I Broke Up With My Boyfriend and I Feel Terrible: I Broke Up With My Boyfriend and I Feel Awful

I left my sweetheart, it was my choice. However after that I realized it had been a terrible mistake and that I would like him back again.

What to do if that were your circumstances? To begin with you don't need to blame yourself and say "I split up with my sweetheart and I miss him". All that you should do is to create a reasonable strategy and try taking some action.

The very first thing you need to do would be to determine whether or not you want him back again or not. That means you'd like to learn the reason why you left him in the first place.

Knowing the reason why you left him and you feel that you simply overreacted by dumping him, you may have an urge to get him back again. It's your choice and you've got to consider it. Keep reading if you would like the man you're dating back again.

-- Tell him you want him back again, give him a green signal. I hear you requesting how I can give him indicators. The reply is: tell him you think about him daily, send him a text, an e-mail, leave a message upon their voice mail, call him up and ask about his family members. The only real disclaimer here's: don't go crazy or he'll believe that you're stalking him.

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-- If you get a few positive indicators from him, simply tell him the reason why you have split up with him. Be truthful and straightforward. Simply tell him if it had been something personal or something like he messed up and let him consider it.

-- At that point, he'll get two messages; the first is you still worry about him and you are wiling to get back together with him. The second message is you still have trust when you are sincere and open up with him and you're simply ready to do anything to reunite with him. This makes the picture ready for your next stage.

-- Ask to meet him. Whenever he concurs make certain you look stunning. Males are much more inclined to looks than to almost anything else. Whenever he sees exactly how stunning you are, he'll have more good reasons to respond.

-- Don't rush issues; give him time so he can decide. This will depend on how long it's been since you split up with him. However, you have to put a timeline to this procedure, question lightly if he really wants to get back together with you. If he appears hesitant question and allow him to speak with you regarding his worries. In the event that he doesn't wish to speak, leave him and prepare to move on.

Keep in mind that you don't need to change who you are to allow him to get back together with you. Behave normally and be good. Keep in mind the reason why he had fallen deeply in love with you in the first place and then try to return to those old sweet times.

Lead him to realize that you want to reunite with him, and be sincere with him. This should help you if you miss your boyfriend and you need to make up with him.

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The question that is on your mind all the time is how to get him back?

You have broken up with the one you love, and you will be suffering lots of painful emotions. You will feel hurt. You may be depressed. You will definitely be sad at your loss. Most of all, you will miss him!

There is a lot of information available to help you to answer the question how to get him back, but...

Firstly, you need to get your head in order and to start using some common sense. Always remember to show courtesy, honesty, and decency if you want to heal your relationship.

If you want to know how to win him back here are the five things that you should never do. If you want to have the best chance of getting him back, then you will definitely want to think about this list.

1 Do Not Play Games.

Playing games may give you a sense of power or of getting back at him, but they are not good for getting him back! Any communication between you must be based on honesty or your relationship is going to be in trouble again real soon.

2 Don't Try To Manipulate Him.

Don't give the wrong impression that you don't care any more, or that you care a lot more than you do. Trying to manipulate him may make you feel good, but it won't make him come back.

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3 Avoid Lies And Deceit.

At this time, you need to be honest with him, (but never show him your weakness by begging him to come back!) Feeding him lies may have a short-term positive effect but your relationship will still suffer because of the dishonesty.

4 Don't Try To Make Him Jealous.

Don't pretend to date someone else, or pretend love for someone else, just to make him jealous. It could work, he could get jealous at the thought of you with someone else, but the chances are that it will backfire on you, and you could jeopardize any chance of getting back together.

Since you have apparently moved quickly on, then it could appear to him that you aren't thinking of him anymore. This is too risky a strategy, because you don't know the outcome, and you risk losing everything. You don't want to risk the chance of the breakup becoming permanent because of your silly games.

5 Don't Be Vicious.

You have been hurt and your first thoughts may be to get back at him, and to make him hurt too. The anger that you are feeling will cloud your judgement and make you want to be mean and vicious with him. He probably deserves everything he gets, but because you want to know how to get him back, this shows that you should start to look into your heart for forgiveness. If you're glad it's over then be as vicious as he deserves, but if you need him to come back to you, then nasty is not the way to do it.

The above five mistakes break the rules of courtesy, decency and honesty and are not how to get him back...

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If your boyfriend has left you after a bitter breakup then do not assume that he will never walk back into your life.

Instead, make full use of these vital tips to turn him around and guide him into your waiting arms again.

Stop degrading yourself any further
If you have been begging, stalking, pleading, texting or calling up your boyfriend for a reunion then you are only making matters worse.

You should stop degrading yourself and driving your boyfriend even farther away from you. Instead, stop all contact for a fortnight as you collect your emotions and plan all future moves in a mature way.

Reclaim your self-esteem and your sense of humor
The bitter breakup might have saddened you but walking with your chin to the ground will not help matters.

Instead of fretting, get a job, join a gym, develop a hobby and hang out with close friends to forget about the past and look towards a brighter future as the only way now is up. Regain your sense of humor to inject some laughter into your life and those around you as this will surely be noticed by your boyfriend in due time.

Change for the better
Instead of sloppily sitting each night in front of the TV with a tub of ice-cream cradled in your lonely arms, get back on your feet and make a change for the better.

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You are not going to make a favorable impression if you look pale and haggard. You should instead start working out and go in for a makeover to make your boyfriend realize painfully as to what he is missing after the breakup.

It is important that you collect your depressive and scattered thoughts and throw them out of your mind. You should learn to meditate through yoga or any other form of meditation that calms your mind.

Indicate your willingness to change
If you feel that there are certain aspects that need to be changed from your end to salvage the relationship then you should indicate your willingness to change through written or spoken words. Your boyfriend is sure to appreciate your effort and his anger might start to melt away.

Explain your point of view in a mature manner
If you feel that your boyfriend has erred then you can write a letter explaining your point of view in a mature and factual manner without getting too emotional. A letter will allow you to express your views without any interruption or losing control over your emotions.

Your boyfriend too might have mellowed down enough to accept responsibility for his mistakes.

Throw in a subtle deadline
All you need to do now is to throw in a subtle deadline so as to convince your boyfriend that you are willing to get back together within a specific time frame.

This move will egg on your boyfriend to arrange a serious meeting where both of you could work out your differences.

These tips will allow your boyfriend to observe the new mature you, get attracted physically and mentally, and admit that no one is perfect before rushing back into your loving arms.

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Breakup up is always a very low time in any ones life. It usually feels like our situation is impossible and there is no hope. However, even though it may seem like that, there is ALWAYS hope. There are tons of ways how to win an ex boyfriend back. At the same time, you have to be careful because there are a lot of mistakes you could possibly make along the way.

The first thing you want to do is ask yourself whether or not you truly want him back. Next, you need to make sure you don't make common mistakes.

How To Win An Ex Boyfriend Back - What NOT To DO...

* Calling to much directly after the breakup

* BEGGING them to take you back

* Promise to fix everything and change for good

* Trying to fix the breakup through text messages or email.

* Try and convince them you are the love of there life

As you can see, none of these are effective ways how to win an ex boyfriend back. However, soon after the breakup, they may seem like a good idea right? But there not because right after a breakup, the tension between the two of you is at a all time high meaning anything you say or do could potentially make the situation worse than it already is.

This is why it's important to use a proven plan or system to win an ex boyfriend back. Having a plan will help you avoid making common mistakes while giving you the correct steps to move forward to get your ex boyfriend back.

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