I Keep Dreaming About My Ex: Why Do I Keep Having Dreams About My Ex

Dreaming of an ex is quite common and even considered very normal but many people wake up feeling quite disturbed about why their ex appeared in their dreams. Dreaming about an ex can have many different reasons and in this article we explore the meanings behind several examples of having an ex appear in your dreams.

The first dream about an ex involves the dream of getting back together. Now many people will assume that dreaming of getting back together with an ex means that deep down they really want to get back together with their ex but it doesn't actually mean that at all. Instead it means that someone currently in your life is bringing about similar feelings you had in your previous relationship.

These could be good feelings like remembering good times and experiences you had with your ex partner and that you are feeling happiness once again with your current partner. Alternatively the new partner could be bringing up bitter feelings you had and it is a way of your subconscious reminding you to avoid the bad behaviors you have in the previous relationship in order to prevent the same negative things from happening.

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If you simply have a dream where you see your ex, in particular; this could be interpreted as you are finding yourself in some sort of situation that you really do not want to be in. It could even mean that you are involved in an experience or another relationship that is making you feel very unhappy. If you happen to dream that you are together as if the relationship never ended it can mean that you repeating the same patterns from your old relationship into your current relationship. Essentially; you are making the same exact mistakes you had before and then reacting the exact same way once again.

If you happen to dream that your ex has gone missing then this could mean that you miss some part of your previous relationship but doesn't necessarily mean you miss the person. This is a rather healthy dream too because it also suggests you have moved on with your life. Another reason for dreaming an ex is missing is by taking the pun of your ex "missed his/her opportunity" to be happy with you and now it is too late.

Another very healthy dream about the ex is dreaming that he/she has died. Not to suggest that you can kill your ex or that you wish harm to them but that it actually means you feel your ex is dead to you now. It is a metaphor for how you have let go of your past relationship and that you are fully ready to move on and give your love wholeheartedly to another relationship.

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If your ex has broken up with you then this devastating period might lead you to take drastic steps. However, it is important that you take a deep breath and follow these moves if you want to get your ex back now.

Stay out of your ex's hair
The period immediately after the breakup consists of tumulus times filled with anger, confusion and frustration.

Instead of begging for a reversal of the breakup and getting rebutted angrily in return, you should ensure that you stay out of your ex's hair. You should allow the heat to dissipate from the embers of the breakup.

Get to the root of the real problem
Your breakup might have resulted in angry accusations that might not be true. You will need to think calmly and get to the root of the real problem.

You can then talk it over with your ex after a few days or a week so that both of you can introspect over your past actions. You should leave the matter at that point instead of aggressively pursuing it since both you might not yet be ready for a reunion.

Get back to stabilizing your own life
You should stop obsessing about your ex and get back to stabilizing your own life.

Let your ex observe you getting back on your own feet. This will lead to hidden admiration coupled with fear that you could be thinking about moving on in life.

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Go in for a killer makeover
In order to create a pull effect to rein in your ex, you will need to go in for a killer makeover.

Let your ex bite his or her nails in nervousness as you appear in improved form before his or her very eyes.

Offer eye-candy to your ex
Allow your ex to watch your improved form from a distance during parties or other social occasions.

Other suitors too might accost you at such occasions and this will evoke feelings of desire from within your ex.

Retrospect on your breakup and look for solutions
It is also important that you find out the reasons behind your breakup and take adequate steps to address it.

You can write a letter to your ex and send it through mutual friends explaining your findings and how you plan to address those problems. This will please your ex and make him or her also commit to helping you solve those thorny issues.

Get ready to receive your ex back
If sufficient desire has built up from both sides then you will still need to go in for one last meeting with your ex to sort out any problems that can pose a problem in your new relationship.

A marathon reunion meeting will help both of you to honestly face and solve all problems that had shattered your old relationship before both of you walk into a new one.

These moves will attract your ex back towards you and allow both of you to sit down together to discuss the past and plan for the future. Use them and get your ex back now.

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The good news is yes, it is very possible to get your ex back even though your ex is dating someone else. So how can I say this with such confidence? Well, your ex is in what is known as a rebound relationship, and in most cases they do not last very long.

The thing is, when your ex was at his/her most vulnerable, just after the break up, this other person just happened to be there. Your ex really needed to get things of his/her chest, and this other person was there and very willing to listen to your ex's sad story. The other person happened to say the right things at the right time, and that was it - here was someone to lean on, and your ex stuck with this person.

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Your ex didn't have to get over the break up on his/her own - here was a crutch to lean on, and the other person has been by your ex's side ever since. What will probably happen though is that your ex will get over the pain and anger of your break up and start to think a whole lot differently about you and the new partner.

When your ex is over your break up, he/she will suddenly realize that it is you that he/she loves and will start to see the other person for what he/she really is. Not a new partner at all, but just another very nice person who took the time to listen.

Once this realization sets in, your ex will make contact with you very soon. Unfortunately for the new person the rebound relationship will become a thing of the past, and you get your ex back.

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It is hard, after a breakup, where nasty and hurtful things were said by both parties, to consider that you really have much of a chance to make your ex miss you like crazy. The things that were said make you doubtful that your ex feels anything but spite for you, and this hurts very deeply as this is the one person in the world, whom you care for the most. But it IS possible to make your ex miss you like crazy, it just requires you to employ the right strategies.

It is hard to listen to the voice of reason when you are heartbroken and feel as though your world can't possibly sink any lower. But it is VITAL that you do not act in a desperate manner in a ploy to try to get your ex back. While you have an unnerving urge to contact your ex - you must squelch this desire at all costs, it will only serve to hurt, not help your efforts to make your ex miss you like crazy.

What you MUST do is take some time and create some distance between yourself and your ex. The breakup was a hurtful experience for the both of you, and while you are still in the throes of emotions, it is not a good time to try to have a rational conversation. Take some time to process your feelings and to get over your hurt and anger, and while you do this, know that your ex is doing the same thing. You will both be on your way to being in a better place to contemplate getting back together when your emotions are back in line.

At some point, the distance is going to start to get to your ex, your efforts to make your ex miss you like crazy are starting to be successful. Chances are, you will run into each other at some point, and since you don't know when or where this will happen, try to take care in your appearance at all times. Seeing you, looking so good, after not hearing from your for such a long time is really going to make your ex miss you like crazy and before you know it, they'll be working to get back in your life as soon as possible.

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