I Cheated On My Boyfriend Of 5 Years: Will My Boyfriend Forgive Me For Cheating

I came across an email about a woman asking, "What should I do when I cheated my boyfriend? He found out and wants to leave me now." All of us know that cheating is not a thing that is easy to meddle with and the consequences to afford the mistakes can be devastating.

Probably you are now regretting what you have done to your boyfriend and you wonder how to save back this relationship and make him trust you again. One thing for sure, your boyfriend will not forgive you immediately because you had cheated on him and most people cannot accept the fact of their love ones cheating on them, especially if that person is the closest to them.

What should you do to stop your boyfriend from leaving you? If you truly love your boyfriend very much, the first thing that you have to do is to end your affair. A relationship cannot be repaired if you continue to cheat your boyfriend by staying in an affair with another guy. In order to keep a relationship long lasting, you must be faithful.

Answer his questions. You owe him an answer so do not try to hide anything from him. Just answer him truthfully although it will not be easy on you or your boyfriend to understand the whole process of the affair, but to get it off the chest is better and this is to be fair to him.

Be truly apologetic. You need to apologize and let your boyfriend knows that you are very regretful of what you have done. Let him know how much you love him. He may ignore or get very angry over your apology, but this is very normal. It is natural for him to react like this as he has his own emotions too.

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"I cheated on my boyfriend," said the woman who felt horrible about herself. That woman is you, isn't it? You were unfaithful and now your boyfriend knows about it. Maybe you confessed because of your guilty conscience or perhaps he stumbled upon proof of your affair. Either way he's heartbroken and you feel devastated for making him feel that way. You wish you could turn back the hands of time and erase your mistake, but life doesn't offer that option. Instead, you now have to face what you've done and try to rebuild the tattered remains of your relationship. It's possible to do this but it's not easy. If you love your man though and you truly are regretful over what happened, you're already on the right path.

Cheating on someone completely changes the dynamic of your relationship with them. Once the infidelity is brought to light, your boyfriend is going to feel a whole host of things and likely all at the same time. He's bound to be angry, jealous, confused and he's going to feel a deep sense of rejection. He'll wonder why you did it and why he wasn't enough for you. You may feel justified in having the other relationship but right now, as you're working on rebuilding the bond with your boyfriend you have to be compassionate and you must show regret for your actions. If you're not truly remorseful for cheating on him, you should really take a step back and decide whether this relationship is really what you want and need.

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Talking to your boyfriend is the foundation of your plan to get him to forgive you and want to be with you again. When a person realizes their partner was unfaithful they have a lot of questions running through their minds. Some of those questions are going to be very hard for you to answer but it's important that you do your best to address all his questions and concerns as compassionately and honestly as you possibly can. He must learn to trust you again if you hope to continue your relationship with him and that has to be built on your willingness to be as open as you can with him.

Don't push your boyfriend into forgiving you before he's ready to. He may need to take a bit of time for himself to work through his own feelings regarding your infidelity. Give him that. He may also want to take a break so he can consider what is best for him without any contact with you for a time. As hard as it will be to do that, you must. It's very important to do whatever you can to make him feel that his needs matter more than your own. If you can do that, he'll see that you genuinely regret what happened and that he's the most important person in your world now and in the future.

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If you have recently gone through a breakup but find yourself still in love with your man, then listen up. Breaking up doesn't mean you've lost him for good. The actions you take right now can help put you on the right path for repairing your relationship.

Right now you're probably in a desperate, emotional state. It's ok. It's natural to feel that way. When you're heart broken, few other things in life seem to matter. However, it's important to gain control of your emotions before you attempt to get your man back.

First, why did your breakup occur? Did you leave him or did he leave you? Was it the end result of constant fighting over a long period of time or was it a spur of the moment decision after an angry blow up? It's important to identify what went wrong in your relationship. If you don't, then how can you figure out how to fix it?

Next, decide if getting back together with your ex boyfriend is really what you want. Do you love him and think he's the guy for you or are you just missing him and feeling lonely because you're not used to being single? The last thing you want is to get back together with your ex boyfriend only to realize you're better off with someone else.

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Ok, so you want him back. Fair enough. Here's what to do next. If your boyfriend broke up with you, let him know that you accept the breakup and agree you should spend some time apart. This shows him you aren't desperate or needy.

It also puts the thought in his mind that you aren't just sitting around waiting for his phone call. Remember, some relationships simply aren't salvageable. If he's truly done with you, then you'll need to accept it and move on.

However, accepting the breakup gives you the best chance of finding out how he truly feels. It causes him to fear losing YOU for good which can cause him to take action to keep you if he's still in love with you. It helps create a situation for him to miss you.

Once you've accepted the breakup, make him miss you more by breaking off contact. Don't text. Don't email. Don't call. Give him time and space so he doesn't feel pressured. This will be extremely difficult to do if you just sit at home depressed, so be sure to go on with your life, hang out with your friends, and keep yourself occupied.

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So you want to know how to win back your ex. Your relationship just ended and the initial anger is now gone. Depression and loneliness took its place. All you want to do now is find out how you could possibly get back the love you lost.

Keep in mind that while there are no concrete answers, it is still possible to win back your ex. As long as you do it right, then it's possible that your relationship can be given a second chance.

You need to move on and let go

Sounds strange, doesn't it? But the truth is, if you let them go, then you can get him or her to come back to you. What you're doing is giving them time to come into terms with how they feel. Try not to count the days when your ex is not by your side.

If you're always thinking about how this feels wrong, this shouldn't be happening, it's been two days why haven't he/she called, then you're just going to get tired and restless. You will end up pestering your ex and calling or sending him or her messages all the time. In the end, your ex will have no other choice but to hang up on your calls or block your email address just so he/she can have some peace and quiet. If you want your ex to miss you, then you need to appear like you're okay with the breakup.

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What went wrong?

If you want to get that person back in your life, then you need to understand what went wrong in the relationship. This will help you come up with a plan. Not to mention that whatever problems you had in the relationship is bound to surface again if you don't address it. You can't just bury something and expect it to go away.

If you were a possessive and controlling person, then figure out how you can change it. Perhaps you need to trust your ex more and trust that he/she will make the right decisions. Be honest with yourself and find out what is it you really want and address your faults. Denying that you did something wrong only proves that you're not truly sorry for what you did and you're not really ready to get your ex back.

Be a friend

Being a friend to your ex means that you're being very mature with this breakup. It shows that your ex can count on you on not creating any drama. After all, you can't give an approximate date or time on when your ex will come back to you. It may take weeks or even months. You might as well get on their good side while you're waiting. This way, they'll see that you improved and that you've changed for the better.

These tips will help you win back your ex. But remember, there are no guarantees on how long these will work, or if they will work at all. These tips will help you at getting a second chance. If you believe that you and your ex are truly meant to be, then it will happen. In other words, it's all up to you.

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