I Broke Up With Him and He Doesn't Care: He Didn't Even Care That I Broke Up With Him

If you are saying I broke up with him want him back, then these tips will help you mend things and fix the problem. No situation is unable to be mended, and no relationship is gone forever. There is nothing that cannot be fixed or mended. However, you have to take the right actions if you ever wish to stop saying I broke up with him want him back.

First of all, since you broke up with him, it makes it even easier for you to get back together. You have to understand that you probably hurt him and broke his heart though, and you must make amends for that and fix it. The first thing you must do is talk to him about what happened and let him know that you made a mistake. Don't make promises that you can't and won't keep, simply let your actions speak loud enough for him to hear.

The second thing you must do in order to fix I broke up with him want him back is to treat him in a civilized manner. Don't rush out and get another boyfriend to try and make him jealous and want you back. That will only cause more problems. If he is with someone else, don't treat him like dirt and don't let him know you are jealous. Be there for him since the chances are good that this relationship is a rebound relationship and won't last. Be his friend, and when it ends, you can be there to pick him up.

The most important thing that you must do in order to fix I broke up with him want him back is to fix those things in the relationship you did that made him miserable. You have to get your act together if you wish for him to come back and stay. No one wants to get back into a relationship that made them miserable as it is. Chances are good that you treated him very poorly before breaking up and you have to fix that and show him that it won't happen again. He is going to be gun shy and afraid of you breaking his heart again, and you can't blame him. You need to show him, with your actions, that he doesn't have to worry about getting hurt again.

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Sure, you may feel a little lost and a bit rattled since the breakup. You just lost the love of your life and all you can think about is how to get him back. Well then, here are a few things you need to learn if you want to get back together with your ex.

1. Learn to be patient

You're not going to get him back overnight. You both need time to heal so it's best to just let it be for now. Pestering him into getting back together with you will only annoy him and push him further away. It's not easy to be patient especially if you want him back NOW! But this is a trick you're going to have to learn.

2. Learn from your mistakes

Old habits die hard but if they are bad habits, then you're going to have to find a way to stop doing them. If you were pushy, too emotional, too clingy, etc. and it's the reason why he left you, then you're going to have to change. You don't have to change who you are but you can learn from your mistakes. You will become more desirable if he sees such changes in you and he'll know that you're truly serious about wanting to get back together.

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3. Learn self-control

Don't suffocate him by calling him everyday and begging him to come back to you. Or maybe you just want to hear his voice because you think it will make you feel better. But you're only sabotaging your chances of getting back together with him. If the breakup is recent, then he probably doesn't want to talk to you yet. You need to learn to control yourself and give each other space.

4. Learn to relax

You're not going to get him back if you let your emotions get the better of you. Giving in to your anger and negative emotions will only lead to bad decisions. You might end up calling him or texting him all the time because you want to let him know how you truly feel. Or you might end up saying bad things about him and making him look like the bad guy. Obviously that won't help your situation.

5. Learn to forgive him and yourself

You made mistakes in this relationship but so did he. If you can't forgive him as well as yourself then you will continue to feel betrayed and angry. You and your ex won't be able to start fresh if you're still harboring negative feelings. You have to let things go and put it in the past.

When it comes to getting your guy back, it's all up to you. It's up to you to find ways to boost your self-esteem and get back on your feet. It's up to you to find the inner strength to bounce back so that he won't see a weak woman who is so depressed it's almost sad to look at. What you need to do is find ways to attract him again so that he will see you as a strong individual.

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To make your ex boyfriend miss you, start showing how great things are without him constantly by your side. Get his friends on side as allies. After all, he needs to think he's the one who's missing out on the best thing in life. Start hanging out at his old haunts making them your own. Don't ignore him but instead treat him like a mate, wave, say hi then move away from him. Sit where he sees you but not close enough that he hears what's said, and laugh like you're having heaps more fun without him. Play up your new freedom!

When other guys look in your direction, smile invitingly but not too much that they get the wrong idea, you only want to make your ex boyfriend jealous. You can make your ex boyfriend miss you when you give him the impression he's now cramping your style, after all you're free now and other guys are trying to hook up. He'll soon wonder why he let you go.

If all else fails, make your ex boyfriend miss you through changing your hair style and color, and start wearing sexy clothes. Give yourself a new look that makes his head turn towards you. Be daring but don't get extreme. You want him to miss you, not think you're desperate. Take up hobbies that make you feel good about yourself and enjoy life like there's no tomorrow and always keep smiling. Whatever you decide, always make sure you're happy.

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2- Change- for some reason, people hate having to change these days, and it's the reason why your ex broke up with you. He/she got bored of you, got sick of your same old habits, and got tired of the fact that you didn't change or become better. So now what you are going to do, is look back at all of the stupid things you ever did around your ex, and change your bad habits, so that your ex can no longer feel repulsed by you.

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