We all want to create, but we cannot all just be creative, yet. We must first be capable of creating wisely and of a quality that is beneficial in order to satisfy our creative nature and drive. If not, we may create things that are harmful to others or ourselves.

When people say they just want to create, and they do without being ready, developed or skilled enough to do so in a wise and beneficial manner, they create devils rather than angels.

We all need to create, that is a basic human nature. It drives us to have children, to improve the quality of our life, to build things or a business, to have a home and decorate it in a certain way, to have a garden, or any way in which you do things to transform one thing into something different.

If you think and do nothing, then your thoughts are just worthless dreams. But if you think, get ideas in your mind, then build or do them in the material world, then and only then can you claim that ‘to think is to create.’ Everyone else is a lost dreamer who will achieve nothing.

The hard part is in waiting to be ready before you create anything, to work on yourself, refine and perfect yourself as best as you can, and when you are ready, only then to begin creating.

It takes time for a human being to refine and mature to be safe as a creator because if you are not developed enough and ready, your creations could be harmful, dangerous or evil. The child wants to drive a car at 6 years old, but that is too dangerous. Regardless of our age or perceived capacity, we must accept the reality of our current individual level of development to determine if we are ready to create before we do.

Whatever it may be, are you ready to create that which you wish to create? Only by having the patience and putting in the effort to become ready can you guarantee that your creations will be successful and beneficial to the world and yourself in a positive way. This is why many people feel or are told they have great talent but fail to succeed in their field. They believed they could create at the highest quality level before they were ready, and failed. This caused discouragement and they gave up their motivation or hope and enthusiasm for life. Many people could have been great musicians, artists or business owners if they only spent more time cultivating their skills and personality before they challenged the world prematurely and failed.

If, on the other hand, they waited and patiently increased their personal level of refinement and development in combination with their technical skills, (it is not just technical skill, but personality and ego refinement that is necessary) the quality of their creation would be of a different nature. An imperfect creator will make an imperfect creation, in proportion to their imperfection. A distorted mind will create amazing things, but they will be distorted. That same mind, once balanced and healthy will create equally spectacular things, but of a bright and uplifting nature.

We must all bear in mind that we need the patience, effort and perseverance to make us worthy of creating before we should do so. Unfortunately there is no permit required to release people into the world and allow them to create all sorts of trouble.

Creating is not limited to building material objects such as a house, furniture, book, art or a business. Every word we speak is creating, going back to the Biblical teaching that God spoke the Word and it was created.

Every word is creating. Every word you speak to another person creates thoughts, emotions, images and concepts. As we can see in films, the writer and actors transmit concepts on a film. A good actor creates without meeting you. There are plenty of events that people have changed in some way by watching a film or reading a book.

We are creating constantly with our words, even if the speaker does nothing more than speak, those words are seeds which land in the fertile soil of another person’s mind, and the creation then grows there.

Be aware that you are creating with every word, conversation and everything you do. You are creating thoughts in another person’s mind as well as your own mind.Thoughts form images and images of the mind are the beginning of creations in the material world. Caution, preparation and attention are the important factors to having a world in which we are not constantly creating evil things rather than beauty and harmony. The dictator believes he will create a beautiful world, but because his personality is not refined, he creates a monster.

Likewise be aware that your mind is the fertile soil in which other people are planting their seeds of creation. Are you just a host for the devil’s children? How many of your thoughts are really your own?

Every parent creates the future life of their child with their words. The thoughts that a parent puts in a child's mind determines the character flaws, limitations or strengths that the child will have to deal with throughout their life. Your words create another human being. As an adult, we can see how the things our parents said to us have formed our personality, but how often do parents think about this very fact they acknowledge when they are talking to their children?

When we choose to watch horror movies for example, some people will have nightmares. Even more common, if you examine your dreams in the morning, you will find many similarities to things you have seen or heard in the previous days.

‘To think is to create.’ This is even more powerful a reality than ‘to speak is to create.’ We create with our thoughts but our thoughts are nothing more than dreams and imagination. That may sound good if you are DaVinci or the Wright Brothers, but what if you are a normal human and the material that feeds your imagination is negative or misleading.

Do you filter the information that comes to you which bears the fruit of your thoughts? This is the danger that creates all the trouble and devils in our world and life. We have the power to create with our thoughts which we then express as words or actions, and yet we give no concern to the implications behind this power. All we do is complain about our life and the things that happen to us or our problems as if it has nothing to do with us.

Your life is all in your mind. This is to say that your life is indeed the conglomeration of the very real events that happen to you, but the way you see those events is dependent on your thoughts. When something destructive happens, you can get very upset or you can take it in stride and just keep moving forward dealing with the obstacle. The emotions you feel are the fruits of the thoughts in your mind, the way you think of a situation will create your mood and we all live a life based on our moods. If you are in a good mood, you are having a good life. If you are depressed or in any bad or negative mood, then life is bad.

To think is to create, we feel based on our thoughts, I create my world with my with thoughts.

The greatest power that makes humans different than the animals is ignored and left out on the street to be trampled upon in the dirt by a stampede of wild animals, and then we feed on it.

If you want to create beauty in your life, learn about your mind, gain control over it, run your thoughts and desires through your own censor bureau, then use your wisdom to decide if you are ready to be let loose and create or if you need more preparation first.

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