I Broke His Heart Now He Won't Talk To Me: I Accidentally Broke His Heart

I know that making bad decisions and regretting it later is pretty frequent for most of us. Once or twice I have asked myself how can I get my boyfriend back if I broke his heart. Just like a lot of women, I have regretted breaking off a relationship in the past too. Having said that, I have compiled a list of surefire ways to get your ex back, even if you were the one who broke up with him. A lot of women find this useful. Not only will you get him back but it can also strengthen your relationship.

1. It all starts with reconciliation.
In the process of breaking up, you might have said something bad to each other. It is important for you to talk to him and apologize what you might have said and done. Prepare to acknowledge that you might be wrong. Not only will this clear the air but this will also give you the chance to be friends again.

2. Remind him why he fell for you in the first place.
After number 1, you'd probably be in speaking terms again. Be a good friend to him yet at the same time, remind him what he loves about you. This doesn't mean that you'd blatantly sell yourself of course. Just be natural and be spontaneous.

3. Let him miss you.
Since you were the one who broke up with him, he probably still has feelings for you left. It's not hard to have him miss you since you still have that emotional connection. Believe it or not, you can easily do this by putting some distance between the two of you.

Granted that he still loves you, these three quick steps will restore him to you fast. Once he does, keep in mind the most important tip of all. If you want to keep him, learn how to compromise. Don't expect too much because you might end up hurting yourself or other people.

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Do your emotions feel like a never-ending roller coaster because you still love your ex boyfriend, even after he left you? Do you still reminisce about your sweetest moments together? Do you miss his hugs and his kisses, and just his mere presence overall? No matter how you feel, you need to be honest, though: do you miss your ex because you actually love him or are you just not used to being alone anymore?

If you actually still love your ex boyfriend and want him back because of that, then you might want to look into a very effective method on getting him back: text messaging. in order for this to work, though, you will need to read the following tips first and be extremely patient during the process:

Tip 1: Have a plan ready.

If you still love your ex boyfriend and want to successfully win him back through text, you need to have a plan ready before you go in for the kill. In order words, regardless of how haywire your emotions have gone after the breakup, you need to get yourself together and breathe. After all, if you text something to your ex boyfriend that you eventually regret, you won't be able to just take your words back and blame it on your emotions. Ideally, you should just avoid texting him a lot altogether and plan out every text message before sending one out.

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Tip 2: Avoid smelling like desperation.

It would also be extremely important not to sound desperate in your texts to your ex. Do not show him that you still love him and do not even show him that you care about him. Instead, try to keep yourself busy with other things and spend more time with your friends and family, so you do not think about your ex too much. The best part is that if you avoid sending your ex text messages every day, he might actually start to wonder why you stopped running after him and what you have been up to, and run after you himself.

Tip 3: Wait.

If you still love your ex boyfriend and want him back, one of the best things you can do is just wait. A broken relationship takes time to fix and you have to earn his trust back again, after all, so just be polite and patient for now and things should turn to your advantage very soon.

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Are you confused about what to do after a breakup? You're not alone. Thousands of people worldwide search every day for ways to repair their relationships and win their exes back.

This article will provide you with 5 powerful strategies to help you start the process of winning your ex back. It's not a comprehensive guide, but it will help steer you clear of common mistakes that could push your ex away for good.

First, never panic. Chances are you're feeling angry, frustrated, confused, and depressed over losing someone you loved very much. You might even feel like there's no way you'll ever get your ex back. But it's not over yet. Don't let panic cause you to rush to any decisions that will push your ex further away.

Second, break off contact. Your ex needs time and space, and so do you. Avoid text messages, phone calls, emails, and any other attempts to contact your ex. If you try to work things out too soon, they'll often blow up in your face. Time and space work wonders when it comes to fixing a relationship after a breakup.

Third, do what makes you happy. This is no time to be sitting in your room, double fisting chocolate bars, and being all depressed. View this as an opportunity to improve yourself and go do something fun. With no strings attached, you get to call all the shots. Take advantage and do something you love.

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Fourth, don't shut yourself off to the world. You may feel like you just want to be left alone to wallow in self-pity, but that's one of the worst things you can do after a breakup. It won't fix anything. It won't repair the relationship any faster.

Instead, it will only make you depressed, miserable, and less attractive to your ex. Spend time with friends and family. Let them be your support, and let them help get your mind off things.

Fifth, keep your spirits high. If you want your ex back, you need to believe it's possible. Figuring out what to do after a breakup isn't easy, but positivity is contagious. You will attract into your life whatever you focus all of your mind energy on.

If you only think about losing your ex, then that's exactly what you'll get. If, on the other hand, you constantly remind yourself that things will work out for the best, and you'll be OK no matter what, then you'll be surprised how even the most impossible situations seem to work themselves out.

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You love your ex so much. So, how can you let go of him? All you do is think about them all the time. Your heart aches for their touch. If the relationship had been going on for a while, the hurt is even worse. You did everything together. Your whole life was around them.

But, a lot of relationships fail because you both get back together and try as fast as you can to get it back on track. You do not take anything slow! You have your entire life to work things out. Take it slow and easy. There are a lot of broken things that must be fixed in order to make the relationship work. If you rush, it will be a disaster!

So, let them go. Like the old saying goes, "If you can love it and let it go, it will come back to you someday." All these calls and text messages are doing more damage than good.

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Here is a great example. Your car breaks down and you can't drive it at all. Would you push it and make it drive knowing it will do further damage? Of course not! You paid good money for the car and you also need it to get you to work and your life.

It is the same thing in your broken relationship. Do not force it to be fixed if it can't be fixed! You have to get a mechanic to do so. That would be counseling from your church or a relationship counselor for example.

If no counseling, then you have to do it on your own individually and sort things out. It will take time to go through everything but it can be done. Just let them go temporarily until things are fixed!

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