I Broke His Heart and I Regret It: I Broke His Heart and I Feel Terrible

Do you regret leaving your ex and don't have any idea how to get him back? Don't lose sleep over it because here are some things that helped me find the answer on how do I get back my boyfriend if I broke his heart. With these simple steps, I was able to convince him that I sincerely wanted to try and make things work.

Make a list of all the factors that may have helped cause the break up.
Making a list of the things that you may have said and the things you have done that may have caused you two to brake up with him is an effective way to assess the whole situation. Also, take note what your current relationship is, is he friendly to you or not? Do you still have bitter feelings for each other?

This list would be your guide as to what you will have to do and the approach you will have to use. Example if you have not talked to each other yet, you should start there. It is also important to note if he is currently seeing someone or not. If you are not comfortable writing it down, just do it mentally.

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Make your plan work but just be subtle and give him the time he needs.
Being spontaneous makes it more sincere and less planned in his eyes. If he knows that you are planning some things just to get him back, he may be flattered but some men just thinks that it's manipulative to do so. This can ruin your chance so you should be careful how you act and what you would say to him, don't be too needy and never sound desperate.

Be nice to everyone, even to that girl he's dating
Being nasty does not solve anything. What it does though is to make you appear bitter and spiteful to your ex. Besides, if he will see how affected you are, he'll only think that you got what you were asking for because you left him.

Being nice while at the same time, highlighting your assets would make him realize that the girl he is dating is not for him. Once you see that he still has feelings for you after all, only then you can open to him the possibility of trying it once more.

These are the steps that made it possible for me to solve the problem of how do I get back my boyfriend if I broke his heart. Try it. At this point, it may be the one thing that will help you.

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Learning how to win your ex boyfriend back through text is easier said than done. If you want to successfully do this, you have to know that you won't get him back through insincere words and empty promises. Instead of doing this, try a simpler approach.

1. Your messages must be understanding, mature, and respectful.

Before you try to win your ex boyfriend back, you have to learn how to fix yourself first. As cruel as this may sound, you have to realize that maybe your ex boyfriend doesn't want to get back with you and that you might have no chance of winning him back in the first place. So, when texting him, your mind must be prepped and focused on the idea that maybe all you could ever be is just friends. This will save you a lot of stress in the end.

2. Do not text him when you're at your most vulnerable state.

The breakup may have left you miserable and broken, but no matter how hurt you are, this mustn't show when you're communicating with your ex boyfriend. You may end up crying your eyes out when a sappy love song comes on the radio or when you get drunk over drinks with friends. If you know you're unable to control your emotions at certain times, stay away from your phone and control the urge to text your ex. You have to relax and wait for your emotions to settle down. This is to make sure that you don't end up sending text messages that you'll most probably regret the morning after.

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3. Avoid sending him needy or manipulative text messages.

Other than not coming off as a pathetic ex girlfriend through text, you must also avoid being manipulative. Getting him back means knowing which buttons to push, so that he'll be one who will come begging you to take him back. But this doesn't mean that you have to manipulate him into doing so. In other words, guilt-tripping, threatening, and harassing of any kind should not be done through text.

To successfully win your ex boyfriend back, you also have to stop doing what obviously doesn't work and try the methods that could. Do you know why many women have difficulties winning their ex boyfriends back? It's because they can't seem to accept the fact that maybe their ex boyfriends no longer want them back. So, you have to first gauge his feelings for you before you can try to win your ex boyfriend back to begin with.

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Quit acting like it's the end of the world - When you freak out, your ex thinks you are a nut case, and let's face it, no one wants to be around a highly emotional and desperate person! You see, as long as you are allowing your ex to have this huge of an affect on you, he/she will continuously take you for granted. This is because you are running around like a chicken with it's head cut off, chasing your ex and just literally handing yourself out to him/her easily. Therefore, you need to gain control of the situation, simply by having self control! Stop calling your ex, stop freaking out, stop letting yourself get depressed and get on with life at least enough so that your ex can see you are doing better than ever.

Date again - If you are sitting around and waiting for your ex to take you back, then you are making a huge mistake. Your ex will not even think of wanting you back, until he/she realizes what they are without. The only way to show your ex this is to date other people, and the best person to date is in fact your ex's best friend! (or close friend if their best friend is the same gender as you). This will make your ex jealous, and he/she won't be able to stop thinking about the idea of you with someone else.

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Did you know there are statistics on failed marriages and relationships? They say an estimated 90% of them could be fixed and salvaged! That is an amazing statistic! Think about for a minute. We are talking most relationships CAN be fixed!

So, if you try to salvage things out, why does it still fail you ask? It is because there are two ways of salvaging-the right way and the wrong way. The wrong way is always a permanent failure.

What is the right way? After the breakup, use a no contact rule. This means stop whining, crying, hounding, and stalking your ex. Do not do stupid extreme measures. You will end up a jailbird and an embarrassment to your family and friends!

Then, do you think you will ever get them back? Of course not! They will see a side of you they had never seen before and they do not think it is pretty! In fact, it is downright ugly!

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So, use the no contact rule and stop all communications. Start with a new hobby, a new you, or just get back out with your friends. Do not sit and stare at four walls and do nothing at all while you are hoping they will come back to you.

Your ex is out having a life, so should you! You hear about it from your friends. So, have your friends let your ex know you are too. You are completely fine and happy.

This is the right way of doing things. Cooling down, separating from each other, and starting again. When the timing is right, you both will pick up the good pieces of the relationship and rebuild it. Throw the bad in the trash can and kick it to the curb!

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