I Broke Up With My Boyfriend and He Hates Me: I Broke His Heart And He Hates Me

Perhaps you have just broken up with your boyfriend. Although the relationship has gone south, you still harbor some hope. You still hope that you can get back together with him.

What Is The First Thing I Should Do If I Still Want My Boyfriend Back?

A break up can be very devastating, regardless of who initiated it. If you are hurting, there is a very good chance that your boyfriend is not feeling any better.

Therefore, the first thing you should do is to cut off contact for the time being. Be nice to yourself. Give yourself sometime to heal and recover from the breakup. Most probably, your boyfriend will need some time to recover from his emotional wounds as well.

This is really important because people tend to make all kinds of mistakes and do all kinds of crazy stuff when they are emotional. It is very hard to think straight and rationally when your mind is so preoccupied with the broken relationship.

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The One Thing You Should Never Do If You Still Want to Get Back Together With Your Lover

If you have been in a relationship for a number of years, it can be hard to get used to singlehood. This is especially true if you have been spending most of your free time with your ex boyfriend.

You may suddenly feel very lonely. During this trying period, there is always a temptation to jump into another relationship if a new guy happens to come into the picture. This is usually called a rebound relationship.

Don't do that especially if you still have the desire to get back together with your ex boyfriend. You may end up hurting the other guy even if you have no intention to do so in the first place.

Contact Your Ex Boyfriend Again

Eventually, you will need to contact your ex boyfriend again unless he decided to contact you first.

Most probably, he is still going to have some feelings for you especially if the relationship has lasted for some time.

There Is No Right or Wrong Answer

By now, you are probably wondering what to do next? Well, there is really no right or wrong answer because every relationship is different.

I know there are women who got their boyfriend back after the initial meeting. You may be able to win your boyfriend back too depending on the situation.

What If He Doesn't Want to Get Back Together But Want to Stay As Friends?

This can be a very tricky situation. If you continue to hang out with him as friends, there is a possibility that he will just regard you as a friend and you may be stuck in the friend zone.

So what you can do is to accept the friendship. But you may want to see him less often so that he will start missing you and want you back as a girlfriend again.

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I broke up with my boyfriend, but I want him back now! You may be saying this same phrase to yourself, if you recently ended your relationship. If we could only see into our future, enough to help make the decision of whether a break-up is really warranted or not. Like the saying says, you don't really know what you have until it's gone. You might first realize now how much you loved your boyfriend, and can't imagine your life without him in it. If this is how you feel, and you broke up with your boyfriend, but want him back now, then go for it! Don't pity yourself, and waste anymore time. You have the option to get him back, and keep him for good.

If you broke up with your boyfriend and want him back, the first step you need to take his apologizing to the man. Even if he was him that may have caused the relationship to end, you may have played a part in it as well, and you need to own up to it. Your apology doesn't have to turn into a cry fest. Just call your ex-boyfriend and give him a genuine apology. You are going to want to keep it short and sweet, and right to the point.

The next thing you need to do if you broke up with your boyfriend, and want him back, is to start the relationship back up as only friends. Now this may feel like you are going in rewind, but it is the smartest way to go. Some women feel like they are to emotionally attached to their ex to simply just be friends again. If you can show your ex that you are strong enough to push your romantic feelings for him to the side, and just be his friend, you will once again re-build his trust in you, and in your relationship. This is going to make him feel as if he can open up to you again, and share anything with you. If your goal is to get your boyfriend back and keep him, this is definitely a step in the right direction.

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Do you still think about your ex every single night, even though it has already been a month since you guys broke up? If so, then texting your ex boyfriend back might be on your mind at the moment. The question is: is what you had actually worth saving? If you haven't been able to smile at all since your breakup, then texting your ex boyfriend back would definitely make perfect sense for you. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your cell phone, get ready and read on for tips on how to succeed in this department.

The first step to texting your ex boyfriend back would be to ensure that you do not try to fix things by bringing up old problems. This will not help you at all. In fact, as much as possible, do not ask him to meet up with you through text just yet.

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See, if you are too aggressive early on, the chances of your ex freaking out and running for the hills would be much higher. In fact, you might turn your ex off altogether and he might never even reply to your texts to begin with. What your goal should be instead is to send him text messages that will get him to reply to you and make him comfortable talking to you again. Try talking about your favorite times together the next time you text him, for example. Reminding him of how good you guys had it won't just make him miss you, but it will surprise him in a good way, as well.

Aside from that, other things you should keep in mind while texting your ex would be to always keep your texting conversations happy, light and neutral. This way, you can get rid of all of the bad vibes that might still be lingering in the air since you broke up and maybe even get him to reminisce about your good times.

Now, if your ex refuses to reply your texts in a positive way - or at all - then do not throw a hissy fit. It is quite normal for ex boyfriends to ignore their ex girlfriends' texts in the beginning, so just be patient and wait for him to calm down before you try texting your ex boyfriend back again. If you show him just how independent and mature you actually be, he is sure to run into your arms of his own volition in no time.

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Are you sitting at home feeling blue and gloomy because your ex left you? You just do not want to get on with your life. Depression is a very bad thing my friend. It is not healthy to be doing this. I know you want to get your ex back, but this is not the way to do it!

You have no clue how to even begin again or where to start. You actually are in the first stage of getting your ex back. You always have to get through one step to get to the next one. This means quit feeling sorry for yourself and being depressed all the time.

You need to heal yourself body and soul. If your body doesn't get taken care of it will get sick and you will sink further into depression. You also must feed your soul spiritually because everything is interconnected.

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However long it takes, get up and get it done. Once, you are to the point of coping, then go to the next step. Let your ex go. Let them have their life no matter how much it hurts. Call up your friends and start getting out of the house. Having fun, laughing, and smiling is repairing your body physically and emotionally.

The last step is a little difficult. When you absolutely know you are back to normal and feel like you again, then you can take anything that is thrown at you. Call up your ex for a meeting to see if they still are interested in this relationship.

If they do not answer or tell you it is over, then you are strong enough to know it is really over. If they do want to talk, then get together and start working out your problems and start fixing them immediately so you can get back together soon!

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