When I was out walking the other day, I was thinking about what can happen in someone’s adult years if they were violated and made to feel insignificant during their early years. What came to mind first was the kind of person who acts as though they are the centre of the universe.

Through being this way, it is not going to be possible for them to realise that they are no better or worse than anyone else. As a result of this, their needs are going to be more important than anyone else’s needs.

The Perfect Example

The other day a friend told me about something that he experienced and what he saw was a good example of how someone like this can behave. He saw someone hold up traffic so that he could take a picture of the side of a car.

It then didn’t matter that they were standing on the road and holding traffic up, as the only thing that concerned them was fulfilling their own needs. After this, it was clear that they didn’t feel bad about what they had done

A One-Off

Now, this act alone doesn’t prove that they see themselves as being the centre of the universe, but it is what can happen when someone does. One of the things that make it easy for them to behave in this way is a lack of empathy.

Therefore, through being more or less oblivious to the needs of others, there is going to be no reason for them to experience guilt and shame when they act in this way. If another person points out their behaviour, it is unlikely to have an effect on them.

A Lack of Boundaries

They are going to be happy to throw their weight around and to come across as though they are unable to see people as individuals. Other people will be seen as an extension of themselves, causing them to do whatever they want to them and their property.

Consequently, this can cause them to come across as though they are larger than life. Ultimately, they won’t be firmly rooted in their own being, and this is why it will be easy for them to violate other people’s personal space.

The False-Self

This is going to be someone who is completely out of touch with their true self - in its place will be a false-self. Living on the surface of themselves will stop them from having to face how they felt during the beginning of their life.

And the reason why they act as though they are so important is due to the fact that they feel so worthless at a deeper level. It is then going to be essential for them to maintain this act or they will end up falling right down.

Final Thoughts

This is one of at least three things that can happen when someone was severely wounded at the start of their life. Another thing that can happen is that someone can go to the opposite side of the spectrum and act as though they have no value.

Thus, unlike the person above, they are generally going to fade into the background; it can be normal for them to feel depressed and as though they have no effect on their life. They may even have the tendency to end up with people who sees themselves as the centre of the universe.

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