I Cheated On My Boyfriend and He Hates Me: I Cheated On My Boyfriend How Do I Fix It

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Stop Seeing Other Men - You must immediately stop seeing other men. His heart is broken and if he sees you with the other guy again, he is going to feel even more bad. It could lead into hate. Right now, the only problem you have in the relationship is lack of trust. He doesn't find you faithful and loyal any longer. That's why he chose to end it. And if you want to get him back, you have to be faithful. Stop dating other men right away.

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Act With Responsibility - Accept all responsibility for who you are and what you did. Don't blame yourself for the mistake you did. You did the best thing that was possible at that situation even though you were wrong. Everyone makes mistakes and making mistakes is not a sin. The conflict in this current relationship might make your bond stronger in the future when you reconcile. So the mistake happened for the good. Accept the situation completely. Apologize to your ex.

Change Your Focus - Move your focus from trying to get him back to winning him back. You have to win him back by showing that you've become a responsible mature woman. To do this, I urge you to shift your focus towards your career and personal growth. Set goals for yourself and try achieving them. It can be a goal for your career, fitness or anything else for that matter. Just don't try to keep a low-profile because of the break up. Be active. It will attract him to you.

Get In Touch - Get in touch with him in a non threatening way. Just send him a text message letting him know that you appreciate what he did for you and that all things happen for the good. Ask him to call you so that you can thank you in person. When he gets in touch with you, be friendly and open. Don't confess your love for him yet. Stay in touch and ask him to meet you. From there on, you can take your relationship anywhere you want. Make sure that you do play hard to get.

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Sometimes, in a relationship, you might end up doing something stupid - usually out of anger or disappointment - to the point of pushing your boyfriend to edge and eventually breaking up with you. So, if your boyfriend has indeed broken up with you recently and if you have realized that you're the one at fault, then you have nothing to worry about. There are some great texting strategies that you can use to win him back and fix your broken relationship. Read on to find out what they are.

1. Do not text him.

This advice may sound ironic, but this is one of the most important texting strategies to get your ex boyfriend back. You are not supposed to text him for a while after the breakup. If you keep your ex boyfriend out of your thoughts and not send him text messages, he'll eventually notice your absence. He'll wonder if you have moved on and are completely okay without him. His curiosity will get the better of him and push him to try to reconnect with you and fix your relationship. Before you know it, he'll be back in your arms and you didn't even have to do anything to make it happen.

2. Do not talk about your emotions when texting him.

When you do text him, it might be tempting to pour out what you feel through your messages or even invite him out. Don't. When dealing with your ex boyfriend, keep this in mind: "If you follow love, it will run away, but if you ignore love, it will run your way." Pretty easy to understand, right? This saying best explains what you are supposed to do in your current situation. If you want to win your ex boyfriend back, ignore him and keep your emotional text messages unsent. Sending him messages where you talk about your feelings and where you ask him out just so that you could talk about your situation won't help at all. The right amount of nonchalance will have him running back to you. Believe it.

These two texting strategies tell you that you are not supposed to shower your ex boyfriend with care and attention. Show him that you are happy and doing well without him. Show him that you are able to survive without having him by your side. This aloofness will catch his attention and make him want to win you back himself.

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You're in luck today! I'll teach you an effective way to get your man back after a break up. So relax and read this carefully. Your situation is not hopeless yet!

Something has gone wrong you your couple life and it has determined your man to put an end to it. Lucky for you, acting in the right way at the right time will only prove to your man that this "couple suicide" has only been a failed (and obviously wrong to do from the beginning) attempt.

When in a couple, you become one with your lover and start referring to your time and interest with "our". Coming back to "your" may be difficult, but absolutely necessary at times. It makes you draw the line and analyze: what has changed, what you have done wrong, what you have done for improvements, where is the balance. Since your man broke up with you, it's very clear that he must think of a negative balance.

Turning it around, on the other hand, implies much more than just wanting your ex back in your life.

If you have kept your good looks, then your problem is called "attitude", or maybe both looks and attitude have changed and your man does not agree to that. Be honest about this because according to this answer you will be able to make things work your way and get your man back. It's like trying on your favorite dress after a while and you discover it won't fit any more. You either change the dress, or you change your appearance depending on how much you like that dress.

So be more positive about the change that is about to happen to you. It's only for the better and your ex will surely notice that. He may have his doubts and fears about you now, but he needs time to clear his thoughts. Give him so much time and freedom that he won't know what to do with it. He'll start missing you for sure!

That shall be the moment you've been waiting for all the time: he'll call to tell you he has realized he I still in love with you and that he wants you back.

Mission accomplished!

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When you are working on getting your ex back, it is of supreme importance that you use your head and not your heart to go about it. Your heart is your emotional side, and right after a breakup, all your heart wants to do is whatever it takes to go about getting your ex back. If you'd listen to your head, it would tell you to slow down a minute! If you really want to be successful in getting your ex back, you must take the time to think clearly, rationally, and logically.

It is easy to listen to your heart and easily find yourself begging and pleading with your ex to get back together, only to find that by doing so, you are only pushing them further away. Listen to your head for a minute. Your heart is right, you DO want your ex back, but you need to let your HEAD tell you how to go about it. By allowing yourself time to really think about your actions before you proceed, you are likely to have better chances getting your ex back.

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Nobody wants and emotional wreck showing up at their door pleading for a second chance. Both of you need to take time to resolve the emotional issues that were caused by the breakup. It was painful, and for the both of you to move on rationally, and thus give you a better chance of getting your ex back, you need to move on from any negative emotions before making any moves.

Once you have allowed time for both you and your ex to heal, you will find that getting your ex back is far easier than you thought it would be. Act like a basket case, and sadly, you are likely to get a front door slammed in your face, or a phone slammed down in your ear, rather than what you really want, which is him or her back.

During this painful time, seek the comfort of friends and let them help you work through your emotions so you can approach your ex with calm and poise. When you've both calmed down, the time will be right to make a move on getting your ex back, because you will have both had a chance to calm down, heal, and get over the heartbreak of the breakup.

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