In the article titled ‘I Am The Centre Of The Universe!’, I primarily went into what can happen to someone if they were violated and made to feel insignificant as a child. Towards the end, I briefly touched upon another consequence of being treated in this way.

To summarise; when someone was treated in this way as a child, they can act as though they are the centre of the universe, or they can go to the other extreme and act as though they have no right to exist. Unsurprisingly, it is usually the people who see themselves as being the centre of the universe who are spoken about the most.


But, if someone feels worthless due to what happened to them as a child, the last thing that are going to want is for other people to notice them. Thus, this is not going to be something that will bother them.

Or to be more accurate, a big part of them is going to be happy with experiencing life in this way. The downside is that even though a big part of them will be this way, there is going to be another part of them that desperately wants to be seen.

Two Outcomes

Now, if someone understands why they rarely receive attention, it might be slightly easier for them to handle. For one thing, there will be no reason for them to feel as though this is just happening randomly.

However, if someone is not aware of why they rarely receive attention, they could see themselves as a victim. And, as they believe that they are not playing a part in what is taking place, this is to be expected.

Two Parts

There is going to be how they behave and there is going to be the energy or ‘resonance’ that they give off. These two aspects can cause them to give off a message that says - ‘don’t notice me’.

Unlike the person who experiences life from the other side of the spectrum, they are rarely, if ever, going to throw their weight around and to see people as an extension of them. There is a strong chance that they will be used to being around people who are like this, though.


The person who sees themselves as the centre of the universe needs to bring themselves in, while this person needs to allow themselves to take up more space. Ultimately, they have the same right to be on this planet as anyone else.

As a result of what they have been though, and how they currently experience life, it might be hard for them to accept this. Even so, this is the truth; if they had no right to be here, they wouldn’t be here.

Final Thoughts

If someone can, at the very least, entertain this idea, it will give them the chance to do something about their life. Experiencing life in this is likely to be what feels safe at a deeper level, but this is something that can change.

Through having the desire to change and the curiosity to find the right assistance, there is no reason why they can’t gradually transform their life. It all starts with taking the first step and not giving up.

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