What is hypnosis?
Hypnosis is a state of intensified concentration, where the critical factor of the mind (conscious mind) is bypassed and suggestions are more readily accepted.
Hypnosis is achieved in deep, peaceful relaxation.
For most, if not all, religions this state of mind is regarded as sacred. You are in this state of mind when you are praying the rosary, and a belief of the rich Jewish tradition is, that when you pray in this state of mind, your prayers will be answered.

What is so important about hypnosis?
It is the state of mind when your inner mind is open for change.

What is hypnotherapy?
Hypnotherapy is a therapy in which one communicates with the deepest layers of a personality, the so-called subconscious and unconscious.
Through hypnotherapy one can also communicate with the super-conscious mind.

Why hypnotherapy?
Life flows. If we were healed, it would flow through our whole being. The moments would pass through us without creating any disturbance in our mind and body. We would live in harmony with ourselves and with all life around us.
However, we restrict this easy flow as we build barriers against life. Either we try to obscure our perception of painful situations or we try to cling to pleasurable ones. These defensive and manipulative measures change the integrity of the moment by limiting the instrument of our experience - our mind-body-soul system. These limitations will further alter the way we perceive and respond to reality in the future.
The painful experiences we wish to reject remain with us forever, until we look at them and free them. The memory of events we could not bear stay frozen in the tissue of our body. They not only interfere with our ability to perceive, feel, think and act freely; they also affect our body in harmful ways.
Most of our defenses become fixed in childhood when we are very impressionable.
For children love and appreciation are as important as food and shelter but not every child is loved and appreciated. In order to cope, children constrict themselves, repressing what they know and feel and adapting to their parents' attitude. The memories of painful experiences remain trapped in our body. Through all the years to come, they preserve the emotional charge of the moment as well as the mind set we were at that time.

Benefits of Hypnotherapy
Hypnotherapy, especially in connection with the Multi Level Transformation system, is the most efficient tool for healing that we have in present times. Since we communicate with the subconscious mind in hypnotherapy, repressed memories can easily be brought into the light of our awareness and our compassion, and thus can finally be released. The conflicting voices can be uncovered and balance can be established.
The rich and various techniques of modern hypnotherapy or the Multi Level Transformation system awaken the blocked currents of life in the body and allow a person to become more fully alive. We begin to live with more confidence and trust. Our body heals and rejuvenates. Our mind becomes clearer, our senses sharper. We are able to make decisions based on our own inner wisdom and walk in the direction of the fulfillment of our desires

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Brigitte Novalis - About the Author:
BRIGITTE NOVALIS is an intuitive healer and therapist, certified as a clinical hypnotherapist, neurolinguistic psychologist and a Reiki Master and she has created a new and powerful healing system, the Multi Level Transformation system. In her books, Brigitte Novalis shares her two gifts: the gift of healing and the gift of writing. Her gift of healing is infused in her words - as you read, you experience the healing that is embedded in the text. You will feel better: more confident, more optimistic. For more information, see http://www.brigittenovalis.com and http://www.howtoovercomeloneliness.net