I Acted Crazy and Pushed Him Away: I Pushed Him Away By Being Too Clingy

If you really want to know how to get him back, then you need to start by looking at yourself. You have to be absolutely sure that getting him back will make you happy, and that you will be determined not to repeat the same mistakes again. Think hard about your relationship, both the good and bad times. I know that this will probably be hard but try to be objective about the two of you. Chances are that your relationship is worth saving. However, if you and him had more fights than fun times, then maybe it would be better for you both to move on. If he is violent, abusive or has any mental issues, ask yourself if your relationship was good for you.

If your relationship was basically sound then the following tips should help you to make him come back.

Do not chase after him. Do not phone, text, email or stalk him. These are the actions of a desperate woman and will only push him further away from you. They are not attractive and are not how to get him back. Similarly, begging, pleading, or arguing about your split up will only have the effect of chasing him away.

Don't beat yourself up or over-emphasise your part in the breakup. There will be things that you wish you had done or not done. However, it will do you no good to dwell on the past. Think about the here and now. Accept that the relationship is over. Don't wish that you could put the clock back. You need to be focused on the present. This will clear your mind of all the negative feelings of hurt and regret, and help you to move forward.

The best thing that you can do now is to give him the space and time he needs to realise his mistake and to see for himself how much he misses you. Now is your chance to be selfish and do the things that you want to do. Concentrate on your own life and happiness. Get out and enjoy yourself and don't dwell on what might have been. He will see the new confident you and realize what he has given up. You can no longer think about being that desperate woman, and in this way, you will turn the tables and make him that desperate man! Ignore him and discover that this is how to get him back.

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Relationships always have their ups and downs. If you are having a rough patch and wish to get it back on track, use reverse psychology. It's amazing how well this technique actually works and it's so simple. An example of this is if you usually throw a tantrum in an argument, then do the complete opposite; be calm and say OK then.

Your ex is more than likely sitting at home, over thinking, feeling edgy and waiting for a return call from you. When they know the call is not forthcoming, they get extremely edgy and puzzled. When are they going to call me? Why haven't they called me? Are the thoughts in their mind. These are the thoughts you want them to think; by using this type of reverse psychology will definitely have your ex back.

As days go past your ex is expecting a certain call from you, but don't give in, carry on using reverse psychology and they will give in eventually. Your ex will continue to feel puzzled and every day goes past makes your ex think about the situation a whole lot differently. They will realise that they underestimated you, miss you and begin to know that you don't give in easily.

In the meantime, carry on with your life as you usually do. Go to work, see friends, do new things, only without your ex. You will enjoy this break from them and they will also like the break making them want you more. After a few days, if not, about a week your ex will more than likely give you a call proving that this reverse psychology actually works....try it!

However, don't change your approach - act as if the break up didn't bother you at all and that you got on with your life as per normal. Tell them that you are glad that they are OK and that you're busy and cannot talk for too long. Perhaps tell them that you're going to the bar; this creates more puzzled thoughts.

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For a lot of people (men and women alike) there is not much that is not too much that is worse than having their boyfriend - or "significant other" as a romantic partner is sometimes referred to as- break up with them and just walk out of their lives. Sometimes there is no specific reason why your boyfriend walked away; other times there are reasons. All of this does not matter to you though.

The only question that you have now is how to get my ex boyfriend back fast! Of course, getting your boyfriend back could have very different meanings to different people (it all depends upon the individual situation). The focus of this discussion will be how to win your boyfriend back after he has walked away.

One of the very first things that you need to remember when you are in the how to get my ex boyfriend back frame of mind is that there are a few things that you are okay to do and some things that you really need to avoid doing like the plague. If you are thinking that you really want him back so badly that you are willing to bug the daylights out of him and beg him to take you back, you will only be "shooting yourself in the foot" as an old saying goes.

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Not only do these tactics not work very well, they will actually end up backfiring on you in the end! Think about this scenario from his point-of-view for a minute here; if you were your ex-boyfriend, would you really want to be with someone who whined, cried and/or begged you mercilessly to take them back after you left? Begging to be taken back and acting pitiful are two surefire ways to not be taken back!

On the positive side of the how to get my ex boyfriend back topic you might want to try these simple things (all of these will show your ex that you are doing alright even without him): Go Out and Enjoy Being Single Again, Try Simply Living Your Life for Yourself (and no one else) and Start Getting Into a Hobby (or two or three). All of these things are fun, are "normal" daily activities and are ways to show your ex-boyfriend that you are trying to get on with your life as much as you possibly can.

This, however, does not mean that you are completely over him; it just means that you are doing your best to get on with your life after the break-up. It is usually these things that are the hardest suggestions on the Positive Things to Do of the how to get my ex boyfriend list. More than likely, you only want to sit and mope if you have a very good relationship that suddenly went sour/south for reasons that you do not understand. Trust us on this one... or waiting by the phone for him to call you is not what you really need or want to be doing.

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Getting your ex boyfriend back is the only thing on your mind - day and night. You toss and turn all night, cry every time you think of him, and feel as if your world has come to an end. Being in this frame of mind prevents you from thinking clearly - no matter how hard you try, you just don't know what to do.

The first step to getting your ex boyfriend back is to leave him entirely alone. This does sound ridiculous, but the thing is, he is angry with you right now, and probably doesn't want to talk to you or see you at all. As hurtful as this is to you, try to understand that the best thing that you can do is to stay away from him for a while.

In the meantime though, what you should aim for is to make your ex boyfriend regret walking out on you. If you can do things in such a way that it makes him so sorry, and so stupid, to think that he has given you up, you are well on your way to getting your ex boyfriend back.

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You know him better than anyone, so try to think of everything about you that he really loves, and then improve on those things as much as you can. Of course, it won't be enough to simply get yourself looking absolutely amazing without him knowing about it, so get your friends involved as well. They don't need to know that you are doing this to try getting your ex boyfriend back though - the less they know, the better.

From now on, spend your time working on your appearance - this means your clothing, your hair, as well as working out at the gym. Because you need to heal after the break up as well, these things will give you a real boost and make you feel a lot better very quickly.

Now get together with your friends and show them the new you. The guys in your circle of friends will probably tell your ex what an idiot he is for letting you get away, and he will become curious as to what they are talking about. When he sees you he is going to know exactly what they are talking about, and will want to kick himself for breaking up with you. It's just a matter of time before you will be getting your ex boyfriend back.

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