I Heard My Heart’s Sound

It was chasing me since a long time, an invisible undefined dream. Is it an inner feeling, deep inside or a hidden power led me as it pleases?!
Something was screaming in me, It was like Sun, rising above all. It took me where wills not where I want. I didn't know what was driving me step by step to get the way.
As life experience increased as confusion dominated. I didn't realize the common factor between these experiences. The factor that moved me as it likes.
The dream began since the secondary stage; it was ambiguous without beginning or ending. All what I knew was my desire to be a professor, I didn't know why or how. It was a hidden push to that way, although there was no reason or motive, I had no relatives or model in this field. This dream filled my mind and captured my soul.
I dreamed of joining the Faculty of Language and Translation, English department, Literature section. It was what I love and interested in. Yes, I had a passion for being a professor in this field.
In summer, at the end of the secondary stage before the exams' results, I was no longer able to wait, there was a force pushing me into the unknown. I found myself in Nasr city where Al - Azhar University is located. I begged the guards to enter the university; I finally crossed the first gate, on the left of El Mokhayam El - Da'ym Street near to the highway.
For the first time, I saw the building of the language and translation faculty where I was dreaming of being a professor in. it's located on the right side of the gate, surrounded with a garden on three sides and the fourth was the back of the college, overlooks the university's playground. I stepped up the ten brown marble stairs and started going around the college, praying and wishing to be one of its students that year.
A strong sweeping feeling filled me and increased by joining the college and the department I have dreamed of. Oh, thanks Allah, it's your will.
I was looking forward for seeing the professors who were going to teach me and the others. I adored wandering inside the college halls. From time to time, when there was a vacant hall, I was hurrying to get in place of the professor to see the charming scene from there. All halls were numbered except a hall, strongly attracted me. It was named; a brass signboard was hanged on the hall with the name of prof. Wagdy El-Fishawy. I kept asking about the man who has what others haven't. I knew his office and passed to sneak a peek at him. He was sitting in front of the window looking to nowhere.

Not only he bewitched me from the first look but he also fascinated me. Vague something attracted me, I found myself attending all his lectures although it was for the third and the fourth stage and I was in the first. Unconsciously, I followed him, neglecting my lectures.
He was captivating in everything: steps, looks, tone of voice, body language, movements even when he was doing nothing. He was charming; he was overwhelming me completely and taking me to nowhere.
Years passed quickly without achieving the score qualifies me to be a professor as I had dreamed. During those years, a deep feeling had instilled "I'll never be except this man ". I didn't know, in that time, how I can achieve my dream.
I graduated and my journey began. The more looking for a job, the louder the dream was. It was just hinting without declaring. I was confused; I didn't know what I had to do. I didn't even know what that inner power was. It was leading me to the unknown. What I have known that I had something new and different, I had a super dream.
Then, I worked for an international school as an English teacher. I never thought to be a teacher but it was the only vacant job I had found. A surprise it was, I completely enjoyed this experience. I did it spontaneously with love & passion that I have never felt before. I was very excited; class hours were the best hours ever. Reactions were very positive, exceeded all my expectations.
In summer, at the end of the school year, I had an opportunity to work for Telecom Egypt, one of the telecommunication companies, at sales sector. Immediately, I took the job with the idea of getting stability, especially, I was going to marry my soul mate.
After a few days from working there, I studied the working ways and suggested composing a manual to the branch manager, Mr. Ali. This Manual would contain the most innovative and professional ways in customer service and sales. It would improve the performance of salesmen as well as the branch. Mr. Ali, a friendly young man helped me latter a lot, was taken with the idea.
It was a few days prior to my wedding, then, I took a honey moon period of 10 days. During those days, the idea got me a wakeful, busy minded, it possessed me. Everyday, I was waiting until my soul mate got asleep to work on reading books and periodicals, selecting the best. By the end of the honey moon period, my first project completed.
Immediately, I submitted the manual after returning to work. Mr. Ali wondered at such love and enthusiasm. With the same amount of love and enthusiasm, He welcomed the manual.
Meetings began, I was explaining to colleagues as if I were flying. I was very excited, my soul was playing a charming melody:

Live happy
Live as if you were a child
Live happy
Life is still bright
Live happy
Moon still has light
Live happy
Star still has shine
Live happy … as if you were a child
Live happy … life is still bright

In that time, I didn't know why I felt all these happiness and excitement. The more time passed, the more confidence and success blossomed. All those feelings were because of the positive encouraging feedback I had got about my impact on my colleagues.
On Wednesday, after 3 months in that branch, Mr. Ali called me in and asked me to get ready for a meeting with Mrs. Nermin, the sales outlets director at that time. It was on next Sunday ,at the head office in Maadi, to propose the idea aiming at circulating it to all Cairo outlets.
I went there full of love and enthusiasm for what I hold in my arms. We sat at her office in the ground floor; she welcomed me with a reasonable smiley face. I presented the idea with all my senses. She smiled widely and amended her posture. She looked attentive, enthusiastic and excited about what I was saying. After finishing my words, she called someone named Tohamy, supported and accompanied me in my journey for quite some time.
She asked him: Have you finished preparing the material of sales and customer service? ....... Ok, Ahmed is here in my office. He made a wonderful work, he will benefit you. I'll tell him to go to you.
I went to him in the next room. I sat and presented the idea with fully enthusiasm and self confidence. He listened to me attentively with love as well as Mrs. Nermin.

When I finished, he hurried saying "you have to be a trainer, do a PowerPoint presentation in the same subject". He helped me a lot in preparing the presentation and arranged an appointment to me with Mr. Mohammed Abd El- Hadi at the training sector in Nasr city. I met Mr. Mohammed Abd El- Hadi and he made another appointment for the test. It was to present and explain the subject in front of a committee of evaluators and specialists in training licenses. I passed the test in less than 3 minutes; their reaction was very positive and encouraging.
I became a trainer for Telecom Egypt. There on stage, I felt a happiness that I had known. The puzzle parts were attracting each other to complete the picture. My dream was coming true, crystalizing on my eyes. It was the Stage; the magic dominated me for along time.
After a few months as a trainer, the dream became crystal clear without any illusion or confusion. I realized the common factor between all what I had lived through those 10 years (2001-2011). It is the Stage, the strong passion for addressing audience and changing their life with a great positive difference.
I taught many of training programs, but only one of them inspires me. I do it spontaneously and creatively. I feel myself different and forget everything when I was teaching this program. It is “Goal Achievement”.
At first, I did not know why I like this program, but after some time I discovered my passion for being
Success & Motivational Speaker
From then on, I found the reasons for everything: why I like stage so much? Why I like training? Why I prefer teaching “Goal Achievement” program to the other programs? All these because of
Success & Motivation
I found myself watching what I was doing during the past years. I noticed that when I was teaching "Project Management” program, I was speaking about motivation and success. When I was teaching "Successful Sales” program, I was speaking also about motivation and success. “Crisis Management", “Presentation Skills”, “Team Work” and all the programs I have taught were flavored with Motivation and Success.
I discovered that my dream of being a professor in the university was a desire to reach the Stage, to speak about Motivation and Success.

My fondness and extreme love for prof. Wagdy El Fishawy , his skillful performance on stage and my extreme desire for being in this charming place , all those were for the Stage to speak about Motivation and Success.
My happiness for teaching English language was for the Stage to speak about Motivation and Success.
I was enthusiastic and happy when I was training my colleagues at work not only for training and improvement but also for the Stage to speak about Motivation and Success.
The happiness and excitement that I felt when I became a trainer for Telecom Egypt were for the Stage to speak about Motivation and Success.
Even I liked and enjoyed teaching “Goals Achievement” program for the Stage to speak about Motivation and Success.
This is my “DREAM” …. This is my “PASSION” …. This is what I want to live and die doing …. What I live for and what I want to be now and then

Success & Motivational Speaker

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Ahmed Abd El-Maguid is a Success & Motivation Expert who has been helping many organizations & individuals to discover & invest their burning desire to accelerate their business growth. Ahmed recently put his methods & techniques into a book under title "Desire To Action"; which introduces a system to follow for directing your inner power & desire to achieve your goals, putting yourself into the picture, turning your burning desire into goals, looking for the driving forces & reaching your lasting success. As an NLP practitioner; Ahmed helps a lot of individuals understand & control their thoughts, discover their uniqueness, direct their unconscious mind & know more about how to be likeable & gain others' support by your attitude. He is on a mission to help individuals & organizations energize their life -after he found his leading institute (Motive Training) Egypt's 1# Training Institute- through his simple steps which help in solving & giving the way to deal with the obstacles in success road.