I Broke Up With Him and He Is Ignoring Me: I Dumped My Boyfriend Now He's Ignoring Me

That all too unfortunate ending to your once wonderful relationship has come. Each and every day that goes by since the break up seems like a never-ending nightmare as you ponder just what the future holds for you next. "Is it really the end," you wonder? Yet, somewhere in the back of your mind, you still can't help but feel that the entire circumstances surrounding your break up were merely misunderstandings and mistakes and that the two of you still belong together. The biggest question you have now, however, is "how to do I get him back when my ex boyfriend is ignoring me?"

Being ignored by your ex boyfriend is a quite common following a break up. Put simply, he is probably ignoring you if for no other reason than to avoid facing you. Even though it may seem like he could care less about you now based on his behavior, it's quite unlikely that this is the case. Instead, it is the very fact that he does still have lingering strong feelings for you that he finds it difficult now to be in contact with you at all.

I know. It doesn't seem to make much sense to you right now, but I didn't say love, let alone a break up, was easy to understand. However, here are some ways to help in bringing your ex boyfriend around and putting an end to the silent treatment that you are currently being faced with:

Ignore Your Ex Boyfriend Right Back

Being a guy, myself, I can tell you first hand that there is little that will get to a guy and reignite his interest than when a woman whom he's used to having the full attention of suddenly falls off of the radar. With that being said, if you've been contacting him, sending him texts, calling or finding ways to "bump" into him, then stop. Disappear from his life, and he'll not be able to stand not knowing what you're up to.

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"Gussy" Up

Another thing that you can do when your ex boyfriend is ignoring you is to work on improving your physical appearance. Often times, when you are in a relationship for awhile, you begin to care a bit less about how you look and dress simply because you don't feel like you need to impress anyone any more. You've landed your man, so to speak, so little by little, you may begin to let your appearance go.

Now is a great time to start working out or trying out that diet you had been considering. If weight was never a problem for you, then perhaps a stylish new haircut or getting contact lenses if you had been wearing glasses. The point here is that you should try making small, yet noticeable improvements to your appearance so that when your ex boyfriend does see you again, it will make an lasting impact on him.

Date Other Men

Though it may be the last thing on your mind right now, dating new guys can really bring your ex boyfriend around if he has been ignoring you. Word does get around, and since he's been used to having you wrapped around his little finger, you were "his girl," he'll find it quite difficult to keep his distance if it looks like he's being replaced. There are few "techniques" that will arouse his attention more quickly and effectively.

Before asking "why is my ex boyfriend ignoring me," from a standpoint of resentment and doubt, remind yourself that his lack of contact usually has little to do with him not loving you any more. Instead, he's likely dealing with the break up the only way he knows how even if his method does seem quite harsh. Try the tips suggested here, however, and you may soon find that his ability to keep up the silent treatment will quickly fade.

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You and your guy just broke up and you are feeling desperate. You don't feel like doing anything buy crying. Your heart is broken and you are doing good to get out of the bed in the morning. Every song on the radio just tears at your heartstrings and you could not possibly watch a chick flick. You are playing the break up and the past over and over in your head and driving yourself crazy. What could I have done differently you ask yourself. What can I do to get my man back? How can I get through this?

There are things you can do that will greatly increase your chances for getting your man back. First you need to accept the things that you may be doing or want to do to get him back that could actually drive him further away. If you are calling, showing up at his house and places where he frequents, you need to stop. This just reminds him of why he broke up with you in the first place and it puts too much emotions onto him. Men don't deal with emotions very well, they can't help this. It is just a fact that we as women deal with emotions much better than men. That being said you have to understand that just because the emotional appeal would work for you as a woman, it will not work for a man. You want to do what works for them.

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I read in the book Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus that men are like rubber bands. Now when you think about this, it really is true. They will stretch out and then spring back. With a man if you want him to spring back, you have got to allow him to stretch out. They need this time to stretch as this is when they start to really sort through things and this is when they will miss you. If you are constantly in their space, this process will not happen. Give him his space. This is the first step to get your man back.

Don't contact him. This is the hard part, but men do not respond to all of those words you are pushing at them. They do respond to distance though. Distance works on their imagination. They will wonder, wow, what happened? This woman who was so into me is not calling. What is she doing? Let his imagination fill in the gaps. This will prompt him to contact you. Now please understand this may not happen in a matter of days. It could take weeks and weeks. A man's time table is so different from that of a woman. Its something you have to accept to get through this. It is a fact though that the majority of men will initiate contact eventually after the break up. Its gonna happen if you play it cool. If you want your guy back, let him contact you first.

Once he makes the contact, you have to be ready with a plan. You want him back remember. Do not talk about the break up or the whys or your emotions. Keep it light and be friendly. You want to make this contact positive and you want it to replace the bad memory of the break up. You want to leave him feeling good about you as this will open him up to call or contact again. After he does contact you, do not call him, wait once more. I know you want to talk about your pain and feelings but wait. There will be plenty of time to talk about that once you get him back and into a committed relationship.

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Are all your friends, family, and even advice columnists affirming that the best way to get your ex back is to give them some time and space? You are likely avoiding even seriously considering actually taking this advice as it seems so contrary to logic and most certainly contrary to how you are feeling at the moment. But believe or not, time apart is the BEST way to get your ex back.

Breakups are difficult no matter what and no matter who you are. We all process our emotions at a different pace and some of us need more or less time than others to come to terms with emotional upheaval. But not matter what, we all need time. Some people will get over their breakups in no time and others take far longer to move past the anger the breakup caused.

There is a good chance that you are still hurting and that you too said some horrible things during the breakup that probably cut just as deep as the things your ex said. You both need to have time to move past these bad feelings or you will never be able to have a calm, honest dialogue, and you will most definitely not get your ex back.

You both need time to think about everything that has gone on. The reason for the breakup, and how to fix it, and whether or not it is even worth being saved. If you try to rush things before the both of you are settled again, you'll ruin your chance to get your ex back.

By giving your ex ample time and space to heal, you are also giving them the opportunity to look back upon your relationship and think about all the fun times you had together. This time apart also allows you to move past your anger to the point where you begin to miss each other. When the times comes and communication is broached, you will both be in a far better place to hear each other out and work on fixing the problems in your relationship so you can get back together again.

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Does your ex send you mixed signals? Do you feel confused about how your ex feels about you, and you want to finally be able to clear the air? Do you love your ex deeply, and want him/her back? Well my friend, if you want to get your ex back, then you have come to the right place, because I am going to show you 10 sure shot ways to know if your ex still likes you.......

1. They still speak to you- The very fact that they are still in contact means that something is there.

2. He/she compliments you- Always telling you compliments, from your abilities to your looks; and this is their way of showing that they still admire you.

3. Calling you frequently- even if it's just to hear your voice; if it becomes part of their schedule to call you often; then they still like you.

4. Finding excuses to see you in real life- Whether this is by bumping into you, or by planning scheduled meetings/dates with you.

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5. Sending you gifts- They are still going out of their way to give you things, which means they still have feelings for you.

6. Trying to establish physical contact- this may be by trying to touch your hand, hold hands; sitting close to you... or even just staring at your eyes a lot; but either way, this means they are still physically attracted to you.

7. Helping you out- Always asks you if you need help, and is there for you whenever you have a problem; this means they still care deeply about you.

8. The past is always brought up- even if it is bad memories, the fact that they are bringing it up means that they either want to change it and reconcile; or just simply they are in love with you still and miss being with you.

9. Gets jealous easily- Will always get jealous or angry when they see you talking to someone of the opposite gender.

10. Asks you personal questions- he/she will always want to know who you are dating, what you are doing in your life and anything else that is personal.

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