I Hate Being Shy: How To Overcome Introversion

A cure for shyness would be welcomed by millions, with shyness and social anxiety a prevalent psychological problem. In fact, social anxiety is now regarded as one of the most common disorders in need of treatment. The crushing feelings of nerves, tension and inadequacy that social anxiety causes make a cure for shyness a dream for many people. If only it was simple as issuing anti-shyness pills!

What can you do to stop constant anxiety and fear? Is it possible to stop panic attacks without medication?

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On the subject of medication, there are of course anti-depressants, but these have risks and side effects. They may cure the worst symptoms of shyness, but they don't really attack the core problem of what causes those feelings of fear.

It would also be nice to be able to just "pull yourself together" - one piece of shyness advice this author has received, or just get on with it. Such things are of course, easier said than done.

So what is regarded as the principal cure for shyness? It now seems accepted that cognitive therapy of some sort is the best method. When the brain is working at quite a basic level, as it is when you are feeling nervousness, or seemingly irrational fear, then the challenge is to change reactions and re-train your behaviour. This can be done with counseling sessions - recent psychological research done by the University of New South Wales in Australia actually shows that online counseling and programs work well too. So getting a cure for shyness might not have to involve face to face meeting and the uncomfortable experience of admitting to social anxiety and social phobia to someone you regard as a "rational" doctor or counselor.

Getting a cure for shyness is never guaranteed, but if you work on re-training yourself, you have a much better chance of success than you do either contemplating what to do or resorting to drink or drugs.

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Social anxiety truly needs to be dealt with seriously. It's not something that we should just live with it because it might just take over our lives. I am sure you don't want to end up into a hopeless situation where you can't seem to figure ways of solving your anxiety for it is on its worst condition already. So, while you still have enough room to treat it now, better grab it.

It is a proven fact that the nervous system is where the problem roots. Hence, it is just right to start solving the problem by focusing in that area. I will reiterate that there many ways on how to treat this condition. You might just be surprised at how simple and fast they seem to work.

Your diet for example is just one way of solving your anxiety attack. Start observing a healthier diet by lessening if not eliminating alcohol and caffeine intake. Take plenty of protein, alkaline minerals and water and you will surely be surprised at how great it would make a difference into your system.

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Back it up with regular exercise which could mean anything that will keep your body moving. You may try brisk walking or jogging for example. So long as it will help you burn out toxins from your body.

Also, observe activities that promote good relaxation. It may be a meditation, yoga, deep breathing or sauna session. Just keep in mind that these relaxations must help you regain strength and feel better.

Lastly, maintain a good sleep pattern. Try your very best not to break your habit of sleeping on the same time every single day. Then make sure that you have a comfortable room as a place for sleeping. A room that is quiet and dark.

Following all of the above mentioned steps will assure you of a fast recovery from anxiety. So grab this opportunity now while you still have the chance. Don't wait until such time when your condition is already worst. It is still best to solve it as early as possible.

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Panic attack disorders are always caused by an overabundance of anxiety. Anxiety is a natural human reaction to certain types of stimuli. Most people think that when they experience anxiety, that it's a bad thing. It isn't...

Anxiety has helped humans survive on this planet as long as they have. Think about what alerts you to danger. Imagine if you saw someone running at you with a knife and you were incapable of being scared about the situation you were in! If humans didn't have the fight or flight instinct to rev our bodies up and run away or fight, we would never survive.

The problem is when in this modern age people start to mistake stress as anxiety. Your body cannot tell the two apart. When your body and mind is under constant stress you may start to develop panic attack disorders. These feelings can really weigh a person down ad eventually it starts to snowball and people start to have attacks that interfere with their everyday life.

Panic attack disorders can start as feelings of fear or uncomfortableness and can grow until they really interfere with your life. Some severe cases of anxiety lead people to be terrified of leaving their house. When symptoms get this bad, they can really interfere with your life.

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When you suffer from a panic attack disorder you will probably be familiar with one or more of these symptoms. The most common symptoms are palpitations and an increase in heart rate. People often experience chest pains and find breathing to be difficult.

These symptoms usually scare people and start to freak them out a little bit... This starts a vicious cycle that just leads to more fear and symptoms. People will often feel dizzy, nauseous, cold, scared and disoriented. These symptoms all stem from the original anxiety, and they are just keep building up and getting worse.

The best thing about panic attack disorders is that they are easily treatable. Most doctors will prescribe you some sort of medication. But if you are like me you hate the "drugged" feeling that they give you, and you don't want to end up addicted to these pills.

Panic attacks usually only last a few minutes... But to those who are suffering from a panic attack disorder, this can feel like ages. The best way to stop them in my opinion is to learn to modify your behavior so you can beat panic attacks once and for all!

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Treating panic disorders does not have to be costly like some of you may think. Unless you have done several means of prevention and you are still threatened by possible attacks, professional consultation would not be necessary. When it comes to treatments, there is nothing better than the natural ways to cure panic attacks such as these tried-and-tested tactics.

Breathe in, breathe out. Panic attacks are unexpected. You may break down unwarned in public for all you know so you should always be prepared. It may sound silly but keeping a piece or two of doggie bags that you could use for breathing exercises should be a must-have your tote. If you feel it coming, slowly breathe in and breathe out repeatedly. Go some place with fewer people and get some oxygen to avoid collapsing.

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Sleep right, eat right, play right. Do not abuse yourself and get drowned by stress. Doctors insist that you take things easily in terms of work, family, and other demanding aspects of life. You need to spend your off time with recreational activities that relieve stress and revitalize your zest for life. Getting enough hours of sleep and engaging in physical workout at least 20 minutes a day are also advisable if you want to solve the problem.

Vitamins and supplements good for your health. There is a reason why you are easily beaten by stress - poor diet, erratic lifestyle, lack of vitamins. You need to take supplements depending on your doctor's recommendation. There are so many over-the-counter supplements too that do not require prescription. You may be aware that losing essential nutrients is a no-no if you are going through mental and physical reformation.

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