I am Just a Human Being

I have been thinking about this a lot over the past year and I am wondering if anyone else feels this way. Are you tired of always being put into certain categories? For example, I am a 62 year old, so the government will categorized me into a Senior Citizen, a Caucasian, a Male, Middle Class, White Collar, a College Grad and who knows what other categories that I would fit into, according to the Government. When will I be listed as just a Human Being?

What is the reason that they have so many different categories? Why we are not listed as just a Human Being? I believe that it is all about votes and how to stay in office. Look at this past election, every time they talk about this group or that group, he is losing African American vote or he is losing the white single female vote. We are never just a human being.

This is the reason that there is so much racism in this country. We are not a human being; we are white, black or yellow. We are never just a human being. They do not look at us that way. They look at us based on the outside, what we look like. They do not care about how we think or how we feel. We are just a statistic, a number a stat. We are upper class, middle class or lower class. They always throw out the race card or the class card. How can we ever get together and sit down and settle things like decent human beings?

I am so tired of being lied to, tired of seeing this country going downhill every day, the government just keeps on spending money, our money which they have no respect for, and when they run out they either print more money or raise taxes in one form or other.

How did this happen? Why do we vote for people who we know will lie to us, cheat us out of our money and always trying to take more? To put it bluntly we are stupid. We don’t want to make decisions for ourselves, we don’t want to think. So, instead of us having control over our lives we gave the control to them and we vote for the same people who does not have our best interest at heart and we give them the responsibility to think for us. We give away our freedoms and money so we don’t have to think. We will rather have them tell us what is best for us and our children. But now comes a big question, how do we get out of this mess and what do we tell our children when this country goes broke and there is no more money?

What do we do now, we take control of our lives, (that is the first thing that we must do), we start to think for ourselves and we start to take care of ourselves. We must look to the inside and decide for ourselves what is best for us. We must stop looking for outside authority, what has it done for you lately?

How do we start, for this is not easy, and the first step is always the hardest, but you don’t have to be alone and do this on your own. I am a Life Coach and I help people to either find their essence or help them get out of their rut and help them to take control over their live.

Imagine, you living the life that you always wanted, the nice house, the new car, no debt and nice vacations. Again, think about this, how would you feel if all of this happened to you in the next few months. It has happened to me and I feel great and very fortunate, it was not easy but it was worth all the hard work and every day I will think about how great it will be to just say that I am just a human.

If you like, contact me at faganandassociates.com or called me at 215-350-8905. We will just talk and see if there is something that we can do together to get you moving forward and to live a better life.

Author's Bio: 

Author's Bio:
Charlie Moore brings 40 years of experience working in Business, Sales, Management, and Mentoring to the table.

Mr. Moore has trained hundreds of people in both sales and management. Quote, “I always focus on my client’s needs and wants; and being honest at all times, this always helps to build long term relationships.”

Currently, Mr. Moore is Co-Host on Three National calls each week. The focus of these calls pertains to finding the powers within you. This is the first step towards becoming a self-leader which is essential to any success in life and can be done via two simple concepts, says Mr. Moore, “Pure Love and Pure Honesty.”

You will find me to be one to get to the bottom line, in other words, to help you see and find the answers within you leading towards your personal successes. That is what a Life Coach should do. I will help you to follow your heart, to reach your goals, and your personal desires.

This is my life’s motivation and essence, to help people become the person they always wanted to be. It took me a long time to get here, and now, I don’t want to see another person waste years trying to find the way themselves. As your personal Life Coach, I will help show you the way.

Let me put my experience and training to work for you as we build your life success through your consultative services with Fagan & Associates, Inc.