I Hurt My Ex Boyfriend and Want Him Back: I Broke His Heart How Do I Fix It

Have your hurt your ex boyfriend and wish you could get him to forgive you? Well, there are a few steps you can take to get him to forgive you and they are listed below. But first I'd like to suggest a few things you shouldn't do to hurt your chances of being forgiven.

Things Not To Do After You Hurt Your Ex Boyfriend

Don't scream fire to get his attention. Depending on your relationship you may or may not have a few opportunities to interact with your ex boyfriend. He also may be trying to avoid you because of the pain you have caused him. What you don't want to do is pretend you have some major issue to deal with just to get him to pay attention to you or give you some alone time. In other words, don't try to deceive him or you could hurt your ex boyfriend further and kill any chances of being forgiven.

Don't gossip about it. I would suggest that you don't spread the word about how you hurt your ex boyfriend. It may seem prudent to let others know what you did and how sorry you are about it, hoping that your ex boyfriend hears from others how sorry you are. You shouldn't try to use others to let him know how much you wish you could undo the wrong you have done.

Don't harass your hurt ex boyfriend. It might be your top priority to get your ex to forgive you but it might be the furthest thing from his mind. If he isn't returning your phone calls or emails don't bombard him with more. Just because he isn't responding doesn't mean that he isn't receiving your calls or messages. Don't annoy him to the point where he won't even acknowledge your existence.

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Things To Do After You Hurt Your Ex Boyfriend

Do explain to your ex boyfriend why you hurt him. It takes more than a simple "I'm sorry" to get a wronged boyfriend to forgive you. You need to be clear on why you did what you did and not just say "I don't know" when he asks you why you hurt him. Be prepared to share from your heart and not just your mind.

Do respect his request to be given some time to consider the matter. How long it takes him to recover and forgive you may depend on how bruised his heart and mind is. Don't assume that he is just being mean or inconsiderate by taking his time to forgive you.

Finally, do be honest with your hurt ex boyfriend. If he happens to press you on why you want him to forgive you tell him the truth. The one thing that will help him forgive you is to know that you are being straight with him. If you want to be forgiven so that you have a chance to get your hurt ex boyfriend to get back together with you then perhaps you can let him know this.

If your ultimate goal is to get him to forgive you and then work on getting your ex to take you back, it's important that you clearly separate the two goals. If your ex boyfriend believes you are only apologizing and seeking forgiveness so you can get back together your chances will be hurt because he will not believe you are sincere.

So in looking for forgiveness and reconciliation you want to of course avoid making mistakes and do positive things to rebuild friendship and trust. It's not always easy but is definitely possible to get a hurt ex boyfriend to forgive you.

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Everything good in life is usually a struggle to obtain it. But if you really want to get your ex to chase you without working your fingers to the bones, then try some of this helpful hints:

Get Dressed
Getting dressed does not merely mean not wearing pajamas, or wondering around in your holey underwear. It means actually putting together ensembles that convey style and affluence - or at the very least smart personal hygiene and the pride to take good care of yourself. And if taking good care of yourself seems too hard, then why would you want your ex back to care about anyhow?

Get Enough Sleep
Sleep? Now that sounds like something that shouldn't be too hard to get. But you'd be surprised how many Americans wonder around like zombies (okay, so maybe you've noticed too) from lack of proper sleep. Sleep is for yourself, and easy to do, but it will also make you look and perform at your optimal best. And that will have everyone chasing you!

Act Naturally
There is nothing worse than overacting or trying too hard for something. Not only is it stressful for you, but it's always obvious to other people when you're just not being you. So give up trying to do or be anything you're not, and just act naturally.

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Don't Think About Them
Fixating on something can be counterproductive. Some things are best left alone to rise and stew undisturbed, and relationships can be one of them. Give your ex some space - don't even think about them so much. Have your long-term goal clearly defined, and then relax, and focus on things to make your days successful.

Believe You Can Achieve
While this sounds like it should be plastered on a motivational poster (in fact, it probably is), it's just true. You have to believe you are capable of attaining something before you can be given any credit in obtaining it. Truly believe you can get your ex back, then, just act accordingly.

Give Your Ex Opportunities To Hang Out
An invite now and again that provides your ex with an opportunity to be in your company is a great way to chase them without trying too hard. Invite them out to a movie with a group of friends or haphazardly invite them on a hike or some other activity. Just do so in a mildly friendly manner while avoiding the pressure of supped-up romance.

Avoid the Drama
Nothing says "trying too hard" like drama. Avoid any scenes or instances that display your vulnerabilities or high-strung emotions. Just be calm and avoid drama - everything will work itself out in the end without a life-or-death tragic take-two scene.

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If you want to win your ex boyfriend back and your past attempts have all failed so far, then you might want to try reverse psychology through text instead. Now, this may sound difficult, but it really isn't. These tips could actually stop your ex boyfriend from ignoring your text messages and help you win him back in the long run.

If you want to successfully win your ex boyfriend back, you will have to stop sending him text messages for the meantime. This means that you shouldn't ask him about his whereabouts, find out if he's just home or go out painting the town red with his friends. This may sound highly counterproductive, but this is very beneficial.

Refraining from texting your ex boyfriend will, despite your disbelief, grab his attention. Look at it this way: if you're constantly texting your ex boyfriend and he still isn't back with you, then it means that method doesn't work. So, if you stop texting him all of a sudden, he will start wondering why you did.

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Aside from wondering about why the text messages stopped coming, he'll also start missing you and realize how much he wants you back. If you show your ex boyfriend that you're fine on your own and that you're no longer affected by the breakup, he will think that you have become this mature and strong woman who is able to handle her emotions properly and not some clingy and desperate ex girlfriend.

The next technique that you could use to win your ex boyfriend back is to send him text messages stating how much fun you're having now that you're single. These text messages must be light and short, though, and it might sound like a difficult thing to do, especially since your mind is set on winning him back; but letting your ex boyfriend know that you're back out there enjoying life the way you should and partying with friends will make him focus his attention on you.

It's a known fact that men always want what they can't have. And since you have become this fun-loving single woman in his eyes, he will automatically shift his attention to you and try to win you back. This is how reverse psychology works. You just have to shift the game in order for him start running back to you. All you have to do is focus on controlling your emotions and keeping yourself happy at the moment.

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"I think he lost interest in me," said the woman confused with her relationship. No one wants to believe that the man that they love is drifting away. You keep coming up with excuses for why he seems distant and preoccupied. You've probably asked him what's bothering him but all you get in response is that everything is fine and you have no reason to worry. You are worried though because you don't want to even imagine for a second what your life would be like without him. If you do have nagging doubt in the back of your head about how invested he is in the relationship, there are some signs that will help you clarify things. If you notice him acting in specific ways, you'll know for certain that he's contemplating breaking up with you.

You can typically tell when a man is losing interest based on his desire to be around you. We all remember what it was like in the early days of our relationship when our guy would do anything in his power to spend just a few minutes with us. Obviously that does change as a relationship falls into a routine. However, if your boyfriend suddenly is busier than he's ever been or the demand on his time at work has doubled or tripled, don't overlook that. A man who is deeply in love with his woman won't let life get in the way of seeing her. He'll do what he can to spend as much time as he can with her, even if it means rearranging his entire schedule. If your guy doesn't plan on seeing you for days at a time don't fool yourself into believing his life is just too full. It's not. He's likely avoiding you.

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Starting right now stop telling him how much he means to you. This isn't part of a ploy but it's more of a test. We just don't take the time to notice who expresses what they feel first. If you're the one telling your guy that you love him and then he responds that he does too, that's actually very revealing. If you stop saying anything about your feelings, you'll get a good sense of whether or not he's feeling anything significant for you still. If he doesn't ever tell you that he adores you or he never says how lucky he feels to be with you, that suggests that he's not feeling close to you. You shouldn't have to be the one to always say you love him first. If you are, chances are that you love him a lot more than he loves you.

It's also important to pay attention to your guy's body language if you suspect that he's pulling away. If he's feeling emotionally disconnected from you he'll be much less inclined to reach for your hand to hold it or to put his arm around you. The frequency of your intimacy is also a great barometer for where his heart and head are. If he's not desirous of being close to you physically, that's a reflection of what he's feeling emotionally.

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