still miss him, you are giving him the control which might bolster his ego. So be cool and in control of your emotions.

Be quick in your interaction
If at all you find yourself in a position where you have no option but to talk to him, keep the interaction as short as possible. Just ask him how he is doing in life and then excuse yourself. Lingering anymore gives rise to the situation that you might end up saying more, so just keep it short.

A new friend is always welcome
Now while it obviously does not mean that you are introducing him to your new "boyfriend", but it definitely does not cause any harm if it leads him to believe he is. This will put it across to him that it's not just that not only you are okay with your breakup, but also that you have moved on.

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It's not wrong to be busy
It is very much a possibility that he will try and make an effort to be near to you. If at all it happens, please politely tell him to try and interact with you some other time. Be very sure that you do not give in because therein again lurks the danger of you giving him some power over you.

Avoid any eye contact
It goes without saying that now that you are no longer a couple, obviously there was a lot of hurt when you split. Eyes do not lie, and if at all you are still nursing some hurt about your split, he will see it the moment he looks into your eyes, so absolutely avoid eye contact.

Don't exit because of him
If at all you happen to go to some social do only to find that he is there, don't act in a haste and leave. You don't want to let him know that your being around him even now gets you emotional or nostalgic about him or of the time you were together.

Add friends to the score
Now what you have to do is, talk to some of his friends and let them know that you are doing just fine, because in all probability, they are going to tell your ex all that you said. So, just make sure that he only gets to hear good of you

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In this article, I'm going to discuss how you should handle yourself and the situation if you should happen to run into your ex somewhere unexpectedly.

The breakup has been really tough on you. The past few months have quite frankly been close to unbearable. But now you've finally managed to pull yourself together and get your mind back into the real world.

You're no longer moping around the house alone, isolating yourself from your friends and family. You're beginning to smile again and you've even started showing up at the gym again to get back to work on your physique. You're really trying hard to get your life back to 'normal' and you're even taking notice of a few new girls who are also taking notice of you. You're beginning to feel better about your life now, then...

POW! You get hit with something that feels like a sucker-punch in the stomach!

There she is-your ex!

You're standing there, stunned. Your mouth is dry, your palms are sweaty, and you feel like turning to run while at the same time, you want to apologize to her again and beg her for another chance.

Panicked, you tell her it was nice to see her again, then you quickly leave. What you realize a few minutes later is, all of the things that would have been better to say if you were more prepared for a situation like this and was thinking more clearly.

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If you had only been better prepared, you could have handled the situation like a champ and possibly increased your chances of getting back with her, if that's what you want.

What you need is to have a plan. A plan of what you'll say if your paths do cross again, because you don't want to look as though you're avoiding her, running away from her, or upset with her over the breakup.

So, here's what I suggest for any future encounters:

1) You want things to look as though you're getting on with your life just fine without her, even if that's not the case. So, keep your conversation short. Be nice, pay her a nice compliment, but don't talk too long.

2) Keep it light. Don't get into deep conversation with her; it may bring up bad feelings about what led to the breakup and that's not what you want to do. You want things to be as pleasant as possible between the two of you.

Last, but not least...

3) Avoid deliberately bringing up the past. It could be very painful, not only for you, but for her. However, if she brings it up, listen to what she has to say but don't let things escalate into an argument.

If you plan ahead for this uncomfortable, awkward moment of running into your ex unexpectedly, you'll find the situation a lot easier to deal with. Even if you really do want her back!

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You've just broken up with your ex and the next thing you know, you hear that they are seeing someone else! You are determined to win your ex back, but now that they have seemingly moved on, you are not sure how this is going to be possible. You are hurt, but also quite angry by the fact that they seemed to be able to move on from you so quickly. It is hard to see the person you love with someone else - it's more than hard, it is devastating.

It is natural to feel this way, and it is also natural to harbor jealousy and resentment towards the new flame in your partners life. But flying off the handle and confronting them about their decision to see someone else is not going to help in your efforts to win your ex back.

Perhaps it is helpful to remember that in all likelihood this relationship is simply a "rebound fling". This is highly unfair to their new partner as they aren't actually getting the opportunity for a true relationship. They came along at the right time when your ex was feeling emotionally vulnerable, and perhaps even wanted to upset you a little. These types of relationships never last long, so don't stoop to name calling or anything negative towards the new significant other. This will only drive your ex further into their arms.

You cannot let the fact that your ex is with another eat away at your life. If you really want to win them back, you have to show them that you've moved on as well, and our just fine without them. Go out with your friends and do not retreat within yourself. Have a good time no matter what. Word of your happiness will get back to your ex, and if the relationship really is just a rebound, they are likely rethinking whether or not being with someone else is such a good idea or not. Chances are they miss you like mad and will drop the new person soon enough.

You'll win your ex back with due time and patience. When he or she sees the improvements in you and how happy you look, they will want to become part of your life again. You can bet that when they ask you to meet up, they will want to talk about the possibility of getting back together.

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You might be getting told by your friends and family that you should make contact with your ex as soon as possible if you want to get your ex back. Please don't listen to them - this is honestly the worst advice that you can get right now, and you would be really stupid to follow it.

The last time that you and your ex were in contact was really ugly, wasn't it? You were having a really awful argument, and had absolutely nothing nice to say about each other. When you parted company, you swore that you were never going to talk to your ex again. You were absolutely furious with him/her, and were so happy to end the argument abruptly by walking out. At that time, there wasn't the remotest thought in your mind to try and get your ex back.

You just couldn't stand it anymore! You were shaking from head to toe you were so angry and upset, and loving your ex was the very last thing on your mind. This happened how many days ago? Isn't it true that you are just as angry with your ex right now as you were when you walked out? There is still probably nothing nice that you want to say to your ex yet, is there?

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Well, the same applies to your ex. He/she is also really fed-up with you, and is still hurting by the things that you said to him/her. Also, you probably wouldn't like to hear what your ex has to say to you yet, so soon after the break up.

This is the very reason why you are being advised to NOT make any contact with your ex just yet. It is too soon after your break up, and there is absolutely no way that you will be able to be in the same room together, let alone have a reasonable conversation.

However, should you and your ex take some time to get over the break up, the argument, and the emotions that are causing you to be so angry right now, then you will have a much better chance of getting together peacefully to talk things over. Then, and only then, will you have a chance to try and get your ex back into your life again, and maybe succeed.

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