I have a Headache, but I don’t know if it’s Sinus, Allergy, Migraine or TMJD.

My ENT doctor says I have a sinus headache. He told me to stop irrigating with flow back squeeze and pot devices that reinfect you.

My dentist says my headache is from my jaw. He says I have temporomenadibular joint disease syndrome or TMJD. He says I open my jaw to the side which causes my headache. He has me practicing opening my jaw in a straight line.

My internist says my headache is due to nerves and prescribed Valium.

My neurologist says it is due to migraine and gave me Imitrex, but that made me feel worse so I stopped using it.

So I went on the internet.

Yes I am nervous because my head hurts and I have received so many conflicting diagnoses; but nerve pills and a week’s vacation didn’t help my headache.

The internet says sinus headache is painful, with nasal blockage, and yellow green discharge. I don’t have these.

I read that allergy headache is in the nose or in the cheeks over the teeth. My headache is above the eyes and I am not sneezing and my eyes are not tearing, so I don’t think it is allergy headache. I tried allergy nasal sprays without relief.

I read about temporomandibular joint disease. Your jaw joints are painful and make noise when you chew. Yawning is painful. I stopped yawning and stayed on a liquid diet, but the headaches continued.

The internet says Migraine is episodic, begins with visual disturbance, is pounding and is not relieved by aspirin. Mine doesn’t pound.

My wife felt sorry for me, being bent over the computer for hours. She offered to rub my neck to take out the kinks. After rubbing my neck like a massage with menthol, my neck felt much better and the headache went away. Turns out my headache was from my neck and was made worse by spending time on the internet.

However, I did read where the pain from the neck can go to the spinal cord. There it may lay right next to the root of the first division of the trigeminal or fifth cranial nerve; then the pain from the neck is referred to the area above your eyes, where mine was. Many persons go to the doctor complaining of pain in what feels like the frontal sinus above the eye; but actually it is from the neck muscles.

Now that my headache is gone, I have more time to take my wife out, and less time for the internet.

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