I Have Social Anxiety: Dealing With Social Anxiety - How To Treat Social Anxiety Disorder

Overcoming social anxiety disorder had been a goal of mine for over 17 years. I'd tried everything you could think of to beat it, and nothing had really done any good. At least, none of the more "typical" approaches had really done much good.

That's why, just over two years ago, I started looking for my own answers. I was sick of doctors and psychiatrists and psychologists and medication, so I went off on my own road, trying my own ideas.

Some of my ideas worked, some didn't. The ones that worked I stuck with, the ones that didn't, I ditched.

What can you do to stop constant anxiety and fear? Is it possible to stop panic attacks without medication?

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I'm going to share with you one of the ideas I tried that did work. I've found that people who suffer with panic and anxiety disorders are all a lot alike, so what worked for me may well work for you too.

The idea in question is pretty simple. I could sum it up in a single word: hope.

Most people who are overcoming social anxiety disorder have lost all hope. And that's how it was for me too until two years ago. Slowly but surely, over 17 years, my hope had faded away. Two years ago, I had none left.

And that just makes it harder to beat these problems.

Through all my research, I realised that if you can't imagine an outcome, you can't achieve an outcome. And with no hope, it's impossible to imagine a positive outcome.

What I also discovered is that hope is a choice. You can decide right now, this second, to get it back. And it'll come back for you.

It's a small step to take, but it can be the first step on an incredible journey.

So do what I did two years ago: decide to get your hope back. Look forward to a future without social anxiety. Imagine it, yearn for it. Hope for it. These are things you can actually start doing as soon as you finish reading these words.

I know that overcoming social anxiety disorder isn't easy. But I also know you can beat it like I did.

Just start letting yourself hope.

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Can you believe this is what I was told by my therapist in just the 3rd session together? I may have just got one of the 'bad batches' of therapist during the time I was dealing with anxiety (and I truly hope so for the sake of the 6.8 million American adults), but deep down I believed that the continuous heart palpitations, dizziness, and lump in the throat symptoms of anxiety would some day be gone and I could live a 'normal' life again.

Digging Deep

When I started to dig deep (I mean real deep) into what brought my generalized anxiety disorder on and what kept it going for so long, I found a very important false belief that was preventing me from stopping my irrational fears. This false belief was deep rooted and was set on auto pilot as it controlled the way I communicated with people as well as the actions I took in my life. This was a huge find in my books and the belief was that...

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This Is A Personal Problem

"This is the way I am, and this is a character flaw that I have to live with"... is this you? Do you believe that this is incurable, and the best you can do is cope with the symptoms of anxiety for good? The quote "the grass is always greener on the other side" is actually true in this situation. Why is it true? Because being caught up in symptoms of anxiety even for a short while can make you think that this is your permanent reality when it's not, there's a whole new unknown world out there and it begins with changing this belief! Simply put, if you don't think you can change... you won't, so drop the external stuff you purchased that says it cures your anxiety because they are as useful as heading towards a car wash on a snowy day!

No Problem Is Permanent

The day I was walking on to the tennis court about to play in another tennis tournament, and felt ONLY butterflies in my stomach was the day I knew I had overcome my GAD and with it my panic attacks. After 9 months of working on myself to recover how did I know? Because fear in small doses is a good thing, which was signified by just the butterflies I was experiencing and nothing more. It was at that moment that I knew The unfortunate part about having generalized anxiety disorder and that is that we can't choose WHEN it may end, but we can continue to grow in confidence that will fuel our ability to deal with whatever may be causing our generalized anxiety disorder.

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Support that leads to lasting change, it's something that every anxiety disorder sufferer needs but rarely gets. At least the right kind. Families become increasingly worrisome about why their child, sibling, or parent isn't the person they once were. Struck by Agoraphobia and a fear of leaving the household, or symptoms of anxiety that leave the sufferer in a trance like state continuously focusing on their possible dreaded future state of being. What's a supporter to do?

Anxiety Disorders Affect 40 Million Adults In The United States Age 18 And Older... And Growing

Desperate times calls for desperate measures, and so through doctor Google a search is made to find out who could help this scared, dazed and frustrated anxiety disorder sufferer and the search brings up many different forms of help. Some in the form of inspirational stories of natural recovery from an anxiety disorder due to personal experimentation, research and determination. Also, other forms of anxiety support through mental health counselors, clinical psychologists and psychiatrists all with degrees like MD's and PHD's that include years of study and a passion to help people with what is commonly known as but shouldn't be... 'mental illness.'

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Experience Vs Knowledge, Which One Do You Need More Of?

In my own personal experience during my battle with GAD and panic disorder i've seen improvements in my mental health through certified professionals, as well as my discussions with people who have taken the time to consistently speak with me about their personal natural recovery. I realized that the majority of 'book knowledge' is based on theory, while experience is based on reality. BUT, 'book knowledge' is also power, the question is though... is the knowledge gained from experience more important than the one gained from books IF a certified professional dealing with panic and anxiety hasn't experienced what you have? But again, the main question here is...

Can Someone Who Has Taken It Upon Themselves To Overcome Their Anxiety Disorder Be Just As Effective In Helping You Do The Same? Secondly, Can They Be As Effective As Today's Health Care Professionals?

Wow that question could open up a whole new 'can of worms' to say the least, but it's a valid discussion if support in the form of knowledge and experience together is not an option for someone trying to stop the cycle of panic and consistent over-worrying... so what's the best option? Some people don't have health insurance so where will the funding come from for expensive anxiety therapy sessions? If the funding is there, how long will it take before results if any can be seen from the different types of therapy approaches? Does experience have the necessary tools when a situation arises and guidance is necessary? Either way taking consistent personal action is necessary to overcome an anxiety disorder, but in your experience what has helped you the most and if you had a choice in who your support group was... what would you choose?

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Anxiety can enter anyone's life in a most mysterious manner. Even though it is thought to take hold of those who are normally nervous or high-strung, this is not necessarily true. Anybody can find him or herself inflicted with an anxiety disorder. It may seem logical to think the A-type, or on-edge person will be the most likely candidate for becoming anxiously ill, but in the long run this philosophy doesn't hold true.

Adrenaline responds to a fight or flight reaction. So, it may be those who are nervous by nature are used to and therefore, less prone to fight their nerves. This means they will be less inclined to stoke the fires of anxiety by trying to fight or runaway from the feelings of anxiousness. At this point, it is beneficial to recognize there is a difference between one of these persons who is high strung by nature and one who is currently in a stressed out condition.

In this article, we will see if we can recognize traits of those of us who have had or now experience anxiety disorder. In this way, we will see if we can find an approach we could take that would nip this terrible condition in the bud. Also, by the same token we will see if it may be possible to reverse anxiety once it has taken hold by simply changing our outlook.

The first element of anxiety

Anxiety disorder basically, is constructed from two different stages. The first is plain ordinary nervousness. Everyone has a reason to become nervous from time to time, maybe even extremely nervous!

When we become extremely nervous, it does not mean anxiety disorder has occurred. It simply means a condition has been met where our adrenaline glands have secreted a large amount of adrenaline, which is now running through our bloodstreams. So, this is dictating how we feel and the way many of our organs are functioning.

Nervousness is normal and beneficial

This adrenaline secretion is a normal bodily function. We were constructed in such a way it helped us defend ourselves from dangers of the wild. For instance, if we met up with a vicious, wild animal while we were walking down a path through the woods, adrenaline would shoot through our veins. It would make us stronger and able to run faster and respond in an instant without taking time to think.

We owe our existence to the fact our ancestors were able to run away from danger because of the state adrenaline put their minds and bodies in thousands of years ago. Without getting into an adrenaline prepared condition, they would have been unable to flee such dangers and would have in all likelihood been eaten.

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In the twenty-first century, there are not too many of us who need to flee wild animals. Still, we receive outside stimuli that will send adrenaline racing through our systems. When it does, we feel very strange! Our hearts race, our palms sweat, our pupils dilate and these bodily manifestations often make us see, hear and do things out of the ordinary. It is at this time, when anxiety disorder can develop.

Fearing fear

When we are in this condition, it is bewildering at least. Many times we think we have some severe physical problem or that we are going insane. The way out of this maze of confusion is to realize adrenaline is causing us to feel the way we do and when the adrenaline runs it course, we will return to normal.

When we don't recognize this fact, we become fearful of the state of mind and body adrenaline has put us in and we try to fight or run away from it. This, of course, pumps more adrenaline through our bodies and heightens our defenses while it brings on more intense feelings of unreality.

Go with the flow

So, what is this trait we are looking for that will make us immune to anxiety disorder? It is passivity. By all means, if you think you are having a heart attack or some other severe condition, see a doctor! However, once the medical community has cleared you of these things, realize adrenaline is your enemy and fear is the food it feeds on.

Use relaxation to make your body less prone to stressed out conditions, and when adrenaline's manifestations strike, be prepared by paying them no mind. Once you are able to do this, anxiety will pack its bags and be on its way.

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