How many times have you said that to yourself today? How many times did you tell yourself that before breakfast?? It’s ok, you can tell me as I have been that soldier too. How many of us have woken up and before our feet even touch the ground have thought this or had a sinking feeling in the pit of our stomach about something we have to do that day?

This is not about hating your business (although, maybe that is a reality for some of you) but it’s about feeling you’re not up to it. You just don’t have it in you for that day.

When you truly commit to your business, something fascinating happens… that delightful gremlin that normally sits on your shoulder like a little parrot grows and he’s suddenly the size of King Kong! Lord knows how we don’t topple over with the size of that sitting on our shoulder!!

He has all the ferocity of a T-Rex and boy it can be overwhelming, scary and sometimes you just want to run for cover (preferably under the duvet). But here’s where you need your secret weapon (if I was a video-game playing kind of girl, I’d probably have some witty analogy but I’m not so I don’t J)

Your secret weapon is the choice you make – are you going to give in or are you going to be ‘on purpose’ today?

For example, this morning I woke up feeling really tired and not firing on all cylinders. With a 2 year old disturbed sleep is something I’m familiar with but I can never get used to it! I dropped him off to crèche and a part of me thought “get back into bed for just a few mins”. Well, do you know what? I had that thought for a second and it was replaced with “are you kidding me?” This is my time to be ‘on purpose’ and it is sacred time. Going back to bed was never an option but I did think it! (I am human after all!)

So how did I bring forth the energy I needed?

I just started doing what I needed to do. I had some calls to make and emails to write. I also had to write this article! To tell you the truth; once I got started, the energy started to flow and I felt more energised because I was doing what I know I am here to do.

And nothing can beat that feeling. So if you’re not feeling that, how can you change that?

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