Last summer I would go into Peet’s coffee and complain to my sweet friend Clare, and other local coffee drinker’s, about yet another sleepless night because of my son’s horrific nightly panic attacks. I would not sleep either because I had to take him to the emergency room, or talk him down from thinking he was having a heart attack. The panic attacks finally subsided after a few months, when the root of the cause was discovered.
During that nightmare of our summer, I had an epiphany that I was going to quit complaining and “tell a different story”. I will choose to focus on solution rather than the problem, and talk about how lucky I am to have the privilege to raise this young child. How lucky I was to comfort this beautiful soul, and how fortunate I was to have pediatric cardiologist’s close by to examine his heart in order to soothe my son’s mind and soul.
You see, I can often slip into the awful habit of complaining about how hard it is to be a single Mom. Or I can tell the story of how I “get” to raise my child, or how I “get” to go grocery shopping, or how I “get” to go to work.. These are privileges! I “get” to do these actions. I don’t “have” to, I “get” to. I have arms to clean, drive, hold my cell phone, type on this computer, etc...,. I have legs to walk, get around, hike, teach yoga, and what a gift that is! Sometimes when I look out my window feeling sorry for myself, I will see a person in a wheelchair roll by, or see my blind neighbor using her stick to make her way along the sidewalk. I can always choose to see the glass half empty or half full in every situation.
All I know is that when I started “telling a different story” of faith and belief, rather than fear and complaint, things shifted. The solution for my son’s panic attacks came quickly and I felt better in the process. When I actually talk about and complain about what is going wrong, I am actually feeding the beast (the problem)! I absolutely “anchor” the situation in place by rehearsing the negative drama. If I actively ignore the beast it falls away. Next, I feed the great, delicious new story of beautiful intentions, terrific outcomes, fantastic solutions, and a life beyond my wildest dreams! So, if you don’t like where you are at this moment....tell a different story!!!

“I Get To!!!”

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Susan Foxley is a yoga teacher, life coach, and bodyworker in Santa Monica, California. She has studied both in India and in the United States with many masters and has been teaching for over eighteen years. You can find out more about her at