I Cheated On My Boyfriend and He Broke Up With Me: I Cheated On My Boyfriend and He Found Out From Someone Else

I'm always asked "I cheated on my boyfriend, is there any way to get him back?" My answer to this question is yes. There are both honest and dirty ways to get your boyfriend back. It is not easy but it is not impossible because you are dealing with emotions here. Deeply felt emotions. Many women have successfully used the right techniques to win back lost love.

If your boyfriend sees you as someone special and sacred, you have defiled yourself in his eyes. If there is something rotten in your refrigerator, you know it every time you open the door. The smell tells you it's in there. Our lives are like that.

If you cheated on your boyfriend and you seriously want to get him back, there are steps you can take to make him forgive you and love you again.

You have to deal with your cheating right away. The moment that brings the consciousness of cheating, should lead you to the confession of the act. That means striving to be honest and being accountable for your actions. There is no need to give excuses or blame others for your actions.

Go for deliverance in your church, open yourself to God and allow the Holy Spirit to come in, cleanse your hearts, and remove whatever is hindering you from remaining faithful and steadfast in your relationships.

Now that you have dealt with that aspect of your life, the blood of Jesus Christ His son has cleansed you from all wrongdoings. You are now a new person and all your past wrongdoings have been blotted out. Your character and personality will be transformed to reflect your new attitudes, attitudes that are good and pleasant. Those you come in contact with will experience a new person - transformed and made beautiful again.

Ensure you do not contact him immediately. Stay away from him for some weeks to allow him time to cool down. Emotions will be high and saying sorry to him at this time will not melt his heart.

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If your man broke up with you then you're probably looking for great advice on how to get your ex boyfriend back. It's always painful when a relationship ends and you wished that it never happened to you. You can't stand losing someone you love and you all you want is to get him back in your life.

One of the best advice on how to get your ex boyfriend back is to make him miss you. This would be a challenge because obviously you miss him so much you just want to be by his side. But you guys have broken up and he may not want to see you just yet. If he still has feelings for you (and you hoped to God he does) then you can make him miss you by ignoring him.

That's right you're going to have to ignore him for a while which means you can't do things that will annoy him further. What are the things you can do that will only push him further away?

· Constant phone calls, text messages, and emails

· Begging and pleading him to take you back

· Apologizing all the time and getting mad if he doesn't forgive you at once

· Telling everyone who would listen what a jerk he is because he refuses to talk to you

· Playing games such as making him jealous

Getting your ex and making him miss you is going to be tricky. After all, he may not want to see you for a while and this will probably drive you crazy. You want him to know that you're really sorry but you can't apologize all the time because the apology will lose its sincerity. Also, you can't expect him to forgive you at once. He's going to need time and you need to give him his space. This means no phone calls in the middle of the night, no text messages or emails, no contact at all - at least for a while.

What can you do to get your ex back? Is it possible to make your ex miss you like crazy?

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Another reason why the no contact rule is essential if you want him to miss you is because you don't want to attract the wrong kind of attention. If word gets out that you keep bombarding him with calls and messages then people will see you as the desperate ex girlfriend. His friends might even tell him that he made the right choice dumping you because really, who wants to be a weakling who can't survive on her own?

Now, it's important to grieve because bottling up your feelings won't do you any good. But when you're done mourning what do you do next?

What are the things you can do to make him have second thoughts about dumping you?

· Spend time with friends and enjoy yourself

If he sees you having fun then he might be taken aback because he was expecting you to be miserable.

· Work on your appearance

You can concentrate on becoming a more fabulous you. When he sees you again he might be shocked and impressed with the transformation. Besides, if you look good you feel good and this will also help you regain your confidence.

· Stop the pity party

Another great advice on how to get your ex boyfriend back is stop the pity party. He might feel smug if he finds out you're miserable without him. You need to focus on yourself and try to get your mind off the breakup so that you can slowly get back on your feet and become a stronger person.

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If texting your ex boyfriend back is currently on your mind for consideration, then don't let the bad media surrounding it let you down. It may be true that texting your ex boyfriend back might not work out for you in the end, but this is only true if you do not have any help by your side in the department. Fortunately, you do.

A lot of people might argue that texting your ex boyfriend back generally isn't a good idea, but think about it: if you don't text your ex at all, how are you supposed to get back into his radar and start inching yourself back into his life in a subtle and non-invasive way? Face it: the whole world relies on technology nowadays and cell phones play a big part in it, so texting would be one of the best ways to open your communication lines with your ex again.

The truth is that the act of texting in itself isn't actually bad. What is bad is the way that girls use them in today's day and age. A lot of girls send their ex boyfriends inappropriate texts with hopes of seducing them and winning them back that way. Other girls harass their ex boyfriends through text without really thinking about the consequences and thus lose their chances of getting their ex boyfriends back for good.

What if he has moved on? Here's how to get him back.

So, if you really want to text your ex back, you have to make sure you send him the right kinds of text messages, so that things don't get even worse than they already are. Believe it or not, simple text messages are powerful enough to ruin your chances altogether if you do not plan your moves ahead of time. The good news is that texting also come with a slew of different benefits, like:

- You can get full access to your ex without seeming too aggressive.

- You can make sure that you get the right message across with each text if you choose your words very carefully each time.

- You can say anything that you want to say through text without feeling shy or awkward.

- You can successfully rebuild the attraction with your ex with ease.

- You will be able to create an intimate, private and personal atmosphere with each text.

- You will get to think about your words and choose them carefully before sending a text.

- You won't come across as confrontational while texting your ex boyfriend back.

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The damage is done: you two have broken up and it seems like the whole world has fallen apart. The only thing that can make you find your balance again is to get your ex back. In your case, the most efficient way to do so is to stay away from him for a while.

It sounds absurd, I know, but I can guarantee to you that it can get your ex back! Actually, it is the only real chance you have!

Time is what makes people get over their misery, but, like Einstein once said, "time is relative". Therefore, you and your ex need different numbers of days/weeks/months to get over the pain you have caused to each other. Do not think your loved one is not feeling hurt and that he/she is not affected at all by the messy things that have happened between you. Your ex is also in a bad mood, probably worse than you; therefore they won't even speak to you.

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Begging for a chance to make it up and get things back to normal is of no use at all. Here is why the exact opposite attitude will get your ex back. Let time be the "cleaner" of your messy situation and chase away all the shadows from your thoughts. Meanwhile, also let time be your doctor and heal your broken heart.

In a non metaphoric language, time will do you good in getting over things and spending it in a pleasant way will improve your state of mind. It is highly recommended to "claim" your social life again: go out, go shopping, take that trip you were thinking of saying "no" to...

That will keep you occupied and you will no longer feel a desperate need to call your ex and demand for explanations and time together.

Your ex also needs to do that. You'll soon discover that you miss each other. Let your lover be the one to make the first step and give you a call. It's safer that way!

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