I Just Split With My Boyfriend And I'm Always Turned On: How To Survive A Breakup When You Have No Friends

My boyfriend just broke up with me is a phrase uttered by countless women each and every day. In some cases the woman saw the split coming and unfortunately in many cases, it was a total shock. Losing your boyfriend is difficult enough. If you still are deeply in love with him it's devastating. You may feel as though you'll never recover from the break up and the thought of a future without him may feel incredibly overwhelming. If you truly want him back and you believe that you two are destined to be together there are things you can do to save the relationship.

When my boyfriend just broke up with me I had this inner drive to talk to him. That's all I wanted because I honestly believed that if I could have just a few minutes of his undivided attention I could convince him that we were meant to be together. Speaking from experience I can tell you that this is not the right approach. If you have resorted to calling your ex crying or pleading with him to take you back, you have to make a promise to yourself that you won't do it again. No late night calls asking him to talk, no long emails explaining what you are feeling and no text messages trying to get his attention.

What you must do when your boyfriend and you split is appear to be okay with it. Men have a natural tendency to shut down in an emotional situation. When he tells you that he needs time to think it is not a ploy to avoid contact with you. It's seriously what he needs at the moment. If you have any hope of winning him back you have to respect his needs. Do everything you can to avoid contacting him. If you have to enlist a friend to help you stay focused on other things and to remind you to give your ex space, do it. This is one of the most crucial steps in winning back an ex boyfriend.

You must also put on a brave face and appear to accept the break up. Men don't want to be with women who can't handle emotional situations. If you are crying all the time or spending hours alone mourning the loss of the relationship he'll find you less and less attractive. Even if you two aren't talking, he is likely asking mutual friends how you are. You have to move forward and for all appearances be happy. You want him to see that you are emotionally stable and mature. This alone will make you that much more appealing to him again.

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Are you thinking, "I just broke up with my boyfriend, now what do I do?" If so, you may be experiencing pain over losing him. It hurt you to break it off, but he did something that really upset you and made you feel taken for granted. Maybe he cheated on you, or forgot an important date for the hundredth time. It does not matter what it was, you felt like you had no choice but to dump him. But just because you are apart does not mean you will never get back together. Many times this time apart ends up being just what both parties needed to realize just what they meant to each other. You just need to do the right things while you are apart to train him to respect and love you, so you will never have to think I just broke up with my boyfriend, now what?

Your boyfriend probably still loves you. After all, he did not dump you. You are the one saying, "I just broke up with my boyfriend, now what?" He might have been caught off guard by your move, and may be begging to come back, but you need to stay away from him for a while, and cut off communications for a short period. It is very important that he sees you as strong and self-sufficient. One of the things that human beings crave more than anything else is something they can not have. By you being strong even though you are hurting, you are letting him experience some pain, and he probably does not like it.

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If you never again want to have to say, "I just broke up with my boyfriend, now what can I do?" then you have to allow him to miss you. Stay active, fill your days with positive activities. This does not mean sitting at home eating ice cream and watching American Idol. It means going out with friends, taking up a hobby you may have neglected, visiting family members. You have got to stay busy, and if you do, you will begin to feel better about yourself. This will translate into a positive, happy appearance, and this will be what causes him to miss you even more.

When it comes time to arrange a date with him to talk about possibly seeing each other again, you must stay calm on the outside, even though you might be going crazy on the inside. Stay relaxed and in charge, and do not let things deteriorate to a booty call. Let him know that you are doing fine, but would like to see about maybe going out on a date with him. Keep it light and informal, a day date, and if you feel sincere change in your ex, you may never again have to say, "I just broke up with my boyfriend, now what?"

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Although cell phones have been in the market for more than ten years, people are only starting to overuse text messages nowadays. In fact, they are so overused now that a lot of women use them to help their friends out and even try to use them to fix their broken relationships, as well. That's right. In today's day and age, texting your ex boyfriend back is completely commonplace.

Naturally, not everybody will agree that texting your ex boyfriend back is a good move, though. As a matter of fact, a lot of people are still adamant that text messages do nothing but ruin perfectly good relationships. After all, a lot of couples cheat on each other emotionally through text; others sext; while others end up fighting a lot due to a mere miscommunication brought about by this relatively new technology. Because of this, these same people believe that texting ex boyfriends is automatically bad news, as well.

Now, although it might be true that text messages may ruin some relationships, this isn't always the case. In fact, most of the aforementioned cases only happen because under-aged girls or careless women become involved in them. Remember: as long as you keep your wits intact and stay responsible, you can learn all about texting your ex boyfriend back and actually succeed in the process.

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To begin with, you should look at texting from a completely different perspective. In other words, don't try to see it as a mere means to get your ex boyfriend back. Instead, just try to build a better and more personal relationship with him for now. Show him that you are a new person and that you are sincere about fixing things this time around if you get back together. Show him how much you appreciate his presence and his friendship and just talk to him more through text, if possible.

As mentioned earlier, texting can ruin relationships, too, so make sure you use your text messages wisely. Although it might be true that texting your ex boyfriend at a bad time and texting him the wrong things could hurt him and make things a little worse, it would still be worse not to do anything about the situation at all.

So, if texting your ex boyfriend back is currently on your agenda, grab that mobile phone and do your best to get back on his good side. What have you got to lose, anyway?

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The breakup hit you like a ton of bricks. What started as an argument blew out of proportion and resulted in you splitting with your ex. However, you now realize that life without your ex is not worth it and you want your ex back. There is only one problem and that is you want him/her back without your ego taking a beating. Well, for this to happen you will have to do something that will make you so desirable that your ex will want you so bad that they themselves sallow their pride and come back. Here is what and how you should do.

First, take a short break

Trying to get your ex to want you immediately after the breakup will backfire on you big time as the tempers will be high. Give yourself and your ex some cooling off period during which time you can analyze your past mistakes and make certain changes to your outlook. Once your ex has calmed down your success rate will go up dramatically.

Reestablish communication lines

Once the hurt and pain of separation has subsided it is time to reestablish the communication lines. Make a call to your ex and ask them how they are doing. Don't mention anything about the breakup but just express regret that it happened. Avoid playing the blame game.

Get a make over

Now that you are on speaking terms with your ex, your next move should be to get a complete makeover so that when they meet you next they are surprised by your looks. If you have put on weight then it is time you reduced and became two sizes thinner. A well toned athletic body is what you should aim for.

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Now become a little mysterious

Getting back in shape will not take time and if you really put your heart into it in three months you will have achieved your objective. Now make an appearance and give your ex a sneak preview of what you have become. Once he/she has seen you in this fantastic avatar you will have to begin the game of hide and seek.

Give your ex the lift

While you meet your ex on and off don't make it a habit of being around him/her. While you are there play him/her up and give them a lift in a non-committal way. Let them know that you are still interested in them.

Be seen in a happening crowd

If you were a part of big friend circle then you have to cleverly develop a new group of friends that are hotter than your present group. Start hanging out with them and show your ex that you are having loads of fun. When you mix with dashing boys and girls your ex is bound to get a little jealous and will also feel a little insecure.

Slowly get closer on your terms

Start giving an impression that you are beginning to put the past behind and are now ready to start a new relationship. This will create intense sense of insecurity in your ex and if your ex loved you intensely before the breakup he/she will begin to chase you before you are gone forever.

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