I Just Want My Ex Boyfriend Back - He Doesn't Want Me; Most of us at some point in our lives been through a relationship break up. You think everything is going on well then something happen that make things turn around. I just want my ex boyfriend back; Your relationship comes to an end and you are left to be alone.

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So you try to figure out what went wrong in your relationship to cause a break up. You already know the break up was not meant to be and you wish to make things right and get back with your boyfriend or girlfriend. To do this you must follow some specific steps to make it succeed. Are you saying; “he doesn't want me”; A complete solution to get your ex back into your life is provided at the end of this write-up, meanwhile let's build the foundation.

Even if you say; I want my ex boyfriend back but I broke up with him. So you can think clearly, you must take some time to put yourself in order. When under emotional distress you could have trouble deciding what to do. When all you can think about is your ex and how to get them back you will have difficulty in thinking clearly. Take some time to relax and cool down.

Next thing you do is make sure you really want to get your boy or girlfriend back and it's for the right reasons. If you conclude that trying to get them back is the right choice then find out exactly what went wrong in the first place. You do not want to repeat this so take care of the problem.

If it was just something simple that ended your relationship then getting back together may not be a problem. On the other hand if there has been a growing list of issues that never seemed to get fixed, then you may have more difficulties but it is still possible.

Did the two of you just float apart and one of you left? Maybe it was something more detailed such as being obsessive or controlling. Maybe there was jealousy from one of you which caused some roughness. Could you have constantly asked your partner where they were going or what they are up to? Lack of trust can make any relationship suffer.

Those are common reasons for some relationships to break up and can take some time to work through. Any insecurity issues need to be work on. If a therapist can help that may be the best way. If you really want to save your relationship is prepared to do what must be done.

Once you have found what went wrong then go about doing what you can do to make it right. Talk to your boy or girlfriend about it and the steps you are willing to take to make things right. Your ex may have some input that is good or bad, let them talk and tell their side of the story. If both of you are willing to work things out together then go ahead with your plan.

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