I Cheated On My Girlfriend and I Hate Myself: I Cheated On My Girlfriend and I Want Her Back

So you have cheated on your girlfriend and your world is caving in on you. It's okay you are not the only one and luckily i have advice from my own experience that I can help you with.

Even though you want to do anything you can to make things better, the best thing you can do is nothing at all. Give her space let her deal with the situation and give her time to cool down.

It may feel like the relationship is over and done for good but that is not always the case. You have a very good chance of getting your girl back if you go about it the right way.

Most guys ruin their chances of getting their girlfriends back by the way they react to the situation. Begging and pleading for forgiveness does not help. Although it is important for her to know you are sorry for what you did, telling her over and over and crying to her will not help.

You need a plan. You need to know what to say and when to say it. The process of getting her back can last a few months but it is worth it if you really love her.

Most guys become completely unstable after they have been caught cheating. Keep your head on straight and stay positive. If this is truly a mistake you have made and you are TRULY sorry for it, your mistake can be fixed.

You just need the proper guidance and advice. You need to know how to handle and talk to your girlfriend after cheating. If you follow the right system you can have your girl back within the next couple of months.

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You and your girl broke up but you still love her and want her back in your life. Question is, does she want you back too?

If you want her back but you're feeling a little lost as to how you can accomplish this, then you need to determine if she misses you. If feelings run deep then there's a pretty good chance that she does. Don't forget that women are known for giving their hearts and deep feelings for the men they love. Such emotional bonds would mean that she can't just throw away her feelings for you.

But you can't just charge in and try to reverse the breakup. The trick is that she needs to remember the good times the two of you had together so that you can convince her to come back to you. In other words, you need to look for signs that she misses you.

She agrees to see you

If she really wants it to be over then she wouldn't bother showing up if you asked her to. She may avoid you for days and during the no contact rule, but when enough time has passed and you asked to meet her someplace, she agrees to see you. Chances are, she missed you too and would like to see you as well.

She frequently calls

This sign would tell you that she wants to stay friends with you or maybe even something more. If she's ready to let you go then she wouldn't frequently call you. If she calls you more often, even if she's at work, then obviously she misses you too.

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Her friends seem very interested in what you've doing

If her friends kept asking you about how you've been and if you've been seeing someone, then it's likely they're doing the interrogations for her. In other words, your ex is trying to determine if you're still available. It could be because she's trying to figure out how to get you back in her life as well.

She hangs on to your stuff

If she wants you completely out of her life then she would want to give you back your stuff ASAP. But then weeks go by and you still didn't get your stuff back. She could have set it on fire but she could also be hanging on to your things because they remind you of her. Having your stuff around her house would make her miss you.

She tries to keep close to you - physically

When you do get the chance to see her again, keep an eye on her physical distance when the two of you are together. If the two of you are in a group with mutual friends and she tries to sit close to you, then she wants your attention. She also misses you and would like a more intimate relationship if she finds a way to touch you, whether it's your arm, your face, or your hair.

If you want her back in your life then you're going to have to keep an eye out for signs that she misses you. This will help you determine if it's time to make your move and if you have a good chance of getting her back.

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The question you're searching for an answer to is how to win back your ex girlfriend from another man. Obviously your relationship with your ex isn't what you want it to be. Being in love with an ex girlfriend is emotionally painful. When you have to face the reality that she's already got another guy, it's torturous. Is there any way you can steal her away from him so she comes running back to you? There actually is but it may not be what you think it is. Getting a woman to fall back in love with you, even if there's a new boyfriend in the picture, is all about approaching her in a very specific way.

Understanding how to win back your ex girlfriend from another man is all about acceptance. You can't ignore the fact that she's gotten close to another man. He exists and for now he's filling in the role of boyfriend quite nicely in her life. Pretending that he's not a relevant part of the equation of getting her back will only hamper your efforts. You have to consider how to deal with him while at the same time cementing a place in your girlfriend's life that will give you access to her now.

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Here's what you need to do if you're determined to show her that you're the man for her, not him. You're going to be cordial whenever you talk to her or see her. You're going to ask about her boyfriend in a friendly and compassionate tone. You'll take your cue from her as to how much information you should be asking about. And if you happen to run into the two of them when they're together, you're going to introduce yourself as an old friend and be courteous. You'll earn extra points in her eyes if you strike up a conversation with him. She'll take that as meaning that you're accepting of him and also that you're over her.

By working on a platonic friendship with your ex and her new guy, you'll be reconnecting with her in a non-threatening and comfortable way. She'll start to view you as the reliable guy who has her best interests at heart. Then when they're rebound relationship starts to show cracks, she'll look to you for advice and guidance. If you handle this with compassion and understanding, she'll feel closer to you than ever. Once he's out of the picture, you'll then be her obvious choice again because you'll be the man who loved her once and always understood her. No woman can resist that.

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One of the ways to get back with your ex is by impressing her. Once you are able to impress your ex girlfriend and create the right impression in her mind you will find your relationship back on track. Here are the things that you need to do to impress your ex girlfriend.

Respect her decision
The first thing that you need to do is to stop resisting the break up. It has happened and you need to just come to terms with that. Resisting it and calling you ex a thousand times to change her mind is only going to annoy her more. But accept her decision with quiet resignation and she will be impressed.

Offer a sincere apology
Let sometime pass before you call your ex. Tell her that you called her not to patch things up but to simply offer her an apology for hurting her and breaking her heart. Tell her that you take full ownership of your mistakes.

Don't start jumping to dates
Just because she called it off doesn't mean that you will start jumping to dates to make her feel jealous. If you want to impress your ex girlfriend you have to make her feel like you are not interested in any girl but are trying hard to move on.

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Work on your problem areas
Make it known to her that you are trying to work on your problem areas such as communication, anger, commitment etc. Make her feel like you need her contribution to become a better person by asking her to give you her inputs, taking her with you to a counseling session so that you can change etc. Your sincerity and desire to change because of her decision will impress her.

Offer to be friends
Make an offer to be just friends with her. Tell her that she is one of the finest people that you know of and would definitely not like to let her go off as a friend. Tell her that the relationship might be over but you were friends before that and that is too valuable a relationship to let go off without a fight.

Be humble
Be a humble person with your woman. Soon she will begin to see the sincerity that you have in you and the effort that you make to be a good person. That is going to impress her a lot.

Be genuine and warm
Be a genuine and a warm person. Show her that you mean it when you say you want to be 'friends". She will be very impressed and will soon realize that she should be back with you.

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